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  • Soul 12 Selections

    Round 11

    Heisman Hopefuls- Wes Lunt, QB, Illinois
    California Raisins- Connor Mitch, QB, South Carolina
    End Zone Divas: Darius Wade, QB, Boston College
    Drunk Jocks- Jalin Marshall, WR, Ohio State
    Asian Alley Cats Shelton Gibson, WR, West Virginia
    Skeet Shooters- Stanley Williams, RB, Kentucky
    Smurf Turfers- Charles Jones, RB, Kansas State
    Orgy of Evil- Ricardo Louis, WR, Auburn
    Vampire Ducks- Steven Mitchell, WR, USC
    Paper Tigers- Delton Williams, RB, Michigan State
    Winsley's Warriors- Jay Lee, WR, Baylor
    Everything Is Awesome- Nate Brown, WR, Missouri

    Round 12

    Everything is Awesome- J.C. Coleman, RB, Virginia Tech
    Winsley's Warriors- Roc Thomas, RB, Auburn
    Paper Tigers- Kenneth Scott, WR, Utah
    Vampire Ducks- Devon Cajuste, WR, Stanford
    Orgy of Evil- L.J. Scott, RB, Michigan State
    Smurf Turfers- Danny Anthrop, WR, Purdue
    Skeet Shooters- Dede Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma
    Asian Alley Cats- Reginald Davis, WR, Texas Tech
    Drunk Jocks- Tra Carson, RB, Texas A&M
    End Zone Divas- Wendell Smallwood, RB, West Virginia
    California Raisins- Shay Fields, WR, Colorado
    Heisman Hopefuls- Jordan Canzieri, RB, Iowa

    Round 13

    Heisman Hopefuls- JaQuay Savage, WR, Louisville
    California Raisins- Nate Sudfeld, QB, Indiana
    End Zone Divas- Ermon Lane, WR, Florida State
    Drunk Jocks- Taiwan Deal, RB, Wisconsin
    Asian Alley Cats- James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State
    Skeet Shooters- Shaun Wilson, RB, Duke
    Smurf Turfers- Brice Ramsey, QB, Georgia
    Orgy of Evil- Robert Foster, WR, Alabama
    Vampire Ducks- Jaylon Walton, RB, Mississippi
    Paper Tigers- Trevor Knight, QB, Oklahoma
    Winsley's Warriors- Pig Howard, WR, Tennessee
    Everything is Awesome- Reggie Bonnafon, QB, Louisville

    Round 14

    Everything is Awesome- Matt Dayes, RB, North Carolina State
    Winsley's Warriors- Patrick Towles, QB, Kentucky
    Paper Tigers- C.J. Beathard, QB, Iowa
    Vampire Ducks- Montell Cozart, QB, Kansas
    Orgy of Evil- Gus Edwards, RB, Miami
    Smurf Turfers- Ardarius Stewart, WR, Alabama
    Skeet Shooters- Jarrett Stidham, QB, Baylor
    Asian Alley Cats- Damien Harris, RB, Alabama
    Drunk Jocks- Madre London, RB, Michigan State
    End Zone Divas- Curtis Samuel, RB, Ohio State
    California Raisins- Keon Hatcher, WR, Arkansas
    Heisman Hopefuls- J'Mon Moore, WR, Missouri

    Round 15

    Heisman Hopefuls- Jacques Patrick, RB, Florida State
    California Raisins- Devin Fuller, WR, UCLA
    End Zone Divas- Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio State
    Drunk Jocks- Roberto Aguayo, K, Florida State
    Asian Alley Cats- Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State
    Skeet Shooters- Carlton Agudosi, WR, Rutgers
    Smurf Turfers- Ian Sadler, WR, Texas Tech
    Orgy of Evil- Jordan Thompson, WR, West Virginia
    Vampire Ducks- Ishmael Zamora, WR, Baylor
    Paper Tigers- Taquan Mizzell, RB, Virginia
    Winsley's Warriors- De'Veon Smith, RB, Michigan
    Everything is Awesome- Donte Thompson-Williams, RB, West Virginia

    Round 16

    Everything is Awesome- Dare Ogunbowale, RB, Wisconsin
    Winsley's Warriors- Broderick Snoddy, RB, Georgia Tech
    Paper Tigers- Max McCaffrey, WR, Duke
    Vampire Ducks- Jared Oberkrom, K, TCU
    Orgy of Evil- Markell Jones, RB, Purdue
    Smurf Turfers- Gerald Holmes, RB, Michigan State
    Skeet Shooters- Allen Lazard, WR, Iowa State
    Asian Alley Cats- Johnny Jefferson, RB, Baylor
    Drunk Jocks- K.J. Myers, WR, West Virginia
    End Zone Divas- Alex Ross, RB, Oklahoma
    California Raisins- Brandon Wilds, RB, South Carolina
    Heisman Hopefuls- Herb Waters, WR, Miami

    Round 17

    Heisman Hopefuls- Tre Madden, RB, USC
    California Raisins- Corey Robinson, WR, Notre Dame
    End Zone Divas- Stephen Anderson, WR, California
    Drunk Jocks- LeShun Daniels, RB, Iowa
    Asian Alley Cats- Ryan Switzer, WR, North Carolina
    Skeet Shooters- Ty Isaac, RB, Michigan
    Smurf Turfers- Sony Michel, RB, Georgia
    Orgy of Evil- Devin Lucien, WR, Arizona State
    Vampire Ducks- Samajie Grant, WR, Arizona
    Paper Tigers- Christian Jones, WR, Northwestern
    Winsley's Warriors- Ryan Timmons, WR, Kentucky
    Everything is Awesome- Chris Taylor, WR, Duke

    Round 18

    Everything is Awesome- Tabari Hines, WR, Wake Forest
    Winsley's Warriors- David Blough, QB, Purdue
    Paper Tigers- Aaron Burbridge, WR, Michigan State
    Vampire Ducks- Jamal Morrow, RB, Washington State
    Orgy of Evil- Isaiah Ford, WR, Virginia Tech
    Smurf Turfers- Deandre Gray, WR, TCU
    Skeet Shooters- Wes Brown, RB, Maryland
    Asian Alley Cats- Chad Kelly, QB, Mississippi
    Drunk Jocks- Will Grier, QB, Florida
    End Zone Divas- Terrell Hunt, QB, Syracuse
    California Raisins- Jake Ruddock, QB, Michigan
    Heisman Hopefuls- Derrick Green, RB, Michigan

    Round 19

    Heisman Hopefuls- Johnell Barnes, WR, Duke
    California Raisins- Robert Lewis, WR, Washington State
    End Zone Divas- Canaan Severin, WR, Virginia
    Drunk Jocks- Dwayne Stanford, WR, Oregon
    Asian Alley Cats- Cody Core, WR, Mississippi
    Skeet Shooters- Carlos Strickland, WR, California
    Smurf Turfers- Quenton Bundrage, WR, Iowa State
    Orgy of Evil- Max Browne, QB, USC
    Vampire Ducks- Demornay Pierson-El, WR, Nebraska
    Paper Tigers- Darreus Rogers, WR, USC
    Winsley's Warriors- Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama
    Everything is Awesome- Charone Peake, WR, Clemson

    Round 20

    Everything is Awesome- Sean Nuernberger, K, Ohio State
    Winsley's Warriors- Malcolm Mitchell, WR, Georgia
    Paper Tigers- Joe Hubener, QB, Kansas State
    Vampire Ducks- Ronald Jones, RB, USC
    Orgy of Evil- Mitch Leidner, QB, Minnesota
    Smurf Turfers- Chris Callahan, K, Baylor
    Skeet Shooters- Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee
    Asian Alley Cats- Zane Gonzalez, K, Arizona State
    Drunk Jocks- Adam Taylor, RB, Nebraska
    End Zone Divas- Lavon Coleman, RB, Washington
    California Raisins- Daniel Carlson, K, Auburn
    Heisman Hopefuls- Chris Brown, RB, Oregon State

    Round 21

    Heisman Hopefuls- Josh Lambert, K, West Virginia
    California Raisins- Deon Cain, WR, Clemson
    End Zone Divas- Casey Skowron, K, Arizona
    Drunk Jocks- Amara Darboh, WR, Michigan
    Asian Alley Cats- Jonathan Banks, QB, Kansas State
    Skeet Shooters- Jeff Jones, WR, Minnesota
    Smurf Turfers- Keller Chryst, QB, Stanford
    Orgy of Evil- Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma
    Vampire Ducks- Nate Starks, RB, UCLA
    Paper Tigers- Marshall Morgan, K, Georgia
    Winsley's Warriors- Michael Geiger, K, Michigan State
    Everything is Awesome- Tevaun Smith, WR, Iowa

    Round 22

    Everything is Awesome- Edward Pope, WR, Texas A&M
    Winsley's Warriors- Mark Walton, RB, Miami
    Paper Tigers- Camion Patrick, WR, Indiana
    Vampire Ducks- Freeman Jones, K, North Carolina
    Orgy of Evil- Andy Phillips, K, Utah
    Smurf Turfers- Dante Pettis, WR, Washington
    Skeet Shooters- Ka'imi Fairbain, K, UCLA
    Asian Alley Cats- L.J. Scott, RB, Louisville
    Drunk Jocks- Chris Laviano, QB, Rutgers
    End Zone Divas- Josh Hicks, RB, Rutgers
    California Raisins- Damore'ea Stringfellow, WR, Mississippi
    Heisman Hopefuls- D.J. Knox, RB, Purdue

    Round 23

    Heisman Hopefuls- Keyante Green, RB, Purdue
    California Raisins- Kyle Hicks, RB, TCU
    End Zone Divas- Durron Neal, WR, Oklahoma
    Drunk Jocks- Fred Ross, WR, Mississippi State
    Asian Alley Cats- Bra'Lon Cherry, WR, North Carolina State
    Skeet Shooters- Jake Browning, QB, Washington
    Smurf Turfers- Calvin Green, WR, Washington
    Orgy of Evil- Steve Ishmael, WR, Syracuse
    Vampire Ducks- Derrius Guice, RB, LSU
    Paper Tigers- Patrick Skov, RB, Georgia Tech
    Winsley's Warriors- Matthew Boermeester, K, USC
    Everything is Awesome- Rafael Gaglianone, K, Wisconsin

    Round 24

    Everything is Awesome- Sean Maguire, QB, Florida State
    Winsley's Warriors- Jordan Stevenson, RB, Nebraska
    Paper Tigers- Geno Lewis, WR, Penn State
    Vampire Ducks- Deondre Francois, QB, Florida State
    Orgy of Evil- Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State
    Smurf Turfers- Blake Lynch, WR, Baylor
    Skeet Shooters- Travis Waller-Jonnsen QB, Oregon
    Asian Alley Cats- Jason Smith, WR, Auburn
    Drunk Jocks- Macgarret Kings III, WR, Michigan State
    End Zone Divas- Josh Malone, WR, Tenneessee
    California Raisins- Keith Marshall, RB, Georgia
    Heisman Hopefuls- Marcus Johnson, WR, Texas

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    Smurf Turfers: Ardarius Stewart, WR, Alabama


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      Skeet Shooters: Jarrett Stidham, QB, Baylor


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        Asian Alley Cats: Damien Harris, RB, Alabama

        [imgnow] [/imgnow]


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          Drunk Jocks: Madre London, RB, Michigan State


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            End Zone Divas: Curtis Samuel, RB, Ohio State


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              Raisins: Keon Hatcher, WR, Arkansas


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                Heisman Hopefuls:

                J'Mon Moore, WR, Missouri


                Jacques Patrick, RB, Florida State


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                  Devin Fuller, WR, UCLA


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                    End Zone Divas:

                    Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio State


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                      Drunk Jocks:

                      Roberto Aguayo, K, Florida State


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                        Asian Alley Cats:

                        Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State


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                          Asian Alley Cats

                          QB- Dak Prescott, Mississippi State
                          QB- Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech
                          QB- Brad Kaaya, Miami
                          QB- Chad Kelly, Mississippi
                          QB- Jonathan Banks, Kansas State

                          RB- Jonathan Williams, Arkansas
                          RB- Shock Linwood, Baylor
                          RB- Demario Richard, Arizona State
                          RB- Brandon Radcliff, Louisville
                          RB- Marshawn Williams, Virginia Tech
                          RB- Damien Harris, Alabama
                          RB- Kalen Ballage, Arizona State
                          RB- Johnny Jefferson, Baylor
                          RB- L.J. Scott, Louisville

                          WR- Artavis Scott, Clemson
                          WR- Leonte Carroo, Rutgers
                          WR- Kenny Lawler, California
                          WR- Bralon Addison, Oregon
                          WR- Shelton Gibson, West Virginia
                          WR- Reginald Davis, Texas Tech
                          WR- James Washington, Oklahoma State
                          WR- Ryan Switzer, North Carolina
                          WR- Cody Core, Mississippi
                          WR- Bra'Lon Cherry, North Carolina State
                          WR- Jason Smith, Auburn

                          K- Zane Gonzalez, Arizona State


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                            Originally posted by BlitzingDog View Post
                            Drunk Jocks: auto clicker word unscrambler jumble solver Madre London, RB, Michigan State
                            Skeet Shooters- Dede Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma
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