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    Ok so I know this is the hardest part of the season to get pumped up for. Football season is still going on and there aren't many good games this time of year, but this is where the small schools get the biggest upsets. I'm a small school fan. NDSU plays Florida on Friday. Not the same florida I know, but beating an SEC team would be huge for us.

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    Woohooo, we have a thread!

    I love college hoops!! It's my second love next to football!

    Go 'cats, Gooooooooo! It's going to be tough without Lute...but, I'm hoping he is able to make a speedy return!

    Yeah, and then next it's the Ducks!


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      Lobos @ Colorado Friday. Last year we only won by 41 points. This year we bring the pain. OK I'm just baiting but is anyone up for a sig bet?


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        I love early season upsets...first top 25 team to lose in a non exhibition game...Kentucky. Not the greatest way to start the post Tubby era.

        In other news Donnovan nervous about playing NDSU. NDSU brought in 4 great kids all who were recuited by big 10 schools from out of state and redshirted them, let them beat up on the team that won the independant national tournament three years ago. Two years ago this team beats Wisconsin in february in Madison. With the redshirt freshmen. As sophomores they beat #8 Marquette on their home floor and win the tourney that they were invited to. That same weekend, the big sky said no to NDSU. So we went shopping and found the summit league. But this team who was recuited by Tim the Colorado State coach. and genuinely a great guy, helped me get a job coaching last fall. I'm excited because next year, their senior year they will be eligible for the big about a cool story for march madness.


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          Ok, so we lost by 10 twice this weekend to both Florida and Rutgers on the road. Tough weekend, nothing big coming up for a while, looking forward to NDSU's game against Colorado State. It appears Mr. Miles has some issues goin on there, after getting trounced by Montana.