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Allen Iverson, Good Samaritan?

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  • Allen Iverson, Good Samaritan?

    Letters | Allen Iverson, Good Samaritan
    I'VE ALWAYS been a fan of Allen Iverson, unlike the media. We the public seem to hear only the negative stories, but never the small acts of kindness he performs.

    These stories are just as important to give people more complete pictures of athletes like Mr. Iverson who are continually portrayed as immature hooligans.

    A few weeks ago in Virginia, a friend of my cousin's was in a horrible car accident. Trying to find her cell phone, she lost control of her car going off an exit ramp and it flipped. After coming out of her daze, she saw a man knocking on her window, telling her to roll it down so he could get her out.

    Along with his friends, this man, who was none other than Mr. Iverson, helped her and her friend out of the car, called the police and insisted that they go the hospital to get checked out. Later, he arrived at the hospital to make sure she and her friend were all right. This story reaffirms my belief that just because he's "street" doesn't mean he isn't one of the good guys.

    April Snoparsky, Boston, Mass.