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Eastern Conference Coaching Issues: Raptors, Cavs

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  • Eastern Conference Coaching Issues: Raptors, Cavs

    Two things I found interesting tonight:

    1) There's an article on, and the main thing is LeBron and some other players are on record as questioning the coaching and offensive game plan. I didn't copy the article, but there's no "sources close to the team" or anything. There are quotes by LeBron talking about how they need to change the offense and stuff. Now I'm not saying this is going to necessarily result in their coach's firing... But you never know. Especially if they don't do as well in the playoffs as they did last year.

    2) The Toronto Raptors. Let's just call this the Bzdelik Redux. They were talking about this on NBA Coast 2 Coast tonight. The current GM in Toronto never hired the current coach, and doesn't really like him. Said GM was reportedly going to hire a Phoenix assistant after this season, basically making the current coach a lame duck. But watch out now, the Raptors might just win their division. If that happens, much like in Denver 2 years ago, the GM's hand might be forced to keep the current coach around if they win their division.