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Pop says some nice things about Melo

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  • Pop says some nice things about Melo

    I know many don't like the Spurs and some despise them but one thing you can count on is that the team is classy, led by head coach Gregg Popovich.

    When asked about if Melo should be on the all-star team, Pop said, "I think we look more at how long a guy has played....(to see) if he's missed most of the season; what kind of season he is having. No, I don't think it will affect it that much.

    "He regrets what he did more than anybody. None of us wanted to see it, but he made a mistake. He gets over it. He moves on. He'll be fine, because he's a smart young man and he understands what happened and he knows how he wants to conduct himself. But you've got to put that away and just move forward. I don't think baggage is necessary."


    I agree with him that Melo should be on the all-star team.

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    Outside of llama, who is obvious as a Mavs fan, I don't know many people who hate the Spurs. I love your team, actually. Ok, I could do without Ginobli, but everybody else I enjoy.

    But yeah, it's going to be interesting. In the games he's played, it's hard to deny him an All-Star spot, even with the West being stacked at Forward. Plus, he's still the leading scorer in the league. Now obviously his average hasn't moved since he hasn't played, but it is what it is.

    I would very much hope whoever does the picking looks above the suspension, but I also wonder if David Stern will even allow it, because it could be seen as the NBA saying it's OK to fight, from a PR standpoint.

    Very similar to the Merriman debate, should somebody be automatically disqualified from accolades, the pro-bowl, etc because of a suspension. We'll see, I guess.