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When Will LeBron Take The Next Step?

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  • When Will LeBron Take The Next Step?

    So on my last night of the NBA League Pass Trial Offer, I find myself watching the Hawks @ Cavs game. Close game, going back and forth, and the last few minutes are heating up. With something like 14 seconds left, the Cavs are up 3. Hawks have the ball, and opt for the quick 2.

    They foul LeBron on the ensuing play, leaving something like 6 ticks left. Up 1, LBJ hits his first FT. Clanks the second. Hawks come down, score 2 at the buzzer, and win in OT.

    When will LeBron take the next step towards being the next Jordan that everybody wants him to be? I don't want to take anything away from him, because he's a tremendous player, and fun to watch at that. But when will he start sinking those clutch shots to win ball games?

    I realize that even if he hit both FTs, the Cavs are only up 3, and the Hawks still have a chance. But that chance decreases greatly by needing a 3-pointer to win.


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    My thought is he's not quite 22 years old. He's only going to get better and he'll be one of the best to ever grace the hardwood.


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      Fair enough.

      The funny thing about this post is, I stopped watching the game at around 30 seconds in OT with the Hawks up like 8 or 10. The drama today is that apparently with 7 ticks left, LeBron walked off the court and didn't finish the game, bringing up a whole different set of issues.

      But true, he is only 22.