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David Stern Is A Douche.

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  • David Stern Is A Douche.

    And not just for this new, animal friendly ball.

    WHY OH WHY are the Spurs playing the Mavericks tonight, in pre-season basketball?

    To a lesser extent, why did the Nuggets play the Jazz last week in pre-season basketball?

    These are rivalry games for Christ's sake. They should be taken seriously. They should be special, intense, and hard fought when they do take place.

    These type of games should be made special, hyped, etc. I realize that in the NBA you're playing like 8 pre-season games, and with scheduling, etc, it's easier to play teams that are close together geographically. I also realize that in all Pro Sports, the athletes are generally friends, don't take rivalries as serious as fans, etc.

    But come on now. There shouldn't be pre-season games between two teams in the same division, period. Those 4 regular season games between the two clubs should be taken seriously. Especially when you have two teams like the Mavs and Spurs who will be fighting for an NBA Title and will probably play a 7-game series in the playoffs.

    Having these two teams play tonight is just asinine.