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I Can't Believe Nobody Notified Me Of The Nuggs Being On TNT!

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  • I Can't Believe Nobody Notified Me Of The Nuggs Being On TNT!

    So there am I, bored with the World Series and checking the guide. What do I see on TNT, but Pre-season Basketball. Upon hitting info, I come to find out the Nuggets are playing!

    I missed the whole first half, but caught the 3rd and most of the 4th. I had to turn it off, because the scrubs were in, and eh, you know.

    Anyways. J.R. Smith might be serviceable/even maybe good. Melo was on fire, per usual. I'm creeping back on to the Kenyon Martin bandwagon.

    Nene played like one expensive bag of poo. Hopefully he gets better.

    I also came to realize that one of two things needs to happen:
    1) When my family switches to satellite, we need to demand Altitude
    2) I'm shelling out for NBA League Pass

    That is all.

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    I had to work late and I was glued to the World Series on the radio, so I didn't catch anything but the score.

    One week until the games count.


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      I was at the Jazz game and they looked awful and disinterested, then they come out and spank the Lakers. Granted it's only pre-season but it's hard to get a gauge on these guys. They are shooting the three ball much better it seems. One transaction that I think is really going to help this team is Joe Smith. He provides great depth off the bench and allows the Nuggets to have some flexibility should they need to engineer a trade. He 's a huge upgrade of Francisco IMHO.

      JR Smith has played pretty well so far too.