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  • J.R. Smith Chat Transcript...

    J.R. Smith Chat Transcript

    J.R. Smith took a break from hosting the Second Annual J.R. Smith Basketball Camp in Neptune, NJ to chat with fans Friday, August 25.

    J.R., selected 18th overall out of St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, NJ by the New Orleans Hornets at the 2004 NBA Draft, joined the Denver Nuggets after a succession of summer trades.

    Fans asked J.R. about his camp, his career so far and joining the Nuggets. However, if you missed the live chat, here is the transcript.

    bobby, denver: Are you excited to work alongside with Carmelo?

    J.R. Smith: Oh yeah. I'm very excited, he's a great player and a team player.

    kim, denver: jr - how's your camp going and what's the best part?

    J.R. Smith: My camp is going great. We got some very good players here, but the best thing for me has been all the smiles on the kids' faces.

    cyril(homestead): jr how does it feel to get traded twice in the same summer.

    J.R. Smith: It doesn't feel any different for it to be done twice. I'm still just going to one new place. It isn't like it happened during the season twice, where I had to pick up and move two times. It was just one of those things and I'm looking forward to moving on to a new team with a new beginning and playing basketball.

    Colin(Regina): You probably have the most pressure of any of the nuggets going into training camp, because the nuggets have never had a great shooting guard. What are you going to do to change that?

    J.R. Smith: I don't consider myself great yet. I just want to be one of the guys and earn my place on the team, wherever that may be. I just want to contribute as best as I can to help us win games.

    Quincy, Colorado Springs: Have you had a chance to talk to any of your new teammates and if so what has been the vibe?

    J.R. Smith: I talked to Nene and Carmelo. It's been a great vibe. My hopes are high. We open up with the Clippers, so it's a great way to start the season, trying to get back at the team that ended our season last year. I really look forward to playing for the Nuggets.

    gene, new brunswick, nj: I was wondering since i just read Dajuan Wagner from Camden, NJ who played for the Cavs had a workout to get back in the NBA after some injuries - did you ever play against him in high school and what do you think of his comeback?

    J.R. Smith: I did play against him, my freshman year. He may be the best player to ever come out of New Jersey. The way he could score the ball, was unbelievable.

    Jacque(Clinton, MD): Hey J.R.!! Just wanted to let you know i'm a huge fan of your young career and i wish you the best in Denver!! What kind of workout have you been doing over the summer and what area are you focusing on?

    J.R. Smith: I'm focusing on coming into training camp in my best shape ever. I want to be totally in shape and be ready for camp. I don't want fatigue or anything like that to get in my way when I come into camp.

    Brad (Gadsden,Alabama): J.R., If you would have gone to college what college would go to?

    J.R. Smith: University of North Carolina.

    Icky, Reno, NV: J.R. - What are some things you like to do for fun?

    J.R. Smith: I love playing the new Madden game that just came out. I love video games, period. I also shop...go to the mall...and of course, I work out. I always work out.

    William(Kennesaw): Hey J.R., would you consider yourself one of the best dunkers right now?

    J.R. Smith: It's hard to say, there are so many great dunkers out there, Vince Carter and Josh Smith and so many other guys. I'd like to think that I'd be up there with those guys, though.

    Aaron (Camas): Hey J.R. I heard a little bit about your troubles with Coach Byron Scott last season; in effect, your playing time and statistics took a dip compared to your pretty impressive first-season. So, from your sophomore year, I was wondering if you could give us a little insight as to what you learned from last season and how you think it'll make you a better --and stronger-- player in Denver.

    J.R. Smith: The thing I learned most last year, is that things aren't always what they seem. No matter what people say, you need to always be ready to play right away and do your best. It's about what happens on the court, no matter what the talk is.

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    I hope he maintains that attitude throughout the year.


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      The odd thing about this is, somebody posted an interview with J.R. earlier this summer, and he came off very arrogant, like he thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. I'm not going to serach for it, but there was a question about the Nuggets needing a shooter and if J.R. would work to improve his 3-point shooting percentage, and he replied something like no he wouldn't work on it because that wasn't his game. And now in this interview, he "doesn't consider himself great" and "wants to work on his conditioning," etc etc.

      So hopefully he does mean what he says about getting better, etc.

      What I find impressive was that he said "we" lost to the Clippers, he recognizes that it's a big game to start the season, etc. I'm glad he is involving himself in the team.