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Kenyon Martin: Trade or No Trade?

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  • Kenyon Martin: Trade or No Trade?

    Honestly, I don't understand all the hate towards K-Mart...

    First of all, he played hurt the entire season and it wasn't his fault. He was hurt before the season, and Nene was to play exstensive minutes to allow Kenyon to completely heal. With Nene's injury, he was coerced to play larger minutes (also since Camby is incredibly injury prone). He took it for the team.

    When I watch him play, he's just all about winning. He brings intensity to the game, and other than Melo's clutch shots, there is NO single play I look more forward to than an ally hoop pass to KMart. The guy is absolutely PERFECT for the fast break offense. He has an alright mid range shot, and when healthy, he is a disruptive inside force offensively and defensively. We need his versatility in our offense, especially since Camby plays no inside O.

    I know that he blew up at Karl, and I know that as a professional, it was definitely wrong. But, it was the playoffs and he wanted to play because he thought it would help the team. Honestly, I don't know what is so wrong about wanting to play. And, with him on the bench while the Clippers built a 30 pt lead, I can see why he was so frustrated seeing that his proposal for more playing time was clearly justified by the outcome.

    The fact that the whole media and fanbase are exhibiting dislike towards K-Mart is also just making the situation worse. The guy just wants to win, and when he isn't allowed to play and the team loses, he SHOULD be upset. Iunno, what's your take?

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    Good post.

    I'll be honest, I was a huge fan of K-Mart his first year here. Last year, I was still big on the guy, and I was always saying that if we could let the guy get healthy, he'd be great for us. Yeah, sitting out every other game was frustrating, but not his fault. I even have the guy's jersey, and I'll be honest, I still do have a small soft spot for him.

    But, it seems like he's blowing up the lockerroom, fighting with Karl, etc, and I believe he does need to go.

    If he could get healthy, mend fences, and play well, I'd love to have him. But that doesn't seem likely.