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Why didn't the Nuggets sign Wesley Person?

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  • Why didn't the Nuggets sign Wesley Person?

    Since the main board is pretty much all draft right now, I thought I'd post this here.

    Why did the Nuggets sign Howard Eisley instead of Wesley Person? Their 3-point shooting is embarrassing, and Eisley is a DNP - Coaches Decision every night. Seriously, does anyone know?

    That game last night was just painful. You have Musberger, Tolbert, and Jim Gray (spawn of Satan) going on and on about the Clippers winning their first playoff series since 1976 - which should be completely offensive, since they still have to win another game. Yet, it was hard to disagree with them, considering the listlessness of the Nuggets performance in a game that should have meant everything to them.

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    Agreed. Person would be a huge help right now. Buckner is just not a competent 3 point shooter.


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      Agreed. Person was perfect last year - just whet we needed.

      Truth is, this team is ****ed up now. We need a 3-point shooter and - believe it or not - a POWER FORWARD. Although we have like 4 now, we need one who can play with his back to the basket.

      BTW - I was against the K-Mart suspension. April 27th is not the time to start meting out discipline. Karl shouldda been on top of that problem ALL YEAR LONG ....