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Davis fined for "inapproriate language" at a fan

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  • Davis fined for "inapproriate language" at a fan

    NEW YORK -- Boston Celtics forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis has been fined $25,000 for directing inappropriate language at a fan.
    Davis' likely response: "What da **** is he talkin' 'bout, man? I can't talk **** at fans?? This is America, mother****er! I can say any ****ing thing I want. I got rights! What he mean I can't say **** to fans? Ludacris don't get fined. Snoop Dogg don't get fined. Jay Z don't get fined."

    "Dis is ghettoball. Some li'l Jewish smurf jes don't unnerstand dis is how we talk. It's racism, man. Pure and simple. I got my first amendment. You plunk down your $300 for a courtside seat, you down there for the NBA experience, man and dat includes hearing language from da hood, man. ****! What he think we sayin' out there? He sayin' I can't talk ****. ****! 25 large 'cuz somebody got his virgin ears pierced? **** that!! Dis a man's league! I got rights! ****!"