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PAC-10 Refs are out of Control

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  • PAC-10 Refs are out of Control

    Pathetic And InConsistant is for damn sure. I hope the other conferences speak up about some of our inter-conference games. Its the only way we will get this fixed. They are so bad, and so bias towards the higher ranked teams its ridiculous.

    They make our conference look bad when almost every game can be traced back to a 3-4 minute strech of brutally ass****ing calls against one team, or inconsistant they can do this because they're a ranked team, but you can't because you arn't calls.

    I love watching games from the SEC, Big East, Big 12, ACC etc. because the refs are awesome (in comparison) and I get to watch a real basketball game, not just a game where the stripes do their best to crush one team.

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    What the **** kind of bump is that? rofl