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AL WEST THREAD: Bring it on Taco!

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  • AL WEST THREAD: Bring it on Taco!

    Dedicated to not just my Angels but the whole Left Coast of the dominating league known as the junior circuit aka the American League. The division that might bring not just the division winner but the wild card also. So, if you have anything worthwhile on the Angels, A's, Mariners, the hapless Washington's Rangers or any team playing the West, bring it here. CB24 stay out with that 2nd tier Dodger talk here. This is for real baseball teams.

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    I hope you guys took my advice on looking at Joe Saunders for your nerdy fantasy league teams. 5 and 0 for the month of April and only the second ever to do that for the Angels. Dominated last night with 8 innings and no runs. BTW: Since the A's are now playing great ball at the beginning of the season, does this mean they also will reverse their usual way of play and stink it up come July? They are doing this without Eric Chavez.

    EDIT: First righty out of 3 pitchers to have a 5 and 0 record in April is Santana with another solid pithcing performance at home (where he always pitches well). A's are now without an earned run against Santana in 23 innings and only one in 30 innings. Nick Adenhart will be making his major league debut against the A's on Thursday. Adenhart has an era under one for the AAA Salt Lake Team.
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