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Rockies moving Helton?

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    If the Rockies move Helton, I will not be able to name a single postion player.


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      Sounds like the Red Sox deal is dead, but there could be other interest


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        Yahoo! story on how deal died.

        After botching talks with the Red Sox, the Rockies will have a, well, rocky relationship with their franchise player. Discussions with Boston started quietly in December, but Colorado believed it could pressure the Red Sox into a trade by leaking the offer. Bad decision. Still, Helton to the Sox makes too much sense; this deal will be revisited.
        Talk about stupid. You're dealing with an ownership group that has dealt with very public negotiations basically every year since buying the team and didn't once cave to public pressure. They didn't cave on the ARod deal, they haven't caved in trading Manny, they stood firm with Boras' attempted PR war over Matsuzaka's deal, and even before these national level stories they stood firm in regionally high profile contract talks with Pedro, Nomar, etc..

        They don't cave, but leaks make them walk away no matter what. The Rockies might work in a vacuum, unconcerned with the responses of their division rivals, but the AL East is the sports version of the Cold War arms race.


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          If only I was a billionaire. I'd put every dime I had into that organization in order to turn them around. What the Monfort's are doing with this team really makes me sick to my stomach. Every year I pray they sell the team to someone who actually WANTS the team to improve, someone who's only interest is not lining their pockets.

          Anyways, I'm hoping Helton gets traded to a team that has the chance to win the Series. He's my favorite player, and i'd love to see him make an impact on a winning team.