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Dodgers introduce new signees today

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  • Dodgers introduce new signees today

    Transcript of the Gonzo/Lieberthal/Schmidt presser:

    Lots of paraphrasing here. Couldn't hear the questions being asked, so context might be an issue, too.

    Lieberthal introduced by Ned first. Ned said he was highly valued by Philly and comes to the Dodgers as a home-town man who wanted to play for us.

    Schmidt next. Ace of the staff. Goes long. Finishes strong.

    Gonzo. Was always tough to play against. Ned knew that more times than not something bad would happen when he came to bat against the teams he's been with.

    Lieb talked first. Right to questions (which couldn't be heard).

    Injuries in the past discussed. Dodgers were here and wanting him and it made it an easy decision for him. Says he's prepared to be the backup catcher. Asked about other positions and said he had experience at SS in high-school (laughter). Dad had season tix and he came all the time to Dodger Stadium during the years of Garvey/Cey/Lopes/Russel. Sax was his favorite growing up (huh??)(more laughter). Says he has a big ego (laughter), that it might be tough to sit for long periods then come into the game, but he's excited to be the veteran catcher and offer Martin everything he might need. Says he feels good, but understands he's on the back end of his career. Asked what role he would take in the clubhouse, said he was "a pretty good dancer, so maybe I'll be able to show the rest of the guys some new moves." (laughter). Again asked about Martin and what he thought of him at the plate, said "Solid, but young." Says he believes that the Dodgers now have the best pitching staff in the NL West, if not one of the best in the league. Gives us a good shot at going deep.

    Gonzo next. No questions initially. Almost sat down, saying "I like the media here already!" Says he's excited with the team's direction. Wanted badly to come play here instead of retire. D-Backs went with same plan back in 1999 when he decided to go play for them and they won division championships and the WS. Feels the Dodgers have an excellent nucleus of young talent, and wants to be a part of a team that can excite this city again by winning a WS. Says he's sure that there will be plenty of "pushing" between players to be better, play better, produce on the field. Wants to win. Has fond memories of his first game in Dodger Stadium. Admitted to it being tough to leave PHX because of the relationship he had with the fans and the city. All about winning, and views that as "payback" to the D-Backs for going a direction that did't include him {not said maliciously...more in response to a question]. He's proud to put the Blue on and be one of the old guys in the dugout.

    Schmidt finally. He sure is doughy-looking out of the uniform. He knows he's from a hated rival. No speculation as to whether or not he'll be the #1 guy. Whoever is on the hill is the #1 guy that day. Nice to come into an organization where he knows a few guys. Feels that Ned and the Dodgers are committed to winning. Grew up in a Dodger household, married into a Dodger household. Excited. Wants to add to all the outstanding history that's been made at Dodger Stadium. Says DS is a great place to pitch, always feels like he's got a little extra energy here. Asked about Bonds, admitted it was nice to be able to fly under the media radar.

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