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Blue Jays brawl......with each other

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  • Blue Jays brawl......with each other

    Gibbons & Lilly square off in the tunnel after confrontation on the mound.

    TORONTO -- Blue Jays manager John Gibbons wound up with a bloody nose after tangling with Toronto pitcher Ted Lilly near the dugout during Monday night's game against Oakland.

    Lilly was pulled in the third inning, when the Athletics scored seven runs to close to 8-7. Gibbons chewed out the pitcher, who refused to give him the ball.

    When Lilly left the mound for the locker room, Gibbons followed him. A team trainer and a number of players then ran down the stairs. Cameramen near the dugout saw Gibbons push Lilly first.

    Canadian Press photographer Aaron Harris, one of a handful of photographers to witness the skirmish, said Lilly was waiting for Gibbons in the tunnel leading to the clubhouse.

    "Gibbons just went at him," Harris said. "It looked like Gibbons grabbed him and they disappeared. Then the whole dugout emptied back there. It was mayhem down in the tunnel."

    Gibbons challenged Shea Hillenbrand to a fight in July after the infielder wrote on the clubhouse bulletin board that the "ship was sinking." Hillenbrand declined to fight, and was later traded to San Francisco.Cameramen near the dugout saw Gibbons push Lilly first. A television camera later showed Gibbons with a bloody nose.

    I'm all for a manager being tough and a little firy, but Gibbons is taking it to extremes. Lilly was wrong for showing up his manager, but you can't go scrapping with every player you have a disagreement with.

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    Ahahaha...this is hilarious! I can't imagine what his approach would accomplish with certain players...Gibbons vs. Carl Everett would be a fight to the death!


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      Gibbons is awesome, without a doubt.