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    Anyone setting up shop this weekend for a tailgate this weekend? I'll be with friends that set up this little bar in the south end of Lot G. I'll be hanging out with my son (5 y/o) for his first game, so if anyone is coming with a young kid, swing by and say hello.

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    We'll be tailgating in Lot M with about 5 people. Anyone who is coming out early and wants to swing by for a breakfast burrito, give me a heads up here.


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      Nice, we have that bar also and love it.

      Will be in lot M as well with a big ass group.


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        Not a regular tailgater here but I just wanted to say that last night around 7pm I was heading out of downtown back up towards the west side on my bike (bicycle) and went around the stadium. There were a couple of really cool (and low!) lowriders in the parking lot, then the line of buses and RV's with more arriving. Love the sounds and smells of the game day prep. You could feel the excitement and it's contagious. You guys don't just talk and wear the gear, it's a lifestyle and you get out and show your commitment. I appreciate that. Love Denver and love the Broncos.