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  • Thread for people who enjoy winning

    Figured I'd try to balance out the gloom and doom around here. You'd think we were in last place, and just got whacked... reading the other threads around here.

    We WON.

    We're 4-1, we're clearly in a battle with only one team for this division, and there doesn't appear to be any dominant team in the AFC.

    Our defense has shown it can win close, low-scoring games... and while our offense has struggled, they've ABSOLUTELY made plays when they had to, and that's all that matters.

    We've got another game we should win next week, and then some real tests.

    What's all the crying about? Good lord. We just beat the rai_ers, for flip's sake. Anyone else enjoy winning anymore? I'd love to hear from you.

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    In addition to hating Jake, I enjoy winning.


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      I don't even think we are trying so Im not worried.


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        Game ball goes to the DEFENSE again! I'm very impressed with Coyer's Defense. 1 TD allowed in 5 games now. Isn't that some sort of record?


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          Originally posted by Jesterhole View Post
          In addition to hating Jake, I enjoy winning.
          Get lost.

          On a brighter note, Bailey gets rockstar of the game!!

          He deserved it last week, too.



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            It was great to win... I just don't understand why we aren't winning 13-3 with our future.

            Oh well... a win is a win. Nice job defense!


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              winning is my favorite


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                Winning FFL team lost dammit


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                  count me in as Happy to be winning .........4-1 is pretty good


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                    Jake Plummer is terrible. The passing game is terrible. Ernster looked like crap tonite. Everyone else was good to excellent.

                    We just got SHUT out in the 2nd half when we should have been shoveling dirt on the Raiders.

                    We are in trouble vs the Colts, Chargers, and in the Playoffs.

                    This should be titled...



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                      I happy we won, but there is some serious issues with the offense. 12 pts a game will not win a lot of games, If the pass rush becomes ineffective late in the game against Indy in a couple weeks it will be ugly. There is something that just isn't right about this team.


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                        yeah yeah we won but can a 13-3 "win" against the raiders really be considered a win? theres something to be said about playing to your level not playing down. beating the ravens and patriots in close games, exciting, fulfilling....beat the chiefs in a close game, it was divisional, still rusty, yeah good woohoo....but beating the raiders by only 10 points, good but far from fulfilling.


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                          I love winning, and I love having a QB who executes the offense that our Head Coach wants to run regardless of how many Bronco fans want us to run a different one. We made our kill stroke with Javon Walker followed by a Tatum Bell TD. We would have had another TD if Sapp hadn't dropped a well-thrown pass on the goal line. No big deal, we didn't even need the Field Goal we got instead.We beat a dangerous winless Raider squad. Jesus-even when Moss was showing some leadership skills all of a sudden. You'd have to be a moron to think the Raiders were laying down for us in this game and we came out of it with a win. I'm really starting to like the all blue uni's by the way. Kind of funny to be the good guys in Navy with OAK wearing white.

                          By the way, there were a lot of drops tonight. And I mean players were dropping some well thrown balls. I noticed four obviously poorly thrown balls by Plummer in the Pats game but the only one that stands out in my mind from this one was the checkdown to Bell.


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                            anyone who isn't happy is a clown. Even madden noticed the conservarive play we didn't have the ball a bunch. Great team win.


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                              yeah, I knew there would be some doomsayers after tonight. Completely ignoring the playcalling. Denver scored on 3 of 4 possesions in the first half (thank Sapp for 3 instead of 7 on one). Then shanny martyballed the second half.

                              Denver won this game in 1st gear, that's a good thing. They had a gameplan no more advanced than your typical preseason.