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Stupidest Move In Team History!!

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  • Stupidest Move In Team History!!

    congrats broncos, you just made the dumbest move in the history of the franchise.
    yes, you just topped ted gregory and tommy maddox.

    we have a probowl caliber qb who is only 30 years old.
    we lost a leader in mike anderson.
    we lost our best defensive lineman in trevor pryce.
    we have ashley lelie trade rumors.

    we need defensive line help.
    we need another threat at wideout...

    .....and we trade up to get a fvcking quarterback.

    i cant and wont ever stop being a bronco fan, but i can choose not to give them my money.
    im so pissed right now my chest hurts and my hands wont stop shaking.

    ill be selling my tickets for about half the games.
    fvck it. ill play golf and watch on tivo.
    ill have my back surgery (which i was going to put off until after the season).
    ill make some of my money back. the team made it clear they dont give a sh!t about winning, so why should i change my life to accomodate them.
    i feel like i got fvcking slapped in the face.

    no way im going to subject myself to the "put cutler in" screams after
    every plummer interception.
    no way im going to live the heartache LIVE watching a team that had every opportunity to get better and did NOTHING but get worse.

    im a bronco fan for life, but ive never been so angry at the team.....ever.
    not even close.
    we just ruined a very promising situation, and i dont know if i can get over that.
    distance. time. maybe.

    for now, i need to stop my hands from shaking. i need to stop the chest pains.
    maybe i shouldnt be so emotionally attached, but i am.


    ps- read my sig. nice fvcking lie a$$hole.

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    Guess what?

    Jay Cutler has come to save the day.


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      Originally posted by Ratboy
      Guess what?

      Jay Cutler has come to save the day.
      Change your name to CutlerToWatts!


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        Drama queen.


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          Great pick.


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            Chill out, you're going to have a heart attack. You won't even get to see Cutler develope. This pick wasn't going to make or break our season anyway. Jay Cutler is going to be a great Bronco, you'll see.


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              I would think Maddox was the dumbest selection... wait, no ... Marcus Nash. Jake will be 32 this year, right?


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                Originally posted by RhymesayersDU
                Change your name to CutlerToWatts!


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                  I'm so torn.........I was pissed at First, because I wanted us to try to win the SuperBowl next season.
                  Now that I see Shanny couldnt give a F*** about Next Season and in rebuilding mode, this is a good move for the future.
                  Time to get a TE


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                    God, chill out chode.


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                      This just confirms what Chiefs fans have been telling you all along.

                      Jake Plummer is a LAAAAAAAAAAA-HOOOOOOOOOOOO-SAAA-HEEEEEEEEER!!!


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                        this pick does not mean Jake is done here. Shanny will groom Cutler over 2-3 years.

                        I would have liked to have seen an impact player, but perhaps they will grab one at #37.


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                          Matt who?


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                            Three names for you Orange 4

                            Ted Gregory

                            Tommy Maddox

                            Willie Midddlebrooks

                            Get a grip.


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                              calm down, Jake.