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Pezzy's two week long vacation/tailgate report (with pictures! Woohoo)

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  • Pezzy's two week long vacation/tailgate report (with pictures! Woohoo)

    Hey fellow Mane'ers and freaks! Its good to be home again in smoky and smoggy SoCal and see that things have not changed around here. Chiefs efense is still missing its D, their trolls still lurk, Fade fan sits squarely in last place and our Broncos have control of the AFC West! Sounds like some good times indeed!
    I spent the better part of the past two weeks visiting Colorado and Wyoming for the fall colors and to see the Chiefs get absolutely manhandled by our Broncos... but more on that in a minute.

    First, I gotta hand out props to our fine host Meck77, Disco and the OF1 crew for being such wonderful hosts for us wayward Bronco fans who live away from our beloved team. If it were not for their hard work, dedication and open arms, many of us would probably still be stuck watching the Broncos on the tube rather than see them in person. Salute gents! You did a fantastic job yet again and it was not to be forgotten!

    We'll start this journey back two weekends ago, at Ontario International Airport in California. Not more than 45 seconds after boarding the plane, did I happen to spot a Broncos wearing dude, and just my luck, he is sitting right across from my in the aisle. Talk about great omens eh? It gets better. About a minute later, here comes a brash, loud, dude wearing CU Buffs gear. Methinks this plane ride is gonna be sweet! Needless to say, I dont even think I remember the plane taking off or landing since all three of us were talking football insessently over the course of the next 2 hours. Trouble was, we accidentely started in on Fantasy Football talk and got even more people sucked into the conversation. Pretty soon it was a roundtable discussion in section 1, seats A-F Its amazing how confident we all felt about the upcoming Chiefs game and we all had an air of excitement about the game (or it could have been lack of oxygen too?). From that moment on, I had no doubt that if a group of fans on a plane had that kind of buzz going into Monday Night, that the stadium was sure to rock like no other night and that the Broncos 12th man would make their presence known. Even if the damned air waitresses were Raiders fans, nothing would spoil this ride into the Mile High City.

    After landing, I had a chance to meet up with my bro's from Boulder and enjoy my first Fat Tire on tap in over a year over at K's China rooftop over in Boulder. Its amazing how much of a dirty old man I've become when seeing the beautiful girls in Boulder and realizing that most of these girls were born at the end of the Reagan Presidency. For god's sake, I think I have lint in my naval that is older than some of these girls (how's that for a mental picture?) Anyway, it was damn good to be back in the ol stomping grounds and see that the yuppie element has managed to overtake the couchburners on Pearl Street and on The Hill and kill off most of my favorite old school hangouts. RIP Tulagi's, La Iguana, and even the Frat boy heaven over at Nick's. One last sidenote to Boulder pubs, thank god for altitude. There is nothing like a cheap SoCal drunk like me being a lightweight and only having two beers at 5500 feet and feeling a buzz. Bless that lack of oxygen.

    From the hangover from the opening salvo in Boulder, I managed to spend the next day watching the Buffs get destroyed by SoCal and Breck's Canes. So much for the Return to Dominence Barney... that offense was horrid that day. But at least I got to hang with my buds and relive errrr rehydrate the buzz that I sustained a mere 6 hours earlier in Boulder. There is something pretty special about a spinning head at 9:15 AM on a Saturday
    My old Boulder crew

    After recollecting myself and a fresh pint of blood I managed to sober my way down to Denver for a first meeting with the OF1 LoDo tailgate.

    Arriving that night in LoDo brought back that familiar mix of both sports fans who poured out from the Rockies second-to-last home game, the post-graduate snobbery element scurrying into their favority tacky watering hole, the homeless peeps looking for handouts, and the aging, cologne-overdosing preppy fratboy looking to find some former glory at the dance clubs. And the OF1 was right in the middle of that lovely soup called Blake Street. Needless to say, I was a bit skeptical heh...

    Upon arriving to the sea of people, cars and lack of parking spaces, I managed to see the OF1 nestled into a hell of a prime location right in full view of no less than 7 different bars and nightclubs. I knew right then I would never find parking for my ride. Regardless, I pull right up to the OF1 and in my best tone yell out... "BRONCOS SUCK!!!!!" to which I was completely drowned out by Meck's massive sound system on the bus and their party and recieved nary a dirty look at all. Have you ever been on the hanging end of a high five and not recieved a response? That is essentially what my reponse drew from the bus tailgaters. What a bad start I mumble to myself as I try with every stitch of my being to find a parking spot. Finally, ten minutes later, I spot a handicap spot right across the street from my brothers and sisters on the OF1. Did I dare try? Oh hell yes I did! And at last, I was recognized by Disco, CBF1 and an unfamiliar, yet quite familiar red-headed lady who ran across the street, in full traffic to give me a bear hug. I knew right away that it was Blueflame all right!

    From there, the next 20 minutes or so were a mesh of meeting some familiar friends from the Mane again. and keeping a watchful eye on the cop element on the street, making sure I did not get a ticket. After finding a better spot right in front of the bus, it was time to relax and drink a few more beers amonst the Mane'rs. Disco and Meck had the joint hopping on the bus and CBF1, Mr. Blue and Orangebeard all had a great time as we all screamed out 'Go Broncos!' out the windows to the yuppies, drunks, and homeless. We even had a fo shuoo playa screaming at us across the street who claimed to be a Raiders fan AND a Broncos fan. It was great watching Meck go confront the dude only to see the cops shoo the playa hata away before anything fun could happen. The only disappointment from that night was missing out on meeting Sassy and Hogan11 since they were running late from the airport.

    The crew, and one of the Colorado Rapids defenseman

    We wrapped up the fun at around 1 am and left for the home of the OF1.
    By the time we got there, I was a tired babbling wreck. I had to be up in less than 4 1/2 hours so that I could go take the first pictures of the fall colors in the Rockies, when I discovered that the fun had just begun. Meck started the grill at 2 AM and planned on cooking a feast for us all. My god, did I already need a change of blood again to survive this? No. I finally declined to continue the fun and got myself a few measly hours of sleep before jetting at 6 AM for the mountains. But rumor has it, the party went on for a few more hours before everyone passed out. Oh to be young again

    Mr. Blue in Meck's Bus hangout

    Mr. and Mrs. Blueflame at 2 AM ready for more

    Part II coming up...

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    This picture is missing smoke and a bong, otherwise thats perfect.


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      Super Neato!


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        Part II - Colorado does not suck in fall.......

        Here in part II, the story gets a bit on the boring side for a day. Family meet and greets, some more beer and food, and a daytrip up to Gennessee Pass to see the peaking fall colors ensued. Of course, by this point I was already a mess and working on less than 10 hours sleep in 3 days time. But, screw it! The fall colors happen only once in Colorado each year and I'll be damned if I was gonna miss them!

        After seeing the kickass mountains up highway 285 and their beautiful colors, it was time to reunite with my fellow maner's for what was sure to be a historic meet and greet amongst some of the original members of our forum. The first one I met was a guy in full on orange Broncos gear. He looked a little like Paul Rodriguiz, and there was no doubt who it was from that moment. Taco John, in the flesh. Giving the lug a big bear hug like we were long lost brothers, I knew right away that he was a cool cat and that this evening was going to be a damn fun one. I proceeded to break out the big camera my beloved Canon EOS 1D Mark II and get some pictures ready. But the problem was that I was already missing lenses, filters etc. So I ducked into Meck's office to organize the gear when TJ came by. Here I am fumbling around looking like an unorganized idiot and the guy sits and chills with me and we start to talk about all the fun times we've had on this forum for all these years. From the troll bashes, to the flavor clowns, to the old days where TJ would even photoshop everything himself, we bs'd about everything under the sun about the site. It was great hearing about the old pranks (the naked broncos cheerleaders come to mind) and to remember just how intimate this site used to be back in the old days (when Mock only had 12,000 posts heh ) Heck, we even discussed the future of the Mane and how exciting the future of this site will be soon. Needless to say, we probably could have spent all night laughing about the site and all the craziness we've seen over the years, but we were being yelled at for not being social so we finally headed out to meet and greet the clan.

        TJ jam session (isnt this just begging for a flava clown?)

        Part III coming up
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          Thanks for making me cry missing Colorado.


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            Pez, you are a very talented man with a camera.


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              Part III - The Offline Tailgate that never ends?

              By this point, there were a hell of alot of unfamilar faces outside and it took a few minutes to meet them all. I finally met Hotrod and his wifey. Imagine my horror when I found out that she is a CHIEFS FAN! But, I figured, she could get a free pass for having to put up with him for so many years right? It was great chatting with them and giving her a hard time every chance I got and needless to say, I had a great time meeting them. I wish I could say the same about meeting the next person. Here comes an ugly, sheep-smelling guy. I knew right away it was that damn CSU Rams fan AK1971. Oh the humanity! Of course, the first thing the bastard says to me is how he made a ton of money that weekend betting against the Buffs. Regardless of that atrocity, it was awesome meeting AK and we had a killer time shooting the breeze about section 502 and the variety of fans that hang up there every home game. AK1971's brother Dumpy was not in town yet, so I didnt have a chance to meet him till later, but regardless, we had great fun chatting and breaking out the Joliet Jake quotes all night.

              Hotrod and his Chiefs fan wifey

              OrangeCrusher and Ak1971 chilling out

              Then, a familiar face emerged. one that I had met before last year. It was Orange Crusher. He had his wonderful wife in tow as well and I had great fun hearing about how beautiful the state of South Dakota is. Like I told him, selling me on visiting that state is going to be an easy sell indeed! Mrs. Crusher was pretty quiet that evening but I still managed to talk with her as well and show her some of my pictures from the beaches out here.
              One guy who's face was not familiar, but the name rang a bell immediately was No1Broncofan Ben. I spent some great time chatting with Ben and we also managed to bs about all the fun and adventures we've seen on the Mane over the years. Ben, if you are reading this, it was damn cool meeting you bro. I was very sorry to miss ya on gameday, but Meck had pulled me aside and told me of your mother's sickness. I thought about you all day that next day and you were in our hearts for the entire tailgate the next day. I hope to meet up with you again someday!

              #1Broncofan Ben

              After that, Pacino and co. appeared and we chatted about the state of College football and how Pacino's playoff system would work. Lets get it started Pacino. We can do it! Pretty soon after than, my bro CBF1 and his ex showed up and naturally I had to give them some hell! And then Sassy and Hogan made their long-awaited appearance after having a horrible taxicab ride out to Meck's property. Needless to say, if those two ever come out to Denver again, a car rental might be in their future (hint hint) Meeting Sassy, I knew right away that her username fit like a glove I warned her well in advance that she was going to get a big hug and to her credit, she tried her best to avoid it. But I still squeezed the hell out her anyway! And Hogan, well, what can I say about Hogan? Here comes a guy who I have read and known for years here on the forum, and yet, meeting him in person, I couldnt believe it was the same guy! He was one funny guy, and never stood still for more than a minute. I had a feeling that he was so thin since he is always moving around

              Hogan and Sassy

              One guy I didnt even have to be introduced to was the gentleman manning the grill that evening. BroncosBum6263 was in a very familiar position, hovering around the food, making sure it was good to go. Needless to say, those tasty burgers did not go to waste on me that evening with the 6263 manning that grill And meeting Mrs BroncosBum was a treat too! After hearing so much about their wedding, I had to tell her that she was a sort of celebrity amongst us Maner's. I think I might have gotten Mr. 6263 in some trouble for that heh.

              Broncobum6263 (and no, that isnt our food)

              From there, we got silly, drank some good brews, took a ton of pictures, burned a chiefs idol, and even got a bonfire going. All this on 3 hours sleep. From there, the party lasted well into the wee hours again. And just when I thought I was ready to crash for the night... we decided to have a meeting of the minds about the future of the OF1 and Orangemane... more on that and the tasty Dick Vermeil Pig later. For now, here are some more pictures from the fun!

              The crew tearing it up

              Orangemane/OF1 Weekend!


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                Great pictures, bro. Glad your back!


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                  Its great to be back SoCal! Like I said earlier though, I missed out on all the fun with the Chef meltdown over the past two weeks. But it was worth it methinks!

                  Ok back to the pre-tailgate pics!

                  TJ styling on the Orange Moped

                  Meck and his girl (she is a great trooper and puts up with all our our crap)

                  Blueflame and her hubby Mr. Blue

                  Pacino signing the OrangeCrush sign...

         does TJ


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                    and CBF1

                    as well as Disco

                    and Meck

                    as well as AK1971 (thank god you cant see what he wrote heh)

                    Hogan signs the sign like a pro

                    Here Sassy signs with Blue's step by step inspection muahahaha!

                    Sassy took this one of Meck with the Pig since I had no flash on my camera (Doh!)

                    TJ and Sassy

                    Um... well....err.... nevermind heh

                    I'll have more later... with a great story about the gameday tailgate and how Kaylore nearly made me lose it with his goofy pose with Randy Gradishar


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                      Next post I see from AK gets rep!!! Read his comments on the Crush Sign!!!!!! lmao!!!


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                        Originally posted by OSKIE
                        Next post I see from AK gets rep!!! Read his comments on the Crush Sign!!!!!! lmao!!!

                        Funny guy.

                        Good stuff Pez, WB to the mane and the fun of messing with Chiefs.!!


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                          Originally posted by OSKIE
                          Next post I see from AK gets rep!!! Read his comments on the Crush Sign!!!!!! lmao!!!
                          I noticed that too. Very funny!


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                            and my god, Who's on the right?


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                              Who could guess that hanging out in a Meck's garage would be so much fun?

                              It's now become a major highlight of the yearly Denver trip for me...I wouldn't miss it for the world.

                              Already got the home Chiefs game circled for next year, whenever it happens.

                              Hope to see you in San Diego Pez if you can make it.