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  • Guacamole

    As a service to my fellow Maners, I'm going to tell you how to make the absolute best quacamole for your SB party.

    First, how do you find a good avocado? Squeeze your hand into a fist and then poke that pad of muscle below your thumb. That's what a good avocado feels like. And only use Hass avocados (the crinkly black ones) not those big, watery tasteless pieces of crap they have in Florida. Remove the branch nub. Then you gently slice them in half, use your knife to lightly set the blade into the seed, yank it out and drop it in the trash. Then scoop out the beautifully green meat into a bowl using a spoon. Add fresh lemon juice and salt to taste and mash your avocados with a potato masher. Hell, at this point you can smear a little on a piece of bread. Good eats. Set aside.

    Now roast a poblano. Don't know what a poblano is, or how to roast it?

    That's a poblano. They're about the size of a bell pepper. Just set it on the burner, right into the flame and when one side blackens, turn it. Keep turning it over and around until it's all nice and black. (Nothing smells better than roasting peppers! ) When it's nice and black all over, drop it in a plastic bag and leave it to steam for about ten minutes. Then peel off the blackened skin, cut around the top, discard that seed pouch, cut the pepper in half and scrape out all the seeds. Then dice the pepper. Taste it. Some poblanos can be pretty spicy, some are not. Only use as much as will give a nice smoky undertone to however many avocados you're using.

    Now finely chop as much jalapeno as you like and add it in.

    I also like to use some Ortegas, which are canned, roasted and peeled Anaheim peppers (very mild). Only buy whole Ortegas as the pre-diced ones have too many seeds in them. Use as much as you like, they're mild.

    Finely dice some bermuda (purple) onion. Taste it. Some onion can be real hot, depending on the season. Let that determine how much you use. I don't use a whole lot, maybe a half a teaspoon per avocado for a mild onion. Less if it's hot.

    Next, roast your cumin seeds. WTF? Sprinkle a teaspoon of whole cumin seeds into a hot pan and shake them around until the scent starts to rise and the seeds slightly brown. Now dump them in you spice grinder, or mortar, and grind them up. What a smell! Roasted, ground cumin! Awesome. I like a lot of cumin in my guacamole. Use your own discretion.

    Next, we need a little of the herb. I only use fresh cilantro and fresh oregano. Mexican oregano is best. Use the oregano sparingly as it can really impart some flavor. Chop it finely. Same with cilantro. Personally, I like a lot of cilantro. Wash it first. Often, cilantro will be covered with a very fine sand. You don't want to be chewing on it.

    Sometimes, if I have some of my salsa de jitomate del norte left over (ie. salsa) I'll add a little of that, finely chopped. But you can live without the tomatoey flavor if you prefer.

    Now, check your guacamole for lemonyness, saltiness, and spicyness and alter as needed.

    Put it in the fridge till the time comes. I like to sprinkle a little finely chopped cilantro on top.

    Things you'll need:
    Fresh lemon juice
    Poblano chili
    One small can of Ortegas
    Red onion
    Whole cumin seed
    Fresh oregano
    Fresh cilantro

    Enjoy the Super Bowl!

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    Thanks. I am going to try it this weekend.


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      bravo good foundation.
      I would reccomend LIME juice over lemon and would also incourage those who dont want to spend time roasting and peeling peppers that they can just add a spoonfull of their favorite salsa to the avocado for a great guac.
      the ACID from the citrus is essential to keep the guac from browning.
      the emulsifiers and homogonizers in the commercial salsas will help to do the same.
      HATCH green chilis get my strongest endorsement!
      black pepper or a medly of fresh ground pepper, garlic POWDER, not salt, a pinch of sea salt. fresh herbs, not just celantro these are all nice added components if not used in excess.