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    combine pork sausage with ground turkey and beef or Bison.
    Use egg for a binder, many chefs also add some bread crumbs, if you choose to do this I recommend seasoned croutons for the "bread".

    ratio, 1 cup of bread crumbs for every 2 pounds of meat.
    1 egg for every 2 pounds of meat
    (these are bionders that will help keep your meatballs in tact.

    make your meat balls a day ahead and let them rest overnight in the fridge.
    brown them in skillet or large quantity on oiled sheetpan in oven.
    just brown, dont cook completely.
    let them simmer a good hour in crock pot or oven safe pot in mixture of your choice, I reccomend BBQ sauce and STOCK of your choice or own making.
    50 / 50 mix, sauce and stock.
    Meatballs the size of a golf ball or ping pong ball.

    If you already have BBQ on the menu , you can go with marinara.
    when I dont have enough home made stock I buy an organic veg stock.



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      Originally posted by Requiem View Post
      I make awesome chili and ribs. I also make great wings.

      I need a fourth something special.

      You have alot of Meat offerings going on, how about a veg casserole ?


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        from the atomic meatball thread:

        I reccomend browning all meatballs in oil first, but only just for browning, NOT to complete the cooking
        finish the meatballs by cooking them on a sheet pan in the oven.
        this way your balls will be thoroughly cooked but not too crusty on the outside.
        sauce them after they are cooked, as suggested.

        the size of the ball determined how hot and how long.
        a 350- 400 degree oven
        the bigger the ball the lower the heat and longer the cook time.
        ping pongball size 400 degrees 20 minutes
        softball size
        350 degrees 1 hour.
        egg or flour is a good binding agent to keep the balls in shape but if you are grinding ingredients with the meat, especially pork, a binder is not required. refrigerating your balls for an hour after you shape them also helps to keep their shape and may elininate the need for a 'binder' like flour eggs or breadcrumbs.
        if you choose to use a binder, I recommend crushed , flavored croutons, depending on your recipe.


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          Originally posted by DomCasual View Post
          As far as I know, there is no way to block a person from editing his/her posts. What purpose could that possibly serve?
          you tell me! I am not the mod here.


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            Originally posted by CHEF LUIGI View Post
            thanksgiving menu and methodology, zambini style.

            , bone out turkeys, breast halves, and four piece dark meaT, USE BONES FOR STOCK.
            TRUSS BREASTS

            BRINE: ( see my new quick brine recipe and method located further along in this thread)

            Make stock:
            use roasted bones and veggies cover with water bring to a boil and then simmer on low overnight, around 6 hours.
            strain and bring liquid to a quick boil.
            then remove from heat.
            this stock you can now use for gravy and for braising your dark meat.

            1 Lb bag of cranberries, one cup sugar, one cup sweet white wine.cHENIN BLANC, MUSCAT as an example.
            flavoir with, favorite liquor, (grandmarinier)(2 ounces, i use port )
            all spice
            maple syrup
            bring to slow boil over low heat, covered first 30 minutes.
            45 minutes to an hour total
            refregerate overnight.


            prepare roasting pan with carrots, celery, onion, oranges and apples, all diced, all oiled and seasoned with rosemary and tarragon.
            roast all veggies at 425 for 10 minutes, place turkey pieces on top , then roast or hot smoke for 45 minutes.
            braise dark meat pieces in roasted veggies and stock, for 30 additional minutes.
            Pull breasts at 140 internal temp.

            cut and cube to stand at room temp overnight.
            fine dice carrot, cerery, onion, garlic, sautee.
            add medium dice apples, pears, (both skinned)
            craisins,pecans and chopped black olives. mix in large bowl with dried bread (croutons).
            add STOCK and mix to a mashed potato consistency.
            spread into a greased pyrex / glass pan, , bake at 450 for half hour, roasted, moist, mixture, turn and redistribute as needed.

            Mushroom gravy:
            dice assorted mushrooms, sautee in garlic, onion and a splash of stock, reduce and set aside.
            roux thickened stock, add mushrooms, simmer.
            holiday bump ! on hand to answer any questions !


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              super bowl spread. Q and A for anyone looking for help or suggestions.


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                BBQ holiday ! any questions?
                what do you want to cook,
                what do you want to cook it in / on ?
                smokes, rubs, marinades, I gotcha covered.
                Happy Holiday Week-end everybody !