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OrangeMane Podcast - Episode 37 - @ Indianapolis

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  • OrangeMane Podcast - Episode 37 - @ Indianapolis

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    Download link right here ^^^^^^^

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    Nice, switched to soundcloud. Ill listen later tonight.


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      Really sorry I couldn't participate this time guys. I was ready the last two weeks. We had company over his week.


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        Originally posted by Kaylore View Post
        Really sorry I couldn't participate this time guys. I was ready the last two weeks. We had company over his week.

        You'll be happy I'm sure that I pointed out that your claim that Shanny "always has that glare" is completely false.

        You were missed tho.....


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          Thanks for another great podcast folks. Thought you did a great job, especially with Kaylore out.

          On the pass protection stuff, one way to slow that down is to stop putting the offense pinned right back deep into our own half.

          It was so damn frustrating watching Colquitt go 4-5 punts 35, 38 yards in the air (which is ridiculous by any standard) giving the Colts excellent field position only for them to punt and pin us deep in our own half right up against the end zone.

          That field position always invites more aggressive pass rush because Defenses have a lot more field to play with and will attack knowing they can give up a quick couple of first downs when Denver has the length of the field to march down.
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            I only got through half of this tonight.

            A few comments:

            Don't agree with the comment you would rather not have Vickerson on this team. The dude made some really bad decisions this game and he had one dirty play. I've never seen him do this before and I think calling for his head after 1 time is kinda ridiculous

            The trade Decker comments - it's not even an option really. He's on a rookie contract still, doesn't make huge bucks. There's no real options for trading him because the same quality player you're looking to get back would probably have a much larger contract.

            I agree with wanting more screens. I've been saying this for several weeks now and I think it will help quite bit. It's a low risk play and it WILL slow down the pass rush.

            You guys mentioned in regards to the OL that we'll be getting some guys back. Franklin is really the only one. There's nobody else coming back, besides Walton but Manram has been pretty solid so far so we're really not getting "guys" back. We're getting "a guy back". I do agree though, I think the Franklin injury affected the OL play quite a bit because you've now shuffled things quite a bit moving 2 players on the right side. Not to mention, the accumulative affect of all the OL injuries (2 tackles, 2 centers).

            Thanks for the effort - was fun to listen to. Will try to catch the 2nd half tomorrow.


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              Once again, thanks for doing this gents. I look forward to listening in.


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                Sweet! Love the podcasts. I've got some spreadsheets to compile and 150 line government forms to fill out this morning. I know what I'll be listening to while I push paperwork!


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                  Originally posted by ZONA View Post
                  The trade Decker comments...
                  Did someone seriously suggest this?


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                    Nice Job guys I pretty much agree with all points. As far as the guys for trading Decker let me guess that they are the same guys who wanted to cut Manning and Von.


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                      Come on Kaylore, you know your voice gives Rev the necessary "vigor" to make sweet love to his girl.

                      Every time you skip out on a podcast, a girl gets mediocre sexy time. Do it for her.


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                        Originally posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
                        Nice Job guys I pretty much agree with all points. As far as the guy for trading Decker let me guess that he is the same guy who wanted to cut Manning and Von.


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                          Originally posted by TheReverend View Post
                          Interesting. I was so preoccupied with everything else and he's been so consistently automatic, I didn't even notice Colquitt having a poor game.
                          I was wrong, it was just two short punts. I guess my rage blinded me during the game.

                          But two were bad enough.

                          4-10-DEN 20 (5:02) 4-B.Colquitt punts 37 yards to IND 43, Center-46-A.Brewer, fair catch by 13-T.Hilton.

                          4-10-DEN 20 (1:44) 4-B.Colquitt punts 39 yards to IND 41, Center-46-A.Brewer. 13-T.Hilton to 50 for 9 yards (84-J.Tamme).

                          37/39 yards in the air? GTFO Colquitt.


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                            Thanks for the shout out, SoCal. Good job short staffed too.

                            This coming game is the type of game I usually expect Shanahan to find a way to win. The only problem is it's Manning, and he historically cuts Shanahan teams to ribbons in embarrassing and often historic fashion.

                            And I agree on Vickerson.


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                              I hate centurylink. But... I did get it fixed just as the podcast started. So clearly Tj is afraid of my brilliance. I am on next week, even if I have to pirate my neighbors wifi.