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2014 Official Orange Mane Mock Draft Discussion/Alpha player list

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  • 2014 Official Orange Mane Mock Draft Discussion/Alpha player list

    Alpha list:

    Abbrederis, Jared
    Adams, Davante
    Aikens, Walt
    Allen, Beau
    Allen, Ricardo
    Amaro, Jace
    Annen, Blake
    Archer, Dri
    Attaochu, Jerry
    Bailey, Dion
    Barr, Anthony
    Barret, Shaquil
    Barrow, Lamin
    Ballentine, Lonnie
    Beckham Jr., Odell
    Belue, Deion
    Benjamin, Kelvin
    Benwikere, Bene
    Bitonio, Joel
    Bodine, Russell
    Borland, Chris
    Bortles, Blake
    Boston, Tre
    Boswell, Kris
    Boyd, Tajh
    Bradford, Carl
    Breeland, Bashaud
    Breslin, Morgan
    Bridgewater, Teddy
    Britt, Justin
    Bromley, Jason
    Brooks, Terrence
    Brown, John
    Brown, Preston
    Bryant, Martavis
    Bucannon, Deone
    Bullough, Max
    Campanaro, Michael
    Carey, Ka'Deem
    Carr, Derek
    Carrie, Travis
    Clark, Will
    Clinton-Dix, Ha Ha
    Clowney, Jadeveon
    Cockrell, Ross
    Coleman, Brandon
    Coleman, De'Andre
    Colvin, Aaron
    Cooks, Brandin
    Coyle, Brock
    Crichton, Scott
    Crowell, Isiah
    Darby, Aldon
    Davis, Chris
    Davis, Mike
    Dennard, Darqueze
    Desir, Pierre
    Dixon, Ahmad
    Donald, Aaron
    Dowling, Jonathan
    Dozier, Dakota
    Duncan, Joe Don
    Duvernay-Tardif, Laurent
    Ealy, Kony
    Easley, Dominique
    Ebron, Eric
    Edwards, Kadeem
    Ellington, Bruce
    Ellis, Justin
    Evans, Mike
    Evans, Shaq
    Exum, Antone
    Fales, David
    Ferguson, Ego
    Fiedorowicz, C.J.
    Fleming, Cameron
    Ford, Dee
    Fortt, Khairi
    Freeman, Davonta
    Fuller, Kyle
    Gaffney, Tyler
    Gaines, EJ
    Gaines, Phillip
    Gallon, Jeremy
    Gaopollo, Jimmy
    Gayle, James
    George, Jeremiah
    Gilbert, Garrett
    Gilbert, Justin
    Gillmore, Crockett
    Grice, Marion
    Grimble, Xavier
    Hageman, Ra'Shede
    Hal, Andre
    Halapio, Jon
    Hampton, Victor
    Hart, Taylor
    Hazel, Matt
    Henderson, Seantrel
    Herron, Robert
    Hill, Jeremy
    Hoffman, Cody
    Hubbard, Adrian
    Huff, Josh
    Huff, Marqueston
    Hurst, James
    Hyde, Carlos
    Ikard, Gabe
    Jackson, Andrew
    Jackson, Bennett
    Jackson, Gabe
    James, Ja'Wuan
    Janis, Jeff
    Jean-Baptiste, Stanley
    Jeffcoat, Jackson
    Jernigan, Timmy
    Johnson, Anthony
    Johnson, Derrell
    Johnson, Dontae
    Johnson, Storm
    Johnson, Wesley
    Jones, Christian
    Jones, Daquan
    Jones, Howard
    Jones, T.J.
    Joyner, Lamarcus
    Kennard, Devon
    Kerr, Zach
    Kirksey, Christian
    Kouandjio, Cyrus
    Ladler, Kenny
    Landry, Jarvis
    Latimer, Cody
    Larsen, Tyler
    Lawrence, Demarcus
    Lawson, Nevin
    Lee, Marquise
    Leno, Charles
    Leonard, A.C.
    Lewan, Taylor
    Lewis, Isaiah
    Linder, Brandon
    Loston, Craig
    Lucas, Cornelius (Luke)
    Lyerla, Colton
    Lynch, Aaron
    Lynch, Arthur
    Mack, Khalil
    Manzeil, Johnny
    Marsh, Cassius
    Martin, Kareem
    Martin, Marcus
    Martin, Zack
    Mason, Tre
    Matthews, Jake
    Matthews, Jordan
    McCarron, A.J.
    McCullers, Daniel
    McGill, Keith
    McKinnon, Jerick
    Mettenberger, Zach
    Mewhort, Jack
    Millard, Johnny
    Mitchell, Terrance
    Moncreif, Donte
    Moore, Zach
    Morris, James
    Morris, Stephen
    Moses, Morgan
    Mosley, CJ
    Murphy, Jake
    Murphy, Trent
    Murray, Aaron
    Ndiaye, Elhadji
    Niklas, Troy
    Nix, Louis
    Norwell, Andrew
    Norwood, Kevin
    Pagan, Jeoffrey
    Patchan, Matt
    Perry, Senorise
    Pierre-Louis, Kevin
    Powell, Ronald
    Prosch, Jay
    Pryor, Calvin
    Purifoy, Loucheiz
    Quarles, Kelcy
    Reid, Caraun
    Reilly, Trevor
    Reese, Tevin
    Reynolds, Ed
    Reynolds, Rashaad
    Richardson, Antonio "Tiny"
    Richardson, Cyril
    Richardson, Paul
    Richardson, Shaquille
    Richburg, Weston
    Roberson, Marcus
    Robinson, Allen
    Robinson, Greg
    Roby, Bradley
    Sam, Michael
    Sankey, Bishop
    Saunders, Jalen
    Savage, Tom
    Schofield, Michael
    Seastrunk, Lache
    Seferian-Jenkins, Austin
    Shazeir, Ryan
    Shembo, Prince
    Sims, Charles
    Skov, Shayne
    Smallwood, Yawin
    Smith, Brett
    Smith, Chris
    Smith, Marcus
    Smith, Telvin
    Sorenson, Daniel
    Southward, Dezman
    Starr, Tyler
    Steen, Anthony
    Stephen, Shamar
    Stinson, Ed
    Stork, Bryan
    Street, Devin
    Sunseri, Vinnie
    Sutton, Will
    Su'a-Filo, Xavier
    Swanson, Travis
    Taliaferra, Lorenzo
    Thomas, Brandon
    Thomas, De'Anthony
    Thomas, Logan
    Thornton, Khyri
    Tripp, Jordan
    Tuitt, Stephon
    Turner, Billy
    Turner, Trai
    Uko, George
    Urban, Brent
    Urschel, John
    Uzo-Diribe, Chidera
    Van Noy, Kyle
    Vereen, Brock
    Verrett, Jason
    Ward, Jimmie
    Watkins, Jaylen
    Watkins, Sammy
    Watt, Chris
    Webster, Larry
    West, Terrence
    White, James
    Williams, Andre
    Williamson, Avery
    Yankey, David
    Zumwalt, Jordan

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    A few suggestions/guidelines:

    1. Please check the Mane every day during the draft. Everyone will have 12 hours to make their pick when they are on the clock. If you know you are going to be away from your PC/tablet/internet access, please send a priotity list of who you would like to select to myself, Bowlenball, MUG and/or eddie mac. We will not look at the PMs until you are on the clock. If we have your priority list and your time to draft comes around, your selection will be announced and the draft will proceed at a quick pace. You can post pics and a breakdown of your selection in the Selection thread when you get back on the Mane.

    2. There will be an alphabetical list of players taken at the top of this thread. Please check that list before you pick. Please. If you have drafted someone who is already on the list, you may replace that pick, but the next drafter will be on the clock.

    3. We start the draft on March 17. Noon EST is the official time. If 24 champ wanted to start us off on Sunday the 16th, that would not make me angry.

    4.All selections receive 12 hours on the clock (OTC), until we reach Saturday April 24. At 12 AM on the 24th, we will go to a 6 hour clock for all selections.

    5. Please start trade talks with other drafters before you are on the clock. Nothing is more annoying when your time comes to draft and you announce "Hey! I wanna trade down!" If you have no deals on the table and it's your turn, DRAFT.

    6. We will pause the draft once we get to the end of the 3rd round for the NFL to announce the Comp picks. As soon as they are announced, the draft is back on. This is our first year with the draft happening in May, so I don't know how this will time out. We may not have to pause!

    7. The mock draft order will be frozen on March 17 at Noon. The actual NFL teams may do some trades and shifting around, but we will keep whatever order is handed to us on the 17th. All times for the mock will be listed in EST if there is no other time zone designation. (I live in Michigan. Deal with it.)

    8. We will have a Discussion thread (this thread) and a Selection thread. Please post all comments and discussion about the selections in this thread. The Selection thread may have your selections only. It is more fun if your selection post has a little description of your player with strengths, weaknesses, how the player fits on your team, a kick-ass photo, etc. We will also have a Trade discussion thread for that express purpose.

    9. Please PM the person who is next up in the draft when your selection is complete to let them know they are OTC. Bowlen, Eddie, MUG and myself will also PM folks as we see them to let them know they are up. Also, check your PMs frequently as that is how we are reminding you that you are OTC. If your PM box is full, empty it!

    10. When you select, please record the time you made your selection so we know when the 12 hour clock starts for the next drafter. The Orange Mane clock on the posts has not always been accurate in the past.

    11. We will have a pinch drafter for those who miss their picks to keep the integrity of the draft as it moves forward. The pinch drafter will draft for those who miss their picks: Immediately in rounds one and two, after three picks go by in rounds three, four, and five, and after six picks go by in rounds 6 and 7. if you do not like who the pinch drafter takes for you, that's too bad. Make your selection while you are OTC (or get a PM priority list to us) and you won't have to worry about the dreaded pinch drafter. Selections the pinch drafter makes are final. This year, our pinch drafter is Quoydogs.

    12. We will have a UDFA round after the mock is complete run by Bowlenball. It is not required, but it sure is fun; and our new scoring system takes the UDFA into account. I encourage everyone to take part in it this year!

    13. Try not to suck or get butt hurt.
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      Should I listen to Roddy about the Falcons plans on defense?

      <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>If we get a D end in free agency it will have to be a guy that stands up because we are playing a 3-4 this year</p>&mdash; Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) <a href="">March 14, 2014</a></blockquote>
      <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>


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        So, tell me Arkie, is it an OT or Khalil Mack at #6?


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          we are doing 6 rounds of free agency, right?


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            Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post

            So, tell me Arkie, is it an OT or Khalil Mack at #6?
            I'm torn between four players. Just have to wait and see which ones if any fall out of the top 5.


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              The Cleveland Browns are reportedly in "purgatory" with the #4 selection. Do not like their options.


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                I love pick 8...sooo many options


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                  Originally posted by jebures View Post
                  I love pick 8...sooo many options
                  Is that the Vikings?


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                    Steelers are in a HORRIBLE slot at #15 -- and also missing their 3rd rounder, which is where the sweet spot is in the draft this year. Sucks to be us this year.

                    Just finishing up the defensive side of the ball in my evaluations, and have already done the O-linemen on the offensive side of the ball. Just like everyone says, it looks like a very deep draft in general, possibly the best since I've been doing the OM mock in 2007.


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                      Most important rule? #13


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                        Originally posted by Rohirrim View Post
                        Most important rule? #13
                        Rule #14: No talking up prospects BEFORE they're selected.


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                          Originally posted by BowlenBall View Post
                          Rule #14: No talking up prospects BEFORE they're selected.
                          Johnny Football is going to be a star I tell ya!


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                            Originally posted by Conklin View Post
                            Johnny Football is going to be a star I tell ya!


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                              Compensatory picks won't be a part of this, right? Aren't they announced after we start?