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NFL Combine: What's the Point?

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  • NFL Combine: What's the Point?

    The NFL combine: an ethically dubious meat market wrapped in junk science

    The annual carnival in Indianapolis is supposed to showcase players’ talents. But the event instead swings between pointless and demeaning

    The underwear Olympics, otherwise known as the NFL combine, will roll into Indianapolis next week. College stars will jump, run and lift weights in front of NFL scouts – and it will mean almost nothing.

    In an era in which every major college football game is aired on TV, scouting departments have swelled, analytics have become a bigger part of the evaluation equation, and players are tracked, measured and weighed from high school on up, you could be forgiven for wondering why the teams and prospects subject themselves to this annual sideshow.

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    I don't worry about the measurements. I just get to see players I've only heard about and have never seen. But, I admit, I do like the 40 times even though it means squat. At least I learn whether the player can run, Maybe not fast, but he can run. And QBs can actually throw the ball! It's just a form of entertainment, and fuel for Broncos' day dreams.

    That help?


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      The point of the Combine is for all teams to be able to get medical evaluations and interviews from the top players in the same place. What this article is complaining about is the least important part of the Combine.


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        they can do without the underwear part and it would be fine. Also fire coaches on the spot that ask stupid ass questions.

        Learning who is actually fast and not just fast on tape or against bad competition is important and seeing what D3 guys have the juice to compete at the next level


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          You can do all those things in a "Pro Day" setting. But us guys who would not get to see a Pro Day workout would not see those fellows at all. So, I think the Combine really is just a show for us lazy basterds who can't travel to know that Player X really does exist.

          I guess medicals and interviews may be revealing.


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            So that Ted Gregory doesn't happen again.


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              ^ This.


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                School measurements and workout numbers are notoriously unreliable. A standardized event where you can gather all that data is absolutely necessary. And the medicals, of course.

                So yeah, definitely need the Combine.


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                  Height / weight / speed (and other combine measurements) help mostly to de-select prospects on your board. Running a 4.4 or 4.5 40 doesn't mean a wide receiver is going to be good. Running a 4.8 guarantees that he won't be. Same with offensive tackles and arm length -- you might suck even with 37 inch arms, and further analysis is needed, but if you have 31 inch arms, I won't even waste my time looking at tape.

                  That's why all the teams are interested in hand size with the QBs -- the odd player can overcome it, but it IS an issue if you're under 9"