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  • Originally posted by PRBronco View Post

    No worries, i'm in a walkthrough until lunch time today. And by walkthrough I mean walk around reading draft profiles on my phone and thinking about the mock draft while a bunch of self important twats talk about something I don't care about.
    Ill text him every 45 minutes to nag his ass. He is probably going to take another Miami player anyways.


    • With the 89th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

      the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS select;


      Anthony Nelson is the #54 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


      Wisconsin (2018); Playing DE, some DT. Staring at LDE in a 43 defense. Getting shoved around and overpowered a bit early on. Had a poor tackle attempt where he threw a shoulder instead of wrapping up. Beat RT Edwards by slicing inside, but unable to make diving tackle on RB. Stack and shed on RT to stuff RB on off tackle run. Stunt inside, picked up easily by OC. Dipped under the RT on speed rush, flattened out and put a hit on the QB. They slide him inside to a 5 tech type position at times and put a DE outside of him. Went on a quiet spell for almost two quarters where between being sub’d out and not making any plays at all, he was almost invisible on the field. Has been more stout than early in the game when he was getting shoved around, but for the most part, the RT is controlling him. Finally got another pressure on an arc rush around the RT, however, the QB dropped ridiculously deep, so more that the RT let him go thinking he was well past the pocket. Not sure where it came from, but he had one rep where he looked shot out of a cannon on the snap, bent the edge right around the RT, and almost took the handoff instead of the RB. He hasn’t show that type of quickness or explosiveness all game. RT Edwards didn’t even know what to do he was by him so fast. He did it again, the RT was ready for it this time, but that first step might be legit. Starting to feel like he was ordered to play contain and that’s why he’s hardly rushed the passer or shown that explosion. Has largely been solid in that contain role as well, especially after the initial drive. Would say that he’s stacking the RT up and clogging the outside lane fairly consistently. Got a hit on the QB by just slowly working a bull rush through the RT. Split double team by RT and RG, helped stuff the run for a loss. Decent arc rush on the RT, slapped his hands down and bent the edge, quick pass so no pressure though. Bull rush on RT for a QB hit. Wisconsin has to throw down late in this game, Nelson has kind of been unleashed to pass rush more. Stack and shed on RT, tackle on RB for short gain. Does a good job defending against the cut block, two hands on back, leverage around it, good technique. Started off the game with a whimper, came out in the second half on fire and gave the RT Edwards more than he could handle. Intrigued because he showed flashes of athleticism that I didn’t think he had, specifically his first step burst and his ability to actually dip and bend the edge. It only showed up on a handful of plays, so that is confusing to a degree, curious about the subsequent tapes and if he shows more consistency. It’s possible he had things dialed down just to focus on the run, it is Wisconsin after all.

      Penn State (2018): Playing DE. Good rip move on the RT to disengage and propel himself by. Strong bull rush on the RT for a pressure, just ran him straight into the QB like he was pushing a wheel barrow. Nice pursuit down the field to tackle RB on a screen play. Didn’t mention that in the first game analysis, but he is definitely a high effort player. Able to work around the RT’s seal block and chase down the RB from back side pursuit for a minimal gain. He’s destroying this RT with power, just shoved him out of the way and put a lick on the QB. Split the double team by the RT and RG, powered through that gap while dragging both of them with him, still sacked the QB. Very disciplined with the read option so far, making sure the QB isn’t getting the edge. Put in a new RT, beat him with an outside swim. Not seeing any type of elite burst, he’s mostly just winning with power so far. Does look like a solid athlete for his size. Nice job falling off his arc rush and making a diving tackle on the QB as he started to scramble. Moved him inside to DT at the goal line, they do that at times, haven’t seen him be effective from inside yet. Swatted ball on arc rush. New RT is a big dude, all that bull rush stuff has grinded to a halt. Dropped back in zone, impacted the passing lane, forced a high throw. Beat the RT inside for a pressure, just shot the gap on the snap. Has decent long speed and runs well, chased the QB 40 yards down the field on a long TD scramble, didn’t lose ground during that time. Beat LT on arc rush, but unable to flatten out and go for the QB, not sure why not. Rip move on the original RT for a sack, they are alternating the RTs now, one he beats with athleticism, the other he beats with power. Swim move on RT to help stuff run. Getting a fair amount of double teams when they run his way, usually the OC and RG, Nelson has mostly done an admirable job of stacking the linemen up and gumming up the entire play. This was pretty good tape, steady and consistent, showed he can win with athleticism and power. The problem is that his power looks solid, not great, and his athleticism on this tape looked solid, not great. No flashes here, no burst, no dip and bend. Just blue collar lunch pail work. Looked up that big RT they put in to help against him, that SOB is 6’7, 355lbs. No wonder he couldn’t bull rush him. Thought he did a fine job playing contain and keeping the QB from getting outside on the read option. Two games now, hasn’t been beaten outside or lost contain yet.

      Mississippi State (2018): Playing DE. Probably another game where he’s going to have to focus on contain. Nice job on redirect, just hopping inside the RT and helping to stuff the run. That was too easy. Beat the RT on an arc rush, but didn’t dip, bend, or even flatten at the top of it. I guess the flashes he had in the Wisconsin game were the exception not the rule. Looks more like a guy that has trouble changing directions at top speed. Caught the RT lunging with a rip move that took him nose first into the ground, Nelson able to put a lick on the QB. Solid stack and shed on RT on 4th and 2, teammates let him down, should have had that stuffed. RT sealed him inside and they were able to run a sweep for a solid gain. He can run around this guy easily, but his power game is not working against him. Unblocked on a quick sweep to the RB, able to trip him up for a loss, guess they were hoping to catch him crashing inside. Decent effort chasing down the RB on inside draw, got him about ten yards down the field. Bull rush on RT for a pressure, would have been a sack but the RT grabbed him inside his jersey and got away with a massive hold. Bull rush on RT for another pressure, tried his best to reach over and swat that ball out of the QB’s hand. Continues to play a very strong contain, has made several plays where he forced the ball back inside. Turned him loose on a RB screen, able to jump up and tip the ball so that a teammate could pick it off. Tall guy, looks like he can jump pretty well on top of it. Had him stunt at the goal line all the way around the opposite DE, QB thought he had a gaping hole and then Nelson popped into it and smashed him. Next play he just powered through the RT and stuffed the QB on a designed run. I guess he has unilaterally decided MSU is not going to score. The very next play on 3rd down he stacked the pulling LG up in the backfield, clogged the lane, and his teammates made the tackle on the QB who had nowhere to go. That was total domination and forced a field goal. Stack and shed on RT, RB able to just skirt around him to the outside for a decent gain. Dropped him in zone coverage on final drive. Also put him in man coverage on the TE on final drive. He’s pretty fluid for a big guy in his drops. Big bull rush on final play to force QB to throw early and turn the ball over on downs to seal the game. No doubt about it, Nelson won this playoff game. If he was not in this game, they lose.

      Alright, so what is he. He is a strong side DE in the NFL for a 43 defense. He is going to be a force in the running game, very disciplined, does a good job attacking, stacking, and shedding big OTs and making plays on the ball carrier. He is a solid athlete, but he’s not going to be a pass rush sack guy, but he also doesn’t have to come off the field on 3rddown. Should be a 3 down DE. Even has enough athleticism to play as a 34 LB in the right type of scheme, pretty much where he’s essentially used as a DE. Good player, not flashy, just gets the job done.


      • Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
        With the 86th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

        the HOUSTON TEXANS select;


        Devin Singletary is the #237 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


        Oklahoma (2018): Playing shotgun only scheme. Flashing some power and hard running breaking a few tackles for a short gain. Whiffed on his cut block attempt in pass pro. Patient runner, good forward lean, runs low, speed and quickness seem to be missing though. A little surprised, not what I was expecting. Has a solid jump cut, can get some lateral distance with the move almost instantly. Still not seeing speed or quickness, but he does have good feet, balance, and cutting ability. Can and does make 90 degree cuts on a dime, excellent stop start ability. He’s pretty elusive without actually being athletically elusive just due to the range and degree that he can cut at full speed. Also continues to show a surprising amount of toughness, he runs hard, doesn’t go down easily. Unable to corral low throw on short wheel route. Lots of inside runs, he spins and tries to roll off blocks, just not having much success in this game. He’s used in pass pro, but it looks pretty bad, looks hesitant, blocks the outside guy instead of the inside guy, and when he does get in front of someone he’s just not that effective. Short curl route as outlet receiver for a decent gain. Off tackle run for 5 yard TD late in the blowout loss. Mostly lackluster tape, you can see he has some running talent as a patient, read and react style RB, similar to Kerryon Johnson, but I saw zero speed and quickness on this tape. The big concern I have right off the bat is if he can be effective going against superior athletes in the NFL. He was largely erased in this game.

        UCF (2018): Playing shotgun only scheme. Doing his read and react thing again, slow to the hole, very patient like Le’Veon Bell or Kerryon Johnson, but doesn’t flash speed or quickness. He does flash oodles of balance, agility, and vision. His lateral jump cut is outstanding, he can warp sideways and make people miss with that move consistently. 15 yard TD on inside counter, mostly just well blocked but he powered into the end zone at the end. Continues to show the fantastic jump cut and flashes an excellent spin move extensively. Also continues to run hard, he plows through quite a few tackle attempts, has no problem running low, dropping his shoulder, and just blasting through tacklers. Inside draw, jump cut to the hole, a second jump cut to avoid the LB, able to bounce outside for 10 yard TD. Looks like a rabbit when he chains those together. He’s a Barry Sanders style jitterbug with a nice mix of power thrown in. He doesn’t have Sanders’ quickness and speed, but he has that herky jerky agility and balance. Singletary’s speed looks very average, still waiting to see him get in the open field on a long run though. Lateral cutting ability might be the best in the draft, he’s a human joystick for sure, just seems to lack the ability to get up the field once he jukes people. Can’t wait to see the Combine testing for him, it’s going to be off the charts agility with tortoise speed, if that is even possible. Even the cone drills require run speed, he might struggle there too. There is no drill that really measures what he does exceptionally well, which is essentially lateral wiggle and cutting ability. Every run is the same, slow and methodical, lots of cuts or spins, and tries to power through every tackle attempt. He’s such a weird mix of running skills. Swing pass, short gain. Really needs to work in the middle of the field so that he can cut and use space, if you get him near the sideline, he’s really easy to just push out of bounds. Pass pro a little bit better in this game, has stepped up and picked up the blitzer a couple times. He’s functional in that role at least, though he’s mostly just a speed bump. He is molasses slow when forced to run laterally or trying to get the edge. Definitely does not have NFL speed. I’m not sure he’s draftable, he can win running inside with his agility, but he needs space and blocking to make his moves. 5 yard TD on inside run he bounced around the LT to walk in untouched. Overall, it’s ok tape. He’s fun to watch, but he’s a three yards and a cloud of dust guy, even though he gets those three yards hopping around like a rabbit half the time. If Barry Sanders came out of retirement right now at age 45 or whatever after eating doughnuts for a decade, this is kind of what I think that would look like.

        Louisiana Tech (2018): Playing shotgun only scheme. One of his highest yardage games of the season and it’s against mostly scrubs, the DE excluded. I think I know what this is going to look like, but let’s see. Off tackle run for 10 yard TD untouched, just patient at the line, let the hole develop, and he just waltzed into the end zone. Lateral agility and explosion with his jump cut is excellent, every game defenders struggle to understand that he can essentially warp sideways two or three yards at any time. He’s far more dangerous with that jump cut than any type of explosion or burst vertically up the field. Each time he has a big run it’s because of his jump cut, he also remains a tough tackle, besides his spin move which he uses all the time to roll out of tackles, he’s just tough and tries to fight for every inch, every run. They are just not asking Singletary to pass protect, lots of play action to him, but he’s not coming off the playaction and picking up defenders, he just kind of slows down and stops. Every other RB I’ve seen used like this in playaction doubles back and picks up pass rushers. Off tackle run Singletary was able to bounce outside with a nice cut and then into the open field for a 70 yard gain. The speed is not good, but it’s not awful. Instead of just blowing by everyone, he just wove through and jitterbugged around with his cuts until he was finally tackled at the ten yard line. I’ve been waiting on a long run since I started his tape, that looked 4.6 to me, which is actually a little faster than I thought he might be. But it’s still really slow for a RB his size. Despite all the gaudy stats, I’m not sure if this is an NFL caliber guy. I can’t think of a successful player to compare him to. Inside draw for 30 yards, just kept refusing to go down, bouncing and spinning off tacklers, his normal thing. 40 yard run on a sweep that he slammed his foot in the ground, hopped back sideways, reversed direction, and was able to run around the other end for the chunk gain. That’s how he wins, he can stop start and reverse direction at will, if he can get the defense flowing in one direction, he’ll cut back for huge gains. If he had any long speed at all, he’d house almost all of these runs. He’d also be a first round pick. I can’t really imagine anyone taking him before day 3, and I would not bat an eye if he went undrafted. He’s just a strange RB that wins despite being a tortoise. Not all of his cuts and hopping around works out, like Barry Sanders he’ll lose yardage at times trying to be creative. Unlike Sanders, Singletary shows a fair amount of raw power to just bull his way through tacklers. I have doubts that will work with NFL caliber talent, but it works at his level of collegiate competition just fine. Nice cut block on LB blitzing off the edge, flipped right on his head. This was good tape for the most part, had several big runs throughout the game.

        He creates yardage on his own with his cutting ability and jitterbug style, the problem is that he has to turn up field at some point and that’s when his lack of speed just limits what he can do. Wasn’t used much in the passing game at all, needs development there. For now, he’s a two down jitterbug with excellent cutting ability and balance, but a severe lack of size and speed. He was tough to bring down at the collegiate level, showed good power and ran hard. Not sure that will translate with NFL size and athleticism. While fun to watch, it’s tough for me to see him being successful at the NFL level. I think he’ll get swarmed and buried by NFL athletes.

        Note/Explanation: Sorry Nick! My likely streak of being wrong continues! Horrific Combine, even in the agility drills. He's a bit of a gamer, but I didn't think his schtick would work against NFL talent PRIOR to throwing up a dud on the athletic testing. Still, he has rare wiggle and balance, I think a good OC could make use of him and develop him further. If he can just become a good 3rd down back, he has some potential to be a nightmare in space. The lack of vertical speed really kills him though. Like I said in my notes, at some point he has to turn up the field against NFL caliber athletes, that's when it'll go tits up.
        Lol I had a feeling this type of analysis would come out for him. I agree he didn't test well at the combine, but his tape to me shows some undeniable skill and ability to thread the needle of a hole and make something happen with it. I think he also showed the ability to make guys miss. I just think his football speed is much better than his track speed or his 40 time. Here's to hoping that NFL GM's feel the same way!


        • Nelson was the other guy I liked at my pick..darn


          • With the 90th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

            the DALLAS COWBOYS select;


            Josh Oliver is the #70 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


            Hawaii (2018): Playing slot, hback, inline, wide. Wanted a better opponent, but SJSU is not a popular team to record and post online. Running a lot of crossing routes from inline early, not getting any targets. Speed looks solid, but he’s not really getting open so far. Blocking down the field could use some better effort. Deep out route from slot, pretty much uncovered for chunk gain. Oliver has a well-built, athletic build and solid athleticism he’s a legit receiving TE. Called for holding on a screen, I thought he just legitimately pancaked the guy. Lined up out wide, out and up, got a step on the DB, jump ball throw, snagged, spun away from defender and raced up sideline for 70 yards before the safety pushed him out of bounds inside the five yard line. I liked everything about that, from the athletic catch to the speed down the sideline. For a 250+lb guy, this looks pretty good, he was hauling ass. Out route from inline near goal line, QB missed him. He kind of did the Gronk move where he rammed the safety on his break and knocked him over. Drag route for about ten yards, put a nice spin move on the safety to make him miss and pick up a few extra yards. Decent kick out block on safety on off tackle run. Kind of a wheel route into an out route from hback for about 15 yards, hung onto the ball after a tough hit. Seam route for 20 yard TD, leaping catch in traffic. Pretty impressive tape. Really nice fingertip hands catch on quick out route, his hands look all sorts of legit. Nice job getting out on the LB on off tackle run. Seam route from the slot for a chunk gain, kind of a 50/50 ball into double coverage, solid contested catch, strong hands. Caught a Go route bomb for a long gain, but was pushed while jumping in the air and just came down a few inches out of bounds. Couldn’t be more impressed with this guy on jump ball and contested catch situations. Doesn’t really move people when run blocking, but he squares them up and gives a good effort, definitely can wall them off for a few seconds. Almost never used in pass blocking due to being a primary receiving threat. Crappy team, but legit difference making prospect as a receiver at TE.

            Colorado State (2018): Playing slot, hback, inline, wide. Hback, pulled across and put a solid block on the ILB. Slot, off man, inside crossing route, QB went elsewhere. Dude is rocked up and pretty fast. Whiffed on his block on DB from slot, guy kind of just blitzed past, and I don’t think Oliver was expecting that. Slot, zone bracket coverage, intermediate slant, superb full extension stab for a 20 yard gain. He looks much closer to a WR like a David Boston type than a TE. Has been doubled teamed almost every snap, one guy over the top, one guy underneath. Slot, bracket coverage, inside slant, literally four defenders drifted to him, ball almost picked off on errant throw. CSU has decided Oliver is not getting the ball. Inline, off tackle run, tried to drive block the DE, actually moved him back for a second, and then the DE literally threw Oliver backwards into the RB for the tackle and a loss on the play. That was a wow play by the DE Jones. Went for it on 4th and 4, Oliver in the slot, zone coverage, and CSU blew the coverage, Oliver was side open for the TD in the middle of the field and the QB never saw him, threw it elsewhere in complete. Oliver is really running some pretty impressive routes for a TE, he’s fairly quick out of his break, he just looks smooth and natural like a WR. With how bad he is as an inline TE blocking, I think you have to actually look at him as a giant slot WR. Hback, did his job picking up backside rusher on inside draw. Inline, zone, intermediate crossing route, 20 yard gain on a contested catch. Solid snag on the play too, ball was high and behind him, he caught it without breaking stride. Appears to have WR caliber hands as well. Slot, zone, intermediate slant, bracket coverage again, this time the underneath CB got away with PI and face guarding. Superb kickout block on the DE from hback, sealed him outside and RB went right by through the hole. Inline, perfect outside seal block on the DE on 4th and 1, got right in position and walled him off from the hole. Alright Oliver, I see you, being all blocky and stuff. Maybe you got some real TE in you after all. Rock solid job at hback picking up DE on edge rush. Tried to set up TE screen, too much pressure. Had the one bad rep where the DE rag dolled him, but actually won more inline reps against the DE than he lost. Thought he looked good at hback the entire game blocking as well. As the receiving TE, he was bracketed and smothered most of the game, when he did get open, the QB had appeared to just stop even looking his way. Still seems like more of a big slot WR than a complete inline TE at times, but at other times you can see the developmental TE potential. This is a really good prospect.

            Utah State (2018): Playing slot, hback, inline, wide. Looks like a big muscled up WR. Has some speed and leaping ability. This guy might be legit as a receiving weapon. Tried to hit him on an arrow route in motion from the slot, bad throw. Brought him in motion from slot, whiffed on his block on the safety coming off the edge. Lead block from hback on inside run, not really a great blocker, but he will ram into people. Lined up inline, kind of gave a cheap shot on the DE. Needs to work on taking better angles when blocking, which they ask him to do from hback a fair amount so far. Ran a pretty lazy out route that was almost picked off, not sure what that effort was about. Literally quadruple covered on a fade route in the end zone from inline, QB threw it over his head out of bounds. Inside run, got out on the ILB to try and seal him off. Runs a lot of deep posts, seams, and crossing routes. They use him down the field quite a bit. Nice job coming in motion and dong a crack back on the DE to seal the edge for a sweep. Lined him up out wide and hit him with a nice back shoulder throw and catch down the sideline for a chunk gain. Missed lead block on a safety on sweep, run got stuffed. He’s willing to block, he just takes bad angles too often. Inline, no push on the DE on inside run. Lunged and whiffed trying to block DE on arc rush from inline. He’s definitely a crappy blocker. He is pretty solid blocking down the field at least. Garbage time now in this blow out, ran a nice corner route but the QB overthrew him out of bounds. The QB has been awful today. Pretty athletic reach back hands catch on a deep seam route for a chunk gain from the slot. Back shoulder throw into tight double coverage in the end zone for what could have been a TD, but the safety tomahawk’d it out. They sat him late as Utah State was literally destroying people on the offense, think they killed two QBs.

            He looks legit as a pass first TE or slot option, speed and athleticism look solid. He’s a willing blocker, but he needs a lot of work. You draft him to play in the slot though, he’s essentially a hulked up WR. Athletic testing will determine just how high he goes.


            • oliver? never heard of him. I love the o m draft it makes me research all these guys.


              • MED snaking my 4th round pick, dammit.
                Oh well.
                Back to the mocking board.


                • Originally posted by ludo21 View Post
                  oliver? never heard of him. I love the o m draft it makes me research all these guys.
                  Oliver? Never met her! Hahahahaha ok I'm going to make my pick now.


                  • Oliver is legit, looks like an Adonis, ripped up like David Boston but can actually play inline at times, though he needs a lot of work. Denver brought him in for a visit. Get to know him, we want him on this team, but he's a dynamic receiving TE with inline growth potential, Zach Ertz type, which would likely mean Butt would be gone in the numbers crunch.


                    • Im all for getting a TE in this class and making one of our fingerless or injury prone TE's hit the road


                      • Pick is in. I've been flirting with the idea of an out of left field pick, but decided to go with Saunders and his rising hype at a position of need for the Chargers. Curious to see where my other target goes, info on him is very mixed.


                        • Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
                          Oliver is legit, looks like an Adonis, ripped up like David Boston but can actually play inline at times, though he needs a lot of work. Denver brought him in for a visit. Get to know him, we want him on this team, but he's a dynamic receiving TE with inline growth potential, Zach Ertz type, which would likely mean Butt would be gone in the numbers crunch.
                          He would be awesome for DEN in this round. Talented pass catching TE. And yes, I see Butt gone unfortunately. I just don’t think he’s able to do it with his bad knee. Sucks cause I love the guy. Fumagalli has a ton of upside and obviously IRman isn’t going anywhere this year.


                          • ahh khalen! Really good DL class this year


                            • With the 91st overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                              the LA CHARGERS select;

                              DT KHALEN SAUNDERS, WESTERN ILLINOIS

                              Khalen Saunders is the #123 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board

                              DT KHALEN SAUNDERS WESTERN ILLINOIS

                              North Dakota State (2018): Playing NT in a 34 defense. Able to stack and push back the OC, helped stuff RB on inside run. Stacked up the RG, fell off the block to help make diving tackle on RB on inside run. Can move a little bit for a squatty round guy. Physically looks like Poona Ford. Blew up the LG, just shoved him backwards and then sacked the QB. Stacked up the LG on inside run, RB bottled up and tackled for minimal gain. Saunders looking like a legit NT force so far in this game. Oh my. Lined him up at RDE, stab step outside, inside swim to beat the LT and big sack on the QB. That was hilariously awesome, guarantee NFLN is showing that during the draft when he gets picked. I can’t believe the LT was worried about him on an arc rush and allowed that to happen. Can’t overreact to one play, it was good, but Elijah Qualls was a big round NT that used to do stuff like that all the time and he went in the 7th Round and has made no impact. Double team by RG and RT moved him a little bit on inside run game. Double team by OC and LG able to move him out of inside lane. Down blocked by both TEs on offtackle run, able to wall him inside. Stack and shed on OC, stuffed inside run for no gain. Stacked off OC, read off tackle run, showed off a little lateral chase ability and helped tackle RB after short gain. Flashes a legitimately good spin move, quick and fluid, kind of shocking really. Stacked up the OC, helped clog off tackle hole, minimal gain. Chased RB on off tackle run down the field for 20 yards, actually can run and carries his weight fairly well. It is a lot of weight. Strong rip move that sends the OC flying when he uses it. Stack and shed on OC again, stuffed RB for no gain. Has thoroughly dominated the NDSU OC the entire game. That dude is ready for this to be over. Stacked up the OC and shoved him into the hole, teammates cleaned up the RB for no gain. RG tried to down block, Saunders clubbed him to the ground, and made tackle on RB for no gain. Put him at DE, swing pass to RB, Saunders chased after him down field for 20 yards again. Saunders has surprising endurance for a big guy, not getting tired, gives good effort consistently. Haven’t seen him lean on a blocker or take a play off yet. Stacked up the entire OL on inside run, helped tackle RB for minimal gain. I think every single person on that OL surrounded him and tried to drive him off his spot, he did not move. Left him unblocked, showed a little burst getting on the QB before he could get the screen play off. OC able to pull and seal him off inside on 10 yard off tackle run for TD. This was good tape, Saunders is an immovable NT, but also has endurance and some degree of athleticism to penetrate and chase plays from time to time. Curious as to his measurements because he looks really short and squatty.

                              Looks like a legitimate 34 NT prospect to me due to his ability to stand up against double teams and not give much ground, but might appeal to 43 teams looking for a NT as well if he tests well enough.

                              Note/Explanation: On the FCS guys with limited tape, mostly just looking at All-Star reports, Combine/Pro Day measurables and comparing them with similar FCS guys from the past and where they were drafted. Saunders at least had the one quality tape against ND State, though the OL for ND State is not ideal. Senior Bowl reports were very positive though, and he had a great Combine. He's not that unlike Bilal Nichols who went early in the 5th last draft, I like Saunders on that ND Tape a little bit more and then the SB Reports should make him more enticing than Nichols as well.


                              • I was all over the place for this pick man, I had this one prospect that I've been hyped to pick for days, then this morning talked myself into an OT, then bounced back and forth between the OT and Saunders, then almost went back to my initial pick at the last second, then asked myself "which one can do a backflip?" This is what happens when I don't have two months of spreadsheet prep time.