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  • Terry McLaurin is a great pick -- can't-miss WR prospect, IMO, does everything well.


    • Will pick soon.


      • With the 78th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

        the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS take out a fourth mortgage to move up and select;


        Jaquon Johnson is the #227 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


        LSU (2018): Playing a mix of mostly cover two with some single high, spent a lot of time up in the box as well. Single high, swing pass to RB in the flat, Johnson came charging up and delivered a solid hit after a short gain. Walked up to LB depth, came around the line unblocked on backside pursuit, able to help tackle RB for minimal gain. Off man on slot WR, got dusted pretty good on an inside slant, QB scrambled on the play. Walked up and blitzed from LB depth, picked up easily by RB. Blitz off edge, inside draw, RB Brosette with long TD run, Johnson was giving chase for 40 yards, appeared to be losing ground to Brosette on the spring to the end zone. He doesn’t look slow, but speed looks very average. WR screen, charged up with nice wrap up tackle for the stop. Blitz from LB depth on 3rd and long, TE chopped him down. Solid clean up tackle on RB on inside draw to limit big play. Smashed by the slot WR on a block on off tackle run, knocked him off balance just enough for RB to get by and pick up the first down. Blitz off edge, able to wrap up RB for no gain from backside pursuit. Charged up on RB sweep, RT essentially caught him and walked him back ten yards, still able to eventually fall off and make the tackle down the field. Effort always good. Big hit coming up from single high on inside slant. Knows when to wrap up and when to shoulder blast, or at least has made good judgment calls so far. TD saving clean up tackle on long run by RB, took a good angle and pushed him out of bounds. Tried to sneak out a FB fade near the goal line, Johnson all over that, QB threw it away. Cover two, out route, solid job coming up and wrapping up WR after ten yard gain. Mostly solid tape, didn’t really stand out, made the vast majority of the routine plays, pretty polished safety. Definitely have some questions about size and speed after a couple of those reps. Would say he was mostly a strong safety in this game, was more or less expecting a ball hawking free safety for whatever reason, so that was different.

        FSU (2018): Playing cover two and single high. Came flying up from deep safety position on out route to make the tackle for minimal gain. He started off the LSU game in the same way. Got pancaked by the OG deep down the field on a screen, but as he was on the ground able to reach up and grab the TEs leg and help on the tackle. That’s an accurate representation of the effort Johnson brings. Huge hit on the RB on inside run, knocked him flat. Up at LB depth, off tackle run, solid wrap up tackle on RB for short gain. Single high, came up to make wrap up tackle on WR on dig route to limit the gain. Continues to do a nice job against the run, reads an reacts quickly and has taken good angles and made good tackles every chance so far. Walked up to edge of line on 3rd and short, RB with a jump cut to his side, came barreling at him and Johnson stuffed him short to force a punt. Off man in the slot, inside curl, able to make tackle after 10 yards. He’s much better playing the run than the pass, I’m not seeing the quickness and twitch ability to stick with receivers on their routes. Slot, off man, Go route, WR smoked him by three steps, ball overthrown out of bounds, should have been a TD. Johnson is much faster going forward than when in vertical chase. You don’t want him in man coverage, ever. Another quality clean up tackle on inside run, so far through two games, about as dependable as it gets in the tackling department. Huge hit on WR on crossing route, came right in front of him, QB threw the medicine ball and Johnson laid him out. Actually had the INT easily on that play, ball went right to him, but went through his hands as he charged up to make the hit. I’ll give him a pass on that since he was coming up to lay the wood, but you want your single high safety to make that INT when it presents itself. And yet another solid clean up tackle on the RB on inside run ten yards down the field. Appears to be the defensive captain, keeps lining people up and moving them pre-formation. So, he’s definitely a liability in coverage, even in zone, he’s either going to give too much cushion or when the WR actually gets to his depth, he’ll run by him. Single high is not going to happen, he has no lateral range. Can’t play in the slot at all due to athletic limitations. So, that leaves you with a fundamentally sound, high effort, blue collar tackle oriented guy in a pass first league. His only chance is a cover two or three zone scheme, and even then I don’t like the fit. As a run defending safety, he’s excellent, he just is small, slow, and has no versatility to really play in the pass game.

        Wisconsin (2018); Playing cover two. Decent job coming up from deep safety to make tackle on RB on inside draw, almost missed that one, but got enough of the foot for the RB to slip down. Single high, intermediate slant, misjudged the WRs speed with his angle, fell down trying to pivot and chase after WR, WR ran right by him for a 30 yard TD. That’s Johnson in coverage in a nutshell, he can’t do it. Charged up from single high on RB on inside run, RB cut it outside a little bit and Johnson wasn’t able to adjust his angle, at that point he had to chase RB Taylor vertically and Taylor is faster than Johnson. When Johnson bursts forward, he looks to have at least average speed, but it’s clear he does not, this is not a good athlete for the position. Cover two, QB under heavy pressure and tried to just throw the ball away, Johnson with a nice diving catch at the sideline for the INT. That was a nice heads up play and showed good hands. Solid clean up tackle on RB on sweep, able to push him out of bounds after a 10 yard gain. Cover two, slot WR with a dig route on 3rd and 5, Johnson able to put a big hit on him but after he converted the first down. Inside FB draw, solid job coming up and wrapping him to stop him prior to the first down and force a punt. Love Johnson in the run game, as dependable as they come. Continues to make routine wrap up tackles to clean up the RB on inside runs. Another clean up tackle on the RB, this time at the sideline to avoid a huge play. Excellent wrap up tackle in space on the TE on middle screen after a 10 yard gain. Came up on off tackle run, pretty much a dead race between RB Taylor and him and the RB absolutely smoked him. Taylor doesn’t strike me as all that fast, the other DB had no problem chasing him down. Inside draw at the five yard line, Johnson flew up with the wrap up tackle for minimal gain. Up at LB depth, hard hit on RB on inside draw for the tackle. Tape was representative of how he plays, great against the run for the most part, bad in pass defense for the most part. Combine measurements are going to be key because he looks molasses slow, not just in speed, but in his ability to pivot and change directions as well.

        Overall, Johnson is a very dependable tackle oriented safety, best used in the box to take advantage of his strengths. His lack of size probably makes that not realistic. He’s going to struggle to take angles and make tackles on NFL caliber speed backs, but should do fine against bigger power backs. In coverage, he can’t cover in man at all, gets roasted every time, has to be zone where he can charge up on the play. Problem there is that the WRs catch it in front of him and if there is any cushion, and there will be, they will just race right around him. He’s very limited in what he can do well in coverage.

        Note/Explanation: A thousand apologies Carmelo, I hope I'm wrong about his draft prospects. He was an excellent college player, but with his smaller stature and athletic limitations, I'm not sure what you do with him. I'd feel good about playing him in the box, but not sure NFL teams will due to his size. Generally his combination of size and speed doesn't get drafted, though Armani Watts kind of broke that mold a little bit last year in the 4th round. I think Johnson is good enough to get drafted, but the historical odds lean the other way. Just the reasons why I have him where I do. As a player at Miami, he was very good, no disagreement there at all.


        • With the 81st overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

          the MINNESOTA VIKINGS select;


          Andy Isabella is the #89 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


          Boston College (2018); Playing slot and outside WR. End around for 15 yards, good speed, looks muscular for a smaller guy, runs hard, not afraid. Slot, off man, drag route, 5 yard gain, tackled immediately. Lined up outside, off man, gave the CB an inside deke and then shot up the sideline on a Go route, solid over the shoulder catch, finished the play hard, did not go out of bounds. This is my type of smaller WR. Decent job turning and blocking the CB on off tackle run. Slot, off man, intermediate out route, wide open for a long period of time, QB really late with throwing him the ball, made him make a tip toe snag on the sideline. Legit NFL catch though. Outside WR, Go route, double coverage, 50/50 ball, looked like it went through his hands for the INT. Slot, off man, drag route over the middle for 15 yards, just really quick and slippery in his routes, tough guy to stick with laterally. Slot, off man, inside slant, able to roll off the tackle attempt by the DB and then race down the field for 30 yards. Did not play in the 4th quarter in this blowout loss. Tape was fine, athleticism looks good, fast and slippery, unsure about his hands, at least on deep balls, but he caught 100+ balls so not expecting that to be an issue. Plays on a bad team with average at best QBs, was open a fair amount in this game and just didn’t see the ball.

          USF (2018): Playing slot and outside WR. Lined up wide, bubble screen, able to work through tackle attempt and pick up about 10 yards. Gives legitimate effort blocking in run game, effectiveness going to be limited though. Really quick release off the line, gets up to top speed almost right away. Some type of intermediate route (Broadcast was showing a graphic on snap, no replay), made several DBs miss after the catch, very slippery, result was a 30 yard gain. Jet sweep, short gain, just too many defenders up near the line. Lined up outside, press man, able to fight through the jam and get an outside release up the sideline, CB stayed right with him, Isabella fell down near catch point and CB picked off the pass. I’m not sure I like him deep in contested situations, hasn’t worked out well in either of these games so far. Slot, press man, inside slant, didn’t get the ball here but he was open. Gives the DB a lot of shake n bake off the snap, wiggles, stutter steps, head bobs, shoulder fakes, the hole nine yards, very animated route runner. Zone, slot, drag route, 10 yard gain. Scramble drill, comeback route, 10 yard gain, took a big shot on the catch, popped up no problem. Slot, off man, short dig route, 5 yard gain. Outside, zone, quick out route for 10 yards. Nobody is going to be able to cover him, he’s another Wes Welker. Outside, zone, curl route, 10 yard gain. Showing off some nice hands catches, but generally always facing the QB on relatively short routes. Not much help blocking in the run game. Isabella is getting open deep at times, QB not throwing to him, and I mean wide open, sure TD open deep. Outside, zone, curl route to convert a 3rd and 10. Isabella does a superb job of running his routes to the exact yardage needed to convert a first down. Outside, zone, out route, 20 yard gain. USF is up big, I think they are just going to let him make some plays underneath at this point. Outside WR bubble screen for short gain. Slot, press man, corner fade, CB with tight coverage and ball overthrown. That’s the route I want to see him catch a pass on, that and some deep bombs, anything that requires him to catch it over his shoulder. Here we go. Slot, press man, no jam, Go route up the seam where he ran past the CB and the safety before slowing down to haul in the slightly underthrown bomb, then he powered through the tackle attempt before finally spinning into the end zone for a 60 yard score. I liked everything about that. Now I want to see it repeated. WR screen, able to make fist defender miss, plowed ahead for 10 yards. He never goes out of bounds, never tries to avoid contact, tough little guy. Pretty good tape, lots of routes, lots of catches, always tough. He’s borderline uncoverable on the short possession routes from the slot, hands are solid on those routes, very intrigued if he can be used as a deep threat, would add a huge element to his game and make him more valuable.

          Georgia (2018); Playing slot and outside WR. Trying to get the ball to him early on short routes, DL keeps batting them down. Hitch route from outside for 10 yards. Trying to block in the run game, just can’t hold his blocks for any length of time. Jet sweep for ten yards, speed looks good against SEC athletes. Jet sweep the other direction for five yards, took a big hit on the tackle. Off man, intermediate slant from the slot, 10 yard gain. Bubble screen outside, tackled for minimal gain. Dump off to Isabella on the side for short gain. Isabella is getting open at times up the field but the Georgia pass rush is not allowing the QB to hold the ball at all. Slot, inside slant, zone coverage, tackled after short gain. Zone, out route from slot, 5 yard gain. Georgia is tackling him immediately on the short routes, Isabella having no opportunity to make people miss. Off man coverage, dig route from slot, 10 yard gain on 4th and 1. Off man, dig route from slot, 5 yard gain. Georgia blowing them out, once the backup DL gets in, maybe see some downfield plays. Stat line for this game for Isabella was massive, must all happen late. Slot, 15 yard out route, nice sliding catch on sideline. Zone coverage, intermediate inside slant directly into two DBs just waiting for him, Isabella not afraid, 15 yard gain. Outside, press man, beat the jam with a swim move, out route for 20 yards. 80 yard TD on flea flicker, Georgia defense got snookered, Isabella wide open deep, just ran by everyone. Ball underthrown, had to wait on it, spun away from first tackler, ran away from the second, powered through the last guy for the TD. Love his effort, that shows up on every tape, he’s little but he doesn’t play little. Lined up outside, off man coverage, slant inside into a deep corner route, blew past all the coverage, over the shoulder reception for a 50 yard TD. This was good tape. He mostly lit up the Georgia backups, but that was only because the Georgia DL wouldn’t allow the QB any time to throw deep earlier in the game, everything had to be short or he was sacked.

          Overall, he’s your typical Patriots WR. If you’ve seen Welker or Edelman, this is the next coming of that guy. Tough, good hands, good speed, uncoverable on short and intermediate routes. The kicker is that unlike those two guys with 4.5-4.6 speed, Isabella has 4.3 speed and can be a legit weapon deep as well. He’s metaphorically Welker on crack. If the Pats want him, they are going to have to draft him on Day 2, which is not their normal M.O.


          • Bowlen had to go to bed, but PM'd me his pick, once Champ goes, I'll make Bowlen's pick, and then Seattle will be on the clock, so get ready Seattle!!!


            • With the 82nd overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

              the TENNESSEE TITANS select;


              Zach Allen is the #105 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


              Miami (2018): Playing DE. Starting the game at RDE in a 43 defense. First snap, they didn’t block him, he crashed down and tackled the RB for a short gain on inside run. Took on the OC and LG double team, stacked both of them, disengaged and helped on tackle. QB hit from 5 tech in 34 alignment, just shot the inside gap of the RT along with an inside swim, got right by him. Active with his hands, does a two handed chop to knock down the OT’s hands. Does a really nice job in the run game and with contain. Miami keeps not blocking him, and he keeps crashing down and stuffing the RB on inside runs. Whatever that blocking scheme is, it sucks. The pass rush is a different story, he has enough juice to run the arc, but he’s on the slower side of the acceptable spectrum. Every arc rush is one speed and he tries to power through the outer shoulder of the OT. Plays with good effort and hustle, will make tackles down the field. RG blocked down, they asked the RT to reach block him from 5 Tech, so he was already a little more inside, and the RG had no chance, Allen sliced through the vacant RG gap and almost made a safety on the RB. Tried to shoot that same gap the next play, this time the RG caught him and angle blocked him out of the hole. Stack and shed on LT, fell off underneath to tackle RB for minimal gain, looked like he stopped him short on 3rd down but refs gave them the 1st. QB pressure with his power arc rush against the LT, he’s really nowhere close to actually getting to the QB, but he spooked him and he scrambled. Straight bull rush on the LT for a pressure, ran him right back into the QB. Big hit on the QB, just ran around the LT, guy kind of got caught lunging at him and Allen side shuffled and went right around him. Nice stack and shed on LG, just missed the wrap up tackle on the RB. Heads up guy, does a nice job impacting throwing lanes, appears to jump well. Pancaked by LG on drive block on short yardage, just drove him back and took Allen down. Sack on QB, just went right around the RT this time, same thing as the LT though, dude put his head down and lunged at Allen, Allen avoided it and went right around him. I have no idea what these OTs are doing with their blocking technique. Solid rip move he uses at times when shedding blocks, pretty violent. QB pressure, just beat the RT around the arc again. Most of the time it doesn’t look like he has the right angle to actually get to the QB, but this QB spooks easily. Strong punch on LG at goal line, jolted him to a stop, then Allen went right on by and stuffed the run for a loss. Really nice play, has powerful hands and punch. Stack and shed on the TE to stuff the run on the next play. Had two sacks on arc rushes in this game, I don’t feel like that is really the type of athlete he is. He could easily get two sacks with some of his inside pass rush moves and power though. He seems pretty far developed, has plenty of moves, uses good technique, tries to disrupt passing lanes. Strong Side DE in a 43 or a 5 Tech in a 34 defense. Played both of those positions a fair amount this game.

              Clemson (2018): Playing DE. Starting the game at RDE in 43 defense. Shows good discipline playing the read option, gets in the middle, forces the QB back inside. Does some closed fist punching on the OTs wrists to try and get his hands off him. Offsides penalty on his own sack, he got an early start, the interesting thing about that non-play is that he showed he could flatten at the top of his arc rush. Beat the RT on a speed arc rush, flattened out at the top and was about to lambaste the QB and then tackle yanked him back by grabbing his arm for the flag. He has more pass rush potential than I thought, I wasn’t even sure he could flatten due to hip tightness. RT and TE double team is able to drive him off the line. Crashed inside on read option, QB kept it and went outside, DB came up and saved him, he lost contain on that play. Beat LT Hyatt with an outside in move, wasn’t that great, but something he rarely does, think it caught the LT by surprise, Allen just juked outside and then crossed his face to hit the QB. Stack and shed on RG and OC to minimalize inside run, did a nice job against that double team. Outside in move to beat the RT, I mean, it looked pretty good, was quick and he uses a swim with it. Think it’s time to maybe take him serious as a sack threat. Read an outside sweep, immediately darted toward the sideline and up the field to get depth, met the pulling OT and forced the RB back inside, then he shed the OT and worked down to the RB and helped on the tackle. That’s perfect outside contain play, no way was that RB getting around him, and not only that, he then worked down and made the tackle. Beat the RG by shooting the inside A gap, able to stuff the run. Beat the RT for a QB hit, this time did an inside out move, got him off balance shifting inside and then just looped right around him and into the QB. Starting to really be impressed by him. He is not fast like most edge rushers, but he has some quickness off the snap, good strength, and enough speed and athleticism to be a legit sack threat on the edge. He’s also pretty refined with his pass rush moves and hand usage. There’s not a lot left to teach him, so that can be viewed as good or bad. He’s probably near the max of his potential, but he should be plug and play Day 1. Able to put pressure on the QB at the end of the first half on a three man rush by beating the RT off the snap and then slicing under the TE ‘s double team. Nice job against the RB screen, jumped up and swatted the ball back to the QB, who caught it, and then then Allen tackled him for a big loss. Beat the RT for a QB pressure, bull rush that he broke off midway and cut underneath the RT, QB saw him and scrambled the other way, Allen is not fast enough to chase him down. Beat RT on speed rush off the snap for a QB pressure, almost swatted the ball down again. This was really good tape against a top offense, he’s definitely more than just a run stopping DE. Thought this game alone might be the selling point on why he should be a 3 down DE in a 43 defense at power end.

              FSU (2018): Playing DE. Starting the game at LDE in a 43 defense. Flashed an outside swim move to get around the LT on running play, ball went the other way though. Always trying to swat passes and interrupt passing lanes, will make the QB pull it down and take sacks from other defenders. Smoked the RT around the arc on a speed rush for a QB hit. Every game I watch him, I think he might be a little bit better athlete than I thought prior to that game. Sliced inside the RT, ran down the line, and stuffed the RB for a loss trying to go off tackle the other direction. Bull rush on RT for a pressure, redirected off the block and tried to sack QB as he scrambled forward but unable to make diving tackle. Stack and shed on RG to limit running play. Has almost zero sudden change of direction ability, ran a reverse right by him while he was chasing the RB and he couldn’t even begin to stop and pivot directions. Busted his hand in the 2nd quarter, really favoring it in the game. Overran a WR pass type play, actually did break down pretty quickly behind the guy and spun and raced back to get in on the tackle. That’s pretty solid for a big guy like he is. There’s definitely no elite athleticism here, but he seems to be a plus athlete in terms of quickness and speed. Just doesn’t have the athletic profile of the more dynamic pass rushing DEs. He’s clearly a Power End type with enough athleticism to contribute some sacks. And not the more sexy elite sack artist that might chip in a little in the run game. Beat the RT on a power arc rush, just ran right thought his outside shoulder for the QB sack, did a nice job trying to strip the ball as he sacked him. Followed that play up by leaping at the line and swatting down a pass. Outside swim on LT for a QB pressure, almost got another sack there. Almost had yet another sack, they tried to block him with the pulling LG, he side hopped him and raced after the QB, he just missed the tackle when he dove at him. Pretty dominating tape despite hurting his hand and dealing with quite a few double and even triple teams.

              My thoughts on him overall are that he’s a damn good player, very effective against the run and pass. Not an elite sack guy, but seems like he has enough quickness and moves where he can be a menace and get a handful. Going to make his money stopping the run and disrupting passing lanes.


              • Hey MUG I had a feeling you wouldn't have him graded high. But I'm not concerned about his measurables. He plays bigger than size and his game speed is faster than his track times. He may fall and make everyone pay for it similar to Desmond King. I'm very confident I this pick


                • We fell about 6 picks behind on the master list (including a 7-pick trade between Cleveland and KC), so I think I've got that updated now.) I've leave it up to JCM to minimize the Ohio State picks.


                  • Ahhh Isabella, he has to be their pick or something has gone terribly awry this year


                    • Originally posted by Old Dude View Post
                      We fell about 6 picks behind on the master list (including a 7-pick trade between Cleveland and KC), so I think I've got that updated now.) I've leave it up to JCM to minimize the Ohio State picks.
                      usually I MAXIMIZE THEM ;d

                      Also, Zach ALLEN!!! he was on my short list if he made it to round 4, great pick. Guy is Wolfe jr and will be a great pro along a DL


                      • With the 83rd overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                        the PITTSBURGH STEELERS select;

                        QB TYREE JACKSON, BUFFALO

                        Tyree Jackson is the #53 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board

                        QB TYREE JACKSON BUFFALO

                        Temple (2018): Playing shotgun only. Tall and somewhat lanky, kind of an Osweiler build. Has a bit of a windup, something to keep an eye on. Started off with a horrible throw, but has mostly looked pretty accurate since then. Has a big arm, throws a nice, accurate deep ball. Should have had a 50 yard TD on a seam route, all air, but the WR dropped it. Josh Allen type throw for a TD, nice slide in the pocket to avoid rush and just kind of flung it while moving to hit his receiver up the seam for an excellent 40 yard score. That’s an NFL throw all day that not every NFL QB makes. Tried to force the ball on a fade on the two point attempt, underthrown and picked off. INT off a back shoulder attempt on a Go route down the sideline, was 4th down and shortly before halftime, so he had to throw it, CB was just ready for it. First half mostly saw him be fairly accurate on short and intermediate routes, but he missed more than he should have for those type of throws. Accuracy on deep balls was generally good. Struggled with sideline routes for whatever reason. RPO keeper at the five down to the one, he’s not much of a threat to scramble. Great throw on deep crossing route while sliding to his left to avoid the rush and throwing back to the center of the field. That was a rocket and it was flawlessly placed. This is a lot like Josh Allen’s tape, just minus all of Allen’s athleticism. Most of the tape is ok at best and then he has a jaw dropping throw. Nice throw on ten yard out route, just rifled it in but the WR dropped it. Lots of drops, also a lot like Josh Allen’s tape. Nice backshoulder fade for a short TD, he rifled it in low and outside, only place the WR could get it. Nice throw for a chunk gain while scrambling away from rush, just drilled it in to his WR who had settled down in soft spot in zone coverage. Had some perfect throws on intermediate slant routes on the final drive to win the game, the last went for a 30 yard TD with the WR doing most of the work getting YAC. Pretty solid initial tape, athletic enough to move in the pocket, but not a threat to scramble. Has a strong arm. Accuracy is good in the middle of the field, hit or miss on the outside. Nice deep ball.

                        Rutgers (2018): Playing shotgun only. Didn’t note this in the first game, but he does a decent job of just throwing the ball away if nothing is there, not every QB understands that concept. Started this game off with a nice throw on inside slant that the WR promptly dropped. Next drive, another spot on throw on inside slant that the WR bobbles up in the air for an INT. This really reminds me of Josh Allen tape all over again. 50 yard TD, all air, on Go route up the far sideline, just dropped it right in the bucket. He might have the prettiest deep ball in this draft. Continues to be a little hit or miss on intermediate out routes. Nice playaction throw to the TE up the seam for a chunk gain, didn’t seem to windup as much on that one, ball still came out hard. Long bomb completion to his roll out side with WR coming on a deep cross, basically a scramble drill by the time he threw it after fleeing the rush. That was pretty, can’t compliment his NFL caliber arm enough, and his deep ball accuracy is simply excellent. Beautiful frozen rope on a busted coverage seam route for a long TD, he saw it and whistled that ball in there perfectly in stride to the WR. TD up the seam to the TE on another laser throw for about 15 yards. This is about as good as a QB can play in the first half, just all-world tape. Could have been better if the WRs weren’t dropping balls and half-assing routes as well. Threw a bomb 60 yards in the air midway through the 3rd quarter that the DB had to tackle the WR to keep him from catching for a long TD. Best deep ball thrower in the draft, bar none. First big wart of this tape, should have thrown a pick six on a quick stop route, the CB jumped it but just dropped it. Threw an INT on a deep Go route 50 50 ball, the WR just didn’t win at the jump point. Threw a ball midway through the 4th quarter while on a full lateral run 55 yards in the air to the sideline where the ball hit his WR in the face mask and he dropped it. Josh Allen throw. Buffalo largely just ran clock the entire second half after getting up big in the first half, this was Jackson’s best competition of 2019 and he absolutely aced this test.

                        Toledo (2018): Playing shotgun only. Three picks in this game, trying to get one where he struggled. Missed a deep corner route on his first throw, just high and wide at the sideline. Definitely his weak spot to a degree. After the Rutgers game, I’m not sure he has one. Continues to show good elusiveness in the pocket, slides and moves to avoid the rush easily. Continues to not be a threat to scramble whatsoever though. Pretty similar to Dwayne Haskins in this regard, there are more than a few similarities. Toledo playing a mix of man and zone, Jackson’s arm is too good for zone coverage, he’s just zipping it in before they can react. Nice comeback on the sideline for about 10 yards in tight man coverage, perfect throw. Tatooed on a blitz for a strip sack, might have counted as an INT because the ball was popped up and caught in the air. 50 yard bomb, all air, on deep seam route for a huge chunk gain, perfect throw. 50 yard laser beam for a TD on skinny post route in tight coverage, another perfect pass, and another Josh Allen caliber throw. He’s not as athletic as Josh Allen, but he’s almost certainly a more accurate passer with the same caliber of howitzer arm. Really excited about this guy. His stats are misleading because his WRs, outside #83, mostly suck and drop passes or refuse to make tough catches. #83, Anthony Johnson is legit though. If I’m an NFL GM, I try and get both these guys on the team, they have great chemistry already. Taking a few sacks in this game, specifically from the RT who is struggling badly. INT on a well thrown deep seam route into triple coverage, this wasn’t as bad as it looked, he actually had it complete to Johnson who beat his double team but the outside CB peeled off his WR, who was also going deep (poor play design) and snatched it away from Johnson. That was a good throw again though. So, Jackson got outside on a scramble and actually looked fairly fast in the open field, if he has some speed to him, that really puts the cherry on top. Nice touch on a deep corner route, floated it in perfectly, WR dropped it, coverage was really tight though. Nice throw on a slant that the WR bobbled up in the air straight into the arms of a DB for an INT. Not Jackson’s fault. Was Jackson’s fault on his next pass where he almost got picked off on an out route that the CB jumped. Just missed a 60 yard bomb for a TD by inches right before half, was a smidgen too far. Ok, scrambled up the middle again, he’s sneaky fast, long strides, eats up yardage quickly. He’s a threat if he wants to run. Great throw on a fade that should have been a 20 yard TD but the WR dropped it. Accuracy hasn’t been perfect, but has largely been on point this game. Great throw at full lateral sprint away from pass rush back across his body to the middle of the field on a rope for a chunk gain. That was athletic and most QBs don’t have the arm strength to pull that off. Flawless throw on intermediate slant that the WR took to the house for a long TD, rifled that one in between several defenders dropped back in zone. Missed an open WR on crossing route that should have been a TD, just bounced a bad pass. Haven’t been too many of those in this game. Josh Allen throw, the negative kind. Had some key designed runs late to ice the game and move the chains.

                        Looks like the total package at the QB position, has everything I want in a QB. Level of competition is a massive concern, but he was an absolute stud, was far more accurate than his stats suggest, and has incredible arm talent. I love him. Scared to put him as my #1 QB because he played absolutely nobody, but man, this all looked really good to me. If there is a God, maybe Jackson gets a late invite to an All Star game (He did and won MVP for his team). No idea how ready to start he is, but he mastered that Buffalo offense. Has all the physical talent in the world.


                        • With the 84th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                          the SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS trade up to select;

                          CB JOEJUAN WILLIAMS, VANDERBILT

                          Joejuan Williams is the #61 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board

                          CB JOEJUAN WILLIAMS VANDERBILT

                          Notre Dame (2018): Playing LCB. Charged up on RB sweep and absolutely blew up the pulling OG. You don’t see that too often from a CB. Off man, toss sweep, took the TE blocking him and shoved him into the RB for the tackle after a short gain. Dropped in deep zone, 15 yard comeback route on sideline, made tackle. Press man, superb coverage on dig route by the TE, QB pulled it down and scrambled. Press man, corner fade in end zone, Williams didn’t have bad position but decided to just tackle the WR for the PI. Off tackle run near goal line, able to charge up and help plug hole. Scramble drill at goal line on next play, decent job mirroring the TE and forcing the QB to throw elsewhere. Press man, no jam, Go route, tight coverage, QB went elsewhere. That was pretty impressive because he opened his hips and transitioned fluidly, stayed right with the WR, and didn’t need a jam to do so. Press man, decent jam, Go route, physical coverage against WR Boykin, QB badly underthrew ball, able to both pinch the WR to the sideline, actually forcing him to step out of bounds, and also contest the catch point, WR unable to hold on and make the catch. A lot going on there, but mostly good tough, physical coverage by Williams on what amounted to be a 50/50 jump ball. Solid job charging up on QB scramble to make wrap up tackle in space. WR screen, Williams flew up like a bat out of hell, completely whiffed on the tackle but destroyed the WR standing behind the guy with the ball. Was trying like hell, but unable to get off WR block on QB scramble for a TD. Press man, Go route, solid coverage, ball overthrown. Able to fall off WR’s block and make tackle on scrambling QB this time. Press man, corner fade, superb job pinching Boykin to the sideline again, once again forcing him to step out of bounds, and contesting the catch point so the ball fell incomplete. Pretty physical coverage down the field, but the refs are letting the big boys play. So far Williams is getting the better of him. Off tackle run, Williams able to help stuff the RB in the hole for minimal gain. Zone, quick out route right at him, WR able to make catch and Williams tackled him immediately. Press man, Go route, tight coverage on WR, ball a little underthrown, Williams looked back and swatted ball away. Flawless play. Zone, saw TE leak out on outlet route, able to charge over and knock him out of bound short of goal line. Bit hard on playaction at the goal line, TE snuck out on corner fade for 2 yard TD. That was Williams’ responsibility, he saw it, but it was too late. This was pretty good tape against a quality WR. He did not lose any of the reps. Mammoth sized CB that can actually cover, at least he can cover mammoth sized WRs. Want to see how he does against speed and quickness. He’s a plus in the run game as well.

                          Georgia (2018): Playing RCB. Press man, solid jam on WR Godwin, completely disrupted timing route and pass fell incomplete. Press man, no jam, backshoulder fade route that Williams covered perfectly and was able to swat the ball away. That’s two excellent reps to start this game. Press man, no jam, Godwin able to get a clean release inside, deep post route, eventually just got a step on Williams and QB threw a perfect ball for a 50 yard TD. WR was just a little bit faster on that play and the safety was not deep enough. Zone, nice job picking up slot WR on wheel route up sideline, QB had to throw it away. Press man, tried to jam WR Ridley, that didn’t work as Ridley hopped inside and then got 15 yards on intermediate dig route. Once Williams missed the jam, he was head over feet and had to circle around to begin to chase after Ridley. Off tackle run, Williams charged up and tackled RB in backfield for loss. He’s a stud against the run. Bubble screen out wide, Williams flew up and took the lead blocker back into the receiver to gum up the play. RB sweep, Williams able to beat WR block and stuff RB for short gain. Off man, come back route for 10 yards, body slam on WR for the tackle. Press man, corner fade, WR able to get inside position and high point the ball for the 10 yard TD. Tip of the hat to the WR on that score, incredible play. Press man, Go route, WR smoked Williams deep, had him by five steps but QB overthrew the pass. That’s kind of what I was worried about with Williams, he doesn’t have elite speed, so he’s going to need help over the top. Off tackle run, Williams able to clean it up well down the field. Offtackle run that went right by him, could not get off the WR’s block. Made a lot of tackles against the run late in this game with Georgia just running clock the entire 4th quarter. Tape was hit or miss, he’s not a bad player at all for what he does, which is basically play a physical press man or zone CB role. He’s good against big WRs and the run, but doesn’t have the speed to handle the burners. With safety help, he can stay at CB at the NFL level easily, but this is not a guy you want to stick on an island unless it’s against a bigger but slower WR. He’s fairly physical and has decent ball skills, if he has to transition to safety, he could do that, which raises his floor.

                          Mississippi (2018): Playing LCB. Press man, scramble drill, able to mirror WR Lodge around the field and contest the throw, ball overthrown and incomplete. Press man, stop and go route up the sideline, Williams not fooled and stayed in lockstep with WR Brown, QB went elsewhere. Off man, quick pass to WR in flat, Williams charged up and delivered a big hit for minimal gain. Press man, strong jam on WR Brown, could get off of it and into his corner fade route, QB took sack on play. Press man, inside slant, solid coverage, QB went elsewhere. Zone, able to peel off high man down to low out route and strip the ball away at catch point. Was a nice play. The entire first half of this game has been strong for Williams. Press man, strong jam, great coverage on inside slant, QB had to throw ball away. Strong tape now through three quarters, Ta’amu is actively avoiding him, good thing too because his coverage is on point this game. Off man, come back route, Williams able to swat away the pass. Great game continues. Off tackle run, Williams read it and crashed down instantly, probably saved an 80 yard TD because nobody else seemed prepared for that play. RB sweep, TE able to wall Williams off from the play. Press man, corner fade, nice twisting catch by Brown over Williams for 20 yards, Williams never looked back for the ball, something he usually does. Press man, hard jam, corner fade, absolutely flawless throw that was out of bounds that WR Lodge was able to make a ridiculous one handed stab on for a 10 yard TD over Williams. Once again, Williams did not look back for the ball, just tried to swipe through WR’s catch point, but I’m not sure there was anything he could have done on that play. Press man, jam which staggered the WR, QB was trying to go that way but had to pull off because WR struggled getting into his route. Press man, comeback route, Williams able to tackle WR for a loss on the play. Off man, comeback route, 10 yard gain, Williams tackled immediately. Press man, Go route, WR actually beat his jam inside and got a clean release, Williams showed some recovery speed and was able to highpoint the slightly underthrown pass in the endzone for the INT. Nice play. Zone, did a nice job reading the QB’s eyes and broke on the out route back behind him, diving to slap away the ball from the WR. Really nice play. Flashes good athleticism for his size. Press man, 50/50 ball for 20 yards up sideline, WR got away with a major push off to make the catch. Press man, back shoulder on quick arrow route, Williams able to dive and knock it down to win the game. That play was 4th and 6 in overtime. Wasn’t a perfect game, had some hiccups on some great catches by the WRs in the 4th quarter, but it was a strong game with that play in overtime being the cherry on top.

                          I think Williams can stick at CB in the NFL, plays a strong press man game and is decent in zone as well. Needs help with quicker, faster WRs, but can shut down the big WRs that teams have. Is strong against the run as well. Legit prospect to be excited about, gives a DC some matchup options. He’s fairly physical and has decent ball skills, if he has to transition to safety, he could do that, which raises his floor.
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                          • Great pick SoCal. He was my next CB on my board.


                            • I'm 4/4 with MUG, Scribe should just concede.

                              I like what we have added to the secondary with Gardner-Johnson at FS and Williams at CB.

                              I tried to move up to get Layne but Med wouldn't bite, then tried to move up for Mullen but it didn't work, Williams was the last of the three CBs I identified would be a good fit for us given his length, physicality and man cover skills in press as a boundary outside CB. I couldn't strike out so I had to move up from 88 to 84. Just couldn't take that risk after losing the others.


                              • Originally posted by SoCalBronco View Post
                                I'm 4/4 with MUG, Scribe should just concede.

                                I like what we have added to the secondary with Gardner-Johnson at FS and Williams at CB.

                                I tried to move up to get Layne but Med wouldn't bite, then tried to move up for Mullen but it didn't work, Williams was the last of the three CBs I identified would be a good fit for us given his length, physicality and man cover skills in press as a boundary outside CB. I couldn't strike out so I had to move up from 88 to 84. Just couldn't take that risk after losing the others.
                                Patience paid off. I wanted Mullen too but there’s just nothing we can do sometimes.
                                I woulda been PISSED if you were able to trade up one spot ahead of me like a savage and get him. Bunting made it easy to accept with Boss picking. I expected it.