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  • That was my highest remaining player. I know I have him ranked higher than he'll go in the NFL draft due to athleticism, but I love him.


    • He was the 3rd highest left on mine, superb pick Med.


      • I may have reached a bit on Cashman, but he's getting buzz recently and has a cool name. His arms and body might be smaller than you'd like but he does everything well and tested great. Giants need linebacker help and I'm a sucker for walk-on players.

        Still tilting a little since missing on McGary.


        • Originally posted by Shananahan View Post
          I may have reached a bit on Cashman, but he's getting buzz recently and has a cool name. His arms and body might be smaller than you'd like but he does everything well and tested great. Giants need linebacker help and I'm a sucker for walk-on players.

          Still tilting a little since missing on McGary.
          I don't think you reached on him. I am hoping he drops to the Broncos at 71 and I wouldn't be mad if we took him in the 2nd. I have him as ILB3 which means I like him over Mack Wilson and 46 overall on my big board. If we dont go ILB at #10 we have to find a way to take him. He will be a solid starter.


          • With the 63rd overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

            the NEW YORK GIANTS select;


            Blake Cashman is the #258 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


            Iowa (2018); Playing LB in base nickel defense, usually lined up inside. Several blitzes early on, one around the edge, the other inside, both blocked easily. Athleticism very average. Having some issues with the LG getting out and blocking him at the second level. Willing to take on lead blockers in the hole. Does a decent job flowing laterally with the running play before coming up and making the stop when the RB tries to turn up field. Balance looks ok, he sifts through a lot of bodies and generally doesn’t trip, so that’s a positive. Dropping him in zone coverage, he’ll make the tackle when the receiver catches the ball, but he offers little playmaking ability. The TEs are able to easily get open and haul in catches in his vicinity. LT has driven him off the ball numerous times with his run blocking. I’m still waiting on Cashman to really stand out in any way. First half was largely a dud. Solid read, react, and tackle on RB for short gain on off tackle run. Able to roll off the LT’s block and get to the edge to stuff RB on outside run for minimal gain. Driven wide and walled off by the TE on outside run. Solid read and react to burst through hole on inside run, missed the tackle on the RB though. TE Hockenson has owned his soul driving him off the ball and walling him out in the running game. Off man coverage against TE Fant near the goal line, inside slant, easy TD. Not even going to fault Cashman for that one. Blitz up middle, picked up by RB, able to power through the block for a QB pressure. Flashed decent awareness and chase speed tracking down the TE running free up the sideline, able to knock him out just short of the goal line. That looked decent in terms of speed, he might be a smidge above average , but the rest of the game he looked very average. Just not a quick guy, might have build up speed. Solid job blowing up the lead blocker on off tackle goal line run, teammates cleaned up the RB. Not all that impressive on this tape, had some moments. He definitely wasn’t bad. Might be a JAG. We’ll see.

            Ohio State (2018): Playing LB in base nickel defense, usually lined up inside, lined up in the slot a lot in this game. Absolutely trucked and steam rolled the RB on a blitz for a QB pressure. Solid read, react, and tackle on toss sweep for short gain. Blitz off edge, stonewalled by RT. Great read on a 4th and 2 play, saw the RB going wide on a sweep, charged out there and got in position, RB squared him up, Cashman squared up the RB, and the RB ran him over for the first down. Didn’t get it by much, but he got it. I feel like this is representative of Cashman. He’s close to being an NFL caliber LB, but when push comes to shove, he might fall a little short. Driven off the line and walled off by the pulling LG on outside run. Nice job reading inside draw, burst through the line and stuffed the play on 4th and 1. And now I’m back to thinking maybe Cashman is just good enough to be a LB at the NFL level. Whatever the cutoff line is, he hops back and forth over it. Off man coverage on WR in the slot, easy curl route for completion, but Cashman did tackle him immediately. This is the two minute drill before half. Solid open field tackle charging up on the scrambling QB. Twice in this game so far, Haskins has started to scramble outside the pocket and approach the line of scrimmage, Cashman sees him and starts to creep up and prepares to charge full speed. Haskins sees Cashman creeping up and he slows down and kind of pauses to think, you can literally see this happening on the field, as he does this the Minnesota defense catches up to him from behind and clobbers him. The first time he fumbled. All because Cashman scares him as he starts to scramble. Able to stack up the TE, string out the RB on a sweep, and then help tackle him for a five yard loss. Cashman getting a ton of zone drops in this game, Haskins has largely stayed away from him. At this point, I think Haskins is just terrified of Cashman’s face, he doesn’t even look in his direction. RB screen, nice job by Cashman charging up and making tackle for minimal gain. Whiffed on tackle on WR on crossing route, dude spun away from him for a chunk gain. Appeared to get confused by playaction, had the TE running a wheel route in his zone, peeled off for no reason and went inside before realizing the QB still had the ball and the TE was running free down the sideline. Able to at least chase him down and push him out of bounds. Pretty certain at this point that Cashman has plus straight line speed, a little bit of a slow starter, but not bad. I think he’s a solid athlete. Read, react, and stuff on RB on outside run. Nice job by Cashman, Haskins started to scramble, here he comes charging up again, this time Haskins just tries to throw the ball really quickly, Cashman jumps up and spikes it down. Had a handful of bad plays in this game, a couple good plays, and a lot of just doing his job. I thought this was much better than the Iowa tape, he made a difference and impacted this game. Nothing too fancy, just lunch pail type effort. Plays every single snap. Definitely draftable, now it's about how high. A lot depends on his speed, if he can actually run with NFL caliber TEs, he’ll move up my Day 3 board.

            Northwestern (2018): Playing LB in base nickel, usually lines up inside. A fair amount of MLB late in this game as well. Great job on 3rd down in zone coverage, WR came on crossing route, Cashman stood on the first down line, tackled the WR a yard short to force a punt. Great awareness and solid wrap up tackle. Read, react, stuff RB on inside run for short gain. Solid job reading jet sweep, able to shove down the TE, and help tackle play for minimal gain. Blitz up middle, RB missed block, able to chase down QB for the sack. Effective member of the ST unit. Think he’s definitely draftable at this point. Blitz up the middle, good burst, able to hit QB’s arm and force an incompletion. Read, react, stuffed QB on inside draw. Stacked up RG, able to work off the block and help tackle RB for short gain. Read, react, stuffed inside run 3rd down to force a punt. He has made a lot of routine tackles in the middle of the field, the guy makes a ton of tackles each game, not going to write notes on each one unless it stands out. I would say he’s very consistent at squaring up the ball carrier and wrapping up. Stack and shed on RG, stuffed RB on inside run for loss. Ran through the LG’s reach block attempt, stuffed RB on inside run for a loss. It’s late in this game, Northwestern is just running clock on inside runs, but Cashman is physically beating these O-linemen play after play. He’s essentially lined up as a MLB on all of these reps, and it looks pretty good. Had about five tackles for loss in the 4th quarter alone. Stat sheet says 2.5, that’s wrong, they must have said a lot of those just got back to the line.

            Anyway, so Cashman has grown on me each game. I started off on the fence because he’s not a dynamic LB, then I started to appreciate his versatility and consistency. The Ohio State tape was pretty impressive overall and he was excellent against NW as well. He’s in the Day 3 discussion for me, but a lot depends on his measurables. The biggest concern I have is if he can run with NFL caliber TEs and RBs. Iowa has some studs, but that tape was worrisome. I thought his best tape was when he lined up at ILB, he has some natural downhill skills as his instincts are solid and he can handle the OL to a modest degree. If he runs well, it really makes him more enticing and opens up SLB in a 43 defense and maybe a three down role inside in a 34. That 40 time might actually dictate whether he gets drafted at all. He’s a solid LB with good versatility. He’s not a dynamic LB or a difference maker though.

            Note/Explanation: Ranking is due to injury. Read he has had three separate shoulder operations on the same shoulder, all fairly recently, last year or two. That's going to be arthritic at best for sure, and could quickly lead to a whole host of other serious issues at worst. LB kind of needs his shoulder to be effective on a down to down basis, which would likely aggravate whatever is going on in there as well. Now, I error on the side of caution with off field and injury stuff because I don't want to draft a guy and have him go undrafted due to medical so I don't tank my score. If a team clears his shoulder, fresh off a strong Combine where he essentially was a workout warrior of sorts, combined with strong tape against Ohio State and Northwestern, and a relatively weak LB draft, I think I would have had him in the 4th round area, possibly fairly early. In reality, If deemed healthy, he probably goes earlier than that due to the NFL always drafting athletes extremely high. I feel like this is a little early no matter what, but who knows. As long as that shoulder is fine, he should be a dependable and versatile LB.


            • With the 64th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

              the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS select;


              Johnathan Abram is the #24 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


              Alabama (2018): Mostly lines up in the slot in off man or zone coverage, alternates and disguises which one. Also blitzes a fair amount from the off man deep slot position. Will also occasionally line up as a nickel LB inside at LB depth, though very seldom. Lined up in off man coverage on slot WR. Charged up on off tackle run from slot position, walled off by TE. Decent in lateral chase, no gauge on his speed yet, solid wrap up tackler. Biltz off edge, unblocked, able to track down the RB in backside pursuit to limit his gain on inside run. Lined up deep over the TE in the slot, dropped in a medium depth zone coverage, read the QB and tried to catch up to the TE on a corner route, close but unable to do so. Not sure if he got caught peeking and he didn’t have zone, or if he had zone and just made a nice awareness play to bail out and try to get on the TE deep. Either way, none of it worked effectively. TE with a long catch down to the one yard line. Decent man coverage on the slot WR on an outside wheel route, had to peel of that to chase down the TE on a screen play. Up at LB depth, quick pass to TE in the flat, tackled for short gain. Open field speed is ok, the Alabama QB is faster than he is though, so definitely want to see some speed times for Abram Blitz from deep slot, decent burst up field, pushed wide by the RB, but able to loop back around and get in on the coverage sack. Looks pretty solid covering the slot WRs on intermediate slant routes. Great physical coverage on corner route from slot, WR unable to get by him and into his route, pass incomplete. Beaten by outside WR on intermediate out route, mostly because Abram took a few steps towards the QB as he started to roll out thinking he might scramble. Blitz off the edge, looked legitimately quick with excellent burst, able to get right around the RB and helped sack the QB. That took less than two seconds. Knocked Tua out of the game. Off man over the TE out wide, read WR screen, charged up through the TE’s block and tackled WR for a loss. Walked up from slot to blitz off the corner, instant pressure, forced QB to throw it away. I feel pretty good about Abram’s speed and athleticism. Blitz off the edge on the next play, free QB hit and another incompletion. Abram wrecking the backup QB. That was a RB screen but Abram too quick for it to develop. Big hit on RB down the field to clean up a long run, had to come up from man coverage. Wrap up tackle head up on the RB down near the goal line in the hole on off tackle run. Looked a bit more of a coverage safety than run stuffer, but is very well rounded and can clearly do both. Impressed with his speed and blitzing ability, largely was unblocked, but was able to beat blockers at times as well.

              Mississippi (2018): Playing mostly off man coverage in the slot, lines up on the edge to blitz rarely. Blitz off edge, big hit on QB just after he threw the ball. Off man coverage on slot WR, Go route up the seam, Abram step for step and able to knock ball out at last second on a perfectly thrown deep ball by Ta’amu. Off man coverage, intermediate dig route by the TE, contested by Abram but caught for a nice gain. Coming up in run support, nice job side stepping cut block attempt by the TE. Off man coverage on TE in the slot, intermediate slant route, perfect tight coverage and able to knock ball away at catch point. Abram can cover. From his slot position, chased an end around all the way across the field and was able to cut off and solo tackle the WR in space for a loss. Good recognition, good open field tackle, excellent lateral chase speed. Off man on the TE in the slot, inside slant, tight coverage and ball incomplete. Zone coverage in the slot, able to charge up and help tackle RB on outside sweep for a loss, did a good job splitting blockers on that play. Off man coverage on slot WR, actually was beaten for a few steps on skinny post but QB overthrew the WR. Off man coverage on WR in slot, QB thought he was running a slant, WR decided to turn it up field once Abram jumped inside, result was an easy INT for Abram. Good lateral and vertical chase to clean up tackle on RB who broke a run up the middle. Mostly played off man coverage on the slot WR in this game the entire time, bombs away offense, so that makes sense. Did a pretty good job, only really got beat the one time and the QB missed that throw. INT wasn’t anything special, just took advantage on a mix up between the QB and WR. He’s primarily a coverage safety that has legit speed and athleticism to cover slot WRs 1v1. Does a good job in run support and chasing down plays all over the field. High effort guy.

              Iowa (2018): Playing. Walloped by the RG at the second level on inside run, immediately started jawing with him. Read swing pass to RB, burst inside the WR blocking in the slot and made the tackle for a 5 yard loss. He fired up quickly from his off man slot coverage position. Club type move to throw the TE off of him and helped tackle RB on outside sweep for short gain. Blitz off edge, able to tackle RB on inside run in back side pursuit for no gain. Dropped in zone, missed tackle on WR running short crossing route, just able to step out of his wrap up tackle attempt. Off man coverage on the slot WR, bit inside badly on playaction, WR ran a seam route and blew past him for a 70 yard TD. Abram did show good speed catching up to him on the long run though. Blitz off edge, ran through the hback’s block, sack on QB. Press man coverage on slot WR, out and up route deep down the field, good tight coverage, but hooked his arm at the end needlessly and drew the PI flag. A lot more good on that rep than bad though. Off man on TE in the slot, quick out route on 3rd and 3, Abram shield by the trips formation, able to work through that, burst to the sideline and tackle the TE a yard short of the first down. A lot to deal with on that play and Abram did a superb job. Off man on TE in the slot, curl route, TE pushed off a bit at the top of the route and had some separation but the QB sailed the throw. Swing pass to the TE in the flat, Abram way deep playing halves, came charging up and made the tackle on the sideline well short of the sticks to force a punt. Off man on TE in slot, intermediate out route, good coverage, but perfect throw for the completion. Abram worked really hard to try and strip that ball out after the catch instead of tackling him, he tugged on that ball for ten yards. Charged up from slot position on short pass to WR in the flat, WR side stepped him initially, but Abram easily able to plant, pivot, and just tackle him a second later at the same spot. Press man on TE at inline spot, quick out route in the flat, tackled immediately and forced another punt. Lots of battles with Hockenson in this game, Abram definitely able to cover him 1v1 though he gave up a couple catches. In the blocking game, they really went at it at times, I’ll call that a draw with Hock getting a pancake at one point, and Abram throwing him to the ground at another.

              Overall, Abram is a coverage oriented safety that can easily match up with athletic TEs and most slot WRs. He is a plus athlete with good coverage and ball skills. In the running game he is solid, if not spectacular. Usually a very dependable tackler and cleans up a lot of missed tackles around the field. Effective blitzer charging in off the slot as well, quick with a closing burst. Doesn’t have ideal height or length, but this is a complete FS prospect that is battle tested against top talent in the SEC. High ceiling, high floor, arguably the most complete safety in this draft.


              • I was going to take Harmon earlier, but knew he would drop a little due to his speed. However, I love this kid.


                • With the 65th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                  the ARIZONA CARDINALS kick off the 3rd round by selecting;

                  WR RILEY RIDLEY, GEORGIA

                  Riley Ridley is the #84 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board

                  WR RILEY RIDLEY GEORGIA

                  LSU (2018): Playing outside WR. Solid block on off tackle run on CB to help facilitate long gain. Matched up with CB Williams every snap so far, Ridley is doing a decent job of getting off the line and into his routes, Williams doesn’t really jam, but he’s not getting any separation and the QB looks scared to force a throw. First quarter done, zero targets. RWR, off man, comeback route on 3rd and 9, Williams with hip pocket coverage, ball thrown out of bounds. That was his lone target the entire first half. RWR in tight, zone coverage, drag route, 10 yard gain. RWR, off man, post route, CB swatted ball away in end zone. RWR, press man, jam, Go route up sideline, CB Williams really tried to get physical with him, a bit too much, kind of grabbed the jersey and never really let go down the field., called for PI Ridley isn’t really that fast so not sure why Williams felt inclined to hold him. RWR, press man, intermediate dig route, Williams with lockstep coverage again, QB went elsewhere. RWR, zone coverage, LSU up big and just letting Georgia run clock late in the game, tried to his Ridley on short crossing route but the ref got in the way of the pass. Nothing going right in this game for Ridley. RWR, press man, Go route up sideline, 20 yard back shoulder reception. Ridley did a good job of never tipping off that the ball was on its way until it was time to catch it. RWR, zone coverage, double move faking out route into post, S Battle got frozen and Ridley wide open for 25 yard TD in middle of field. Ridley was completely shut down in this game by Williams while it was competitive. Ridley is more of a technical route runner type, athleticism looks very middle of the road. He’s going to struggle to separate against elite athletic cover CBs, which is what Williams is. Still, his QB did him no favors seemingly being terrified to challenge Williams for most of the first half.

                  Alabama (2018): Playing outside WR and rarely some slot. RWR, press man, intermediate come back route, 10 yard gain. Ridley shows borderline elite quickness, he cuts on a dime and can be very elusive due to his ability to stop start and jump cut sideways Speed looks pretty average. Very active with his hands against the jam, karate chops down on the CBs arms, punches them, whatever it takes, he gets the CB’s arms off him. RWR, lined up tight, press man, corner route, dropped a catchable pass right at the sideline. He’s really quick off the snap getting into his route, might be the first guy off the ball on either team. RWR, press man, stop route for 10 yards, just instantly slammed on the breaks, spun around, QB put ball on him and he used his body to shield the CB. Very quick, very technical. This looks a little bit like the LSU tape, Ridley generally struggling to separate from the Alabama CB on vertical routes. Solid blocking WR in the run game. RWR, press man, gave the CB a little inside move to get a free release outside on Go route, coverage really tight, QB with a great throw and Ridley with a sensational catch, where only he could get to it, for the 30 yard TD. Awesome job catching that ball out of bounds and getting his foot down inbounds. Wouldn’t have been a catch in the NFL, only got the one down. RWR, press bail, curl route for 10 yards, a little bit of YAC added in. RWR, off man coverage, intermediate out route, nice pluck on the sideline with the DB flashing in front trying for the INT, 5 yard gain. Did do a nice job getting both toes down on the sideline that time, definitely an NFL catch. Continues to do a great job blocking down field in the running game. Go route into double coverage in desperation mode late in game, safety sitting back able to swat ball out of Ridley’s hands. He almost was able to catch that ball. Tape was ok, Ridley is a lot like Jarvis Landry. Really sure handed, very technical with his routes, tough, good blocker, always wants the ball, and not much vertical speed. He’s not an average athlete though, his quickness and ability to change directions is outstanding. Almost without a doubt he’s going to be the top technical route runner in this draft. Think his future is as a chain moving #2 WR.

                  Texas (2018): Playing outside WR. Putting in some work on CB Boyd, Ridley is flashing elite quickness on double moves and Boyd is getting frozen in his tracks at times. Of course, the Georgia QB is not throwing the ball his way, but the routes look great. RWR, off man, intermediate stop route, bad drop, just went right through his hands. That’s not going to help get more targets. Good effort, mediocre results blocking in the run game. RWR, zone coverage, stop route, 10 yard gain. Ridley can stop from full speed on a dime, it’s pretty impressive, and he doesn’t tip it off, he just suddenly stops and then he’s wide open because the DB wasn’t prepared for that move even when they know he does it. RWR, zone coverage, stop route, 10 yards. RWR, zone coverage, stop route yet again, rolled over the CB on the tackle and able to keep going for some YAC, 20 yard gain on the play. RWR, press man, stop route on 3rd and 6 for 10 yard gain. Texas sticks Boyd on him when they want press man coverage, Davis covers his side in zone. Neither CB can really do anything against the suddenness with which Ridley runs his routes, of course Ridley doesn’t really scare a defense either, everything is short and underneath. RWR, zone, deep post route, QB threw up a 50/50 ball, the safety from the other side floated over and snagged the INT. Ridley had a step on his CB, QB never saw the other DB. RWR, zone coverage, stop route, 5 yard gain. This dink and dunk is really boring. Doing Ridley’s tape is really boring. Ridley sitting wide open in end zone, QB checks it down to the RB for the score instead. Ridley is just not really considered a weapon in this offense. Once Georgia fell behind and the game started slipping away, he became an absolute afterthought and the QB was targeting the fast WRs almost every time.

                  Somebody is going to draft Ridley on Day 2 or 3 and they are going to be very happy with the dependable possession WR they have. I think he can be a much bigger weapon, even down the field, than Georgia used him as. He just needs a QB to trust him to make plays even when he looks covered. Comp is Jarvis Landry.


                  • With the 66th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                    the PITTSBURGH STEELERS select;

                    LB BEN BANOGU, TCU

                    Ben Banogu is the #68 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board

                    DE BEN BANOGU TCU

                    Ohio State (2018); Playing DE. Starting at LDE in a 43 defense. Beat RT Prince with a redirect move inside, just very quick and cut under him for a QB pressure. Lines up as a 34 OLB some of the time as well, common to see him in a two point stance regardless. Drive block on the TE and walled him off inside. Shot the gap between the RG and RT off the snap and stuffed an inside run. Banogu is very quick and sudden, he’s your typical undersized speed edge rusher. Struggles big time when the OL actually get hands on him, and he’s easy to drive off the line. He wins solely with quickness and speed. Dropped in flat to cover RB. QB pressure, shot inside the block by the TE and then cut underneath the RB, just embarrassed both of them with quickness and athleticism. Beat the RT clean on an inside move for a hard QB hit, Prince just has been very hit or miss handling Banogu’s speed and quickness. Beat the block for the TE by bouncing around him outside and able to turn the RB sweep inside and make the tackle for a loss. Has excellent initial speed and quickness, he can explode off a block and completely redirect to top speed almost instantly, makes him extremely difficult to keep blocked and also very effective at chasing down plays from behind. Sliced way inside into the A gap and just flew right around the RG before blasting the QB. He’s been borderline unstoppable as a pass rusher in this game at times. Started inside, TE blocked down on him, simply redirect instantly back around the TE outside and got a QB hit out of it, almost had the sack. Nice job on outside contain, he doesn’t stack and shed like bigger DE, he just kind of reads the play and if it’s an outside run, he hauls butt to the outside and strings the RB out. The downside to his game is that everything is 100% finesse, he has to run around blockers or redirect off of them to make plays. If a play is well blocked, he’s erased, and of ten times shoved well out of the play. When some of these big OL get a clean shot on him, he really goes flying. Has some trouble tackling the RBs unless he can get them really low. Overall, good first tape, clearly a pass rush specialist and likely OLB in the NFL, probably for a 34 team.

                    Texas (2018): Playing DE. Starting game at LDE in a 43 defense. Stunt inside around the RG, way too quick for the OG to react for a QB pressure. Struggling with the RT and RG double team early, he pretty much just comes to a complete stop and gives up. Also, struggling a little bit in the run game, the TE is drive blocking him off the ball. Texas really did a number on him in the 1st quarter, routinely was getting destroyed in the run game by the TE and driven well off the ball. QB pressure stunting inside around the RG again. That has been his only effective pass rush move so far. QB sack, hurdled the RT’s cut block attempt, then beat the RG around the inside for the sack. Nice athletic play. Shout out to this freshman RT Cosmi, he has been outstanding at protecting the arc against Banogu, might be a future stud. Has a really sudden and quick spin move, might be the best I’ve seen of the prospects this year, that thing is helicopter blade quick. Partial coverage sack, entire team eventually closed in on QB as he ran around and held the ball for forever. Beat the RT around the arc that time for a pressure, just a speed rush. Outside swim move on RT to beat him the second play in a row and deliver a big QB hit. Another QB pressure, this time the RT had shoved him down and kind of let up, Banogu has insane burst from stop to full speed and was able to just jump up and go right at the QB. Crashed inside on a read option play, QB kept and went right around him for a short TD run. He’s kind of fun to watch because you see him get beaten by a block off the snap, and just as you’re convinced the play is over for him, he turbojets out of nowhere straight to the QB somehow. It keeps happening. Definitely a liability in the run game when he’s on the line, maybe at OLB in space he can make magic happen, but so far mostly been erased. As a pass rusher though, he’s pretty elite. Not seeing him try to dip and bend the arc, he mostly either cuts back inside or stunts inside, both work almost all the time. Or, he runs into the blocker, lets him set his feet and then just explodes around him to the QB. Im assuming he does that intentionally at this point. Definitely struggles a little more against athletic OTs that can mirror him than the bigger, more powerful guys in the pass rush and in run blocking.

                    Oklahoma (2018): Playing DE. Starting game at LDE in 43 defense. Driven out of the hole by the RG on off tackle run. Saw the OL all pull right, looped back behind the DL and right into the hole, was great, and then the RB put a move on him and he whiffed the tackle. Not so great. Right around the RT Ford for a QB pressure, Ford didn’t even really try to block him, so not sure what the miscommunication was there. Blocked down inside by the FB, able to bounce off the linemen and rocket back outside to get in on the tackle of the RB. Looks like a pinball at times. RT sealed him inside on off tackle run. Kickout block by RT on off tackle run. At this point, just assume he’s getting blown out of every running play, I’ll only highlight if he does well. I already know he generally sucks against the run. Free shot at the QB on naked bootleg, QB able to outrun him to the sideline and complete a ball down field. Solid job stunting around the OC and coming up to help stuff inside run, he missed the tackle, but he slowed him down enough for teammates to take him down. Lost contain on pitch option play, RB able to get around him for a 15 yard TD. Great job reading screen and tracking down the RB for a minimal gain, Banogu has really good speed in the open field. Great job staying home and playing contain on a reverse pass, once he read the pass aspect he charged in and made the WR throw it away. Sliced inside and got around the RG for a QB pressure, missed the sack though as the QB spun away from him. Tried that play again two plays later, RG pancaked him this time. Crashed down on cut back run, got walled off inside, and RB took it to the house for a 40 yard TD. He loses contain too often and generally if goes for huge gains. Made a nice tackle on the RB as he was being driven inside, able to reach over the OT and grab a hold of the jersey and drag the RB down. This game was kind of the concern you have with Banogu, Oklahoma has a mostly NFL caliber OL, and they largely erased him in this game. He was just bullied and blocked all around the field, the OL was too talented for his stunts and evasive maneuvers to work like they did against Ohio State and Texas. And once he can’t simply run around blockers, he’s more of a liability on the field than anything, which he was here, especially in the running game.

                    For me, I want to see how he plays at OLB because I like him a lot more in space where he is pretty electric with his speed and agility. SAM LB in a 43, OLB in a 34, I want to see if he can play those positions, I’m all but positive he can play OLB in a 34. Otherwise, he’s just a pass rush specialist. A little bit of a finesse edge player, can be impactful as a pass rusher in the passing game, but is largely a liability in run defense due to struggling against blockers. Playing in space as a LB hopefully would free him up to be more impactful in the run game as well.


                    • Harmon and Abram at this point is grand theft drafting. Home runs.


                      • Originally posted by Requiem View Post
                        Harmon and Abram at this point is grand theft drafting. Home runs.
                        I was taking Harmon at the top of the second if Irv Smith was gone. I was surprised he lasted this long


                        • It's been a little bit of a weird draft, love seeing the different view points and values on the various prospects. This entire event is really enjoyable for me.


                          • Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
                            It's been a little bit of a weird draft, love seeing the different view points and values on the various prospects. This entire event is really enjoyable for me.
                            If it wasn't for you the value for me would drop by about 50%. Your reports would put some analysts to shame that actually charge for their opinion now.


                            • Originally posted by eddie mac View Post

                              If it wasn't for you the value for me would drop by about 50%. Your reports would put some analysts to shame that actually charge for their opinion now.
                              Yep, this.


                              • Im reaaaaady to pick. Come on socal