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  • Old dude check your DM's.


    • Trade accomplished. I'm on the clock.


      • No need to apologize MUG. I love your reports. Anxiously awaiting Cajuste's evaluation.


        • With the 57th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

          the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES select;


          Yodney Cajuste is the #43 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


          Texas (2018): Playing LT. Nice burst getting to the second level and burying the safety. This looks pretty good early. He’s very scrappy, lots of continuous punches and shoves, aggressive blocker. Solid angle cut block on DE. Might have borderline elite feet, he can pitter patter with the best of them. Solid job on shuffle, generally keeps his man nice and centered. Just literally tossed the safety to the ground after the whistle, he’s a violent blocker. Kickslide depth is minimal, but he chops and slides quickly to compensate. Need to see him against a speed rusher to see if that works out. He’s a power pig though, absolute people mover in the run game. Immovable wall in pass pro. Wow, ejected for throwing a punch, which he never really threw. Bummed, wanted to see him against Omenihu more than a few reps, all of which Cajuste won.

          Iowa State (2018): Playing LT. Doing this game due to the Texas ejection. None of the early season games really gives a good matchup against a pass rusher. Kickslide looks ok, it still doesn’t cover much ground, but he’s quick with his shuffle, so far he’s protecting the arc rush fine. Down block on the DE and buried him. Pancake on DE, guy tried an outside spin, Cajuste threw him down and flopped on him. Solid recovery on arc rush, took a false step inside, DE looped outside, he was able to recover and keep him blocked. Enough athleticism to get out and lead a screen. Got bull rushed a little bit for a QB pressure, guy seemed to just get under him and walk him back. Nice job getting out to second level and blocking safety on inside run. Pulled him around OC, pancake block on LB. He’s defending the arc on speed rushes against these lesser talents, but it’s taking just about all of his athleticism to get out there and push them wide. He might need to move inside to LG. We’ll see. He’s a good player, it’s just a question of where he should play at the NFL level. Beaten inside off the snap for a QB pressure, was able to recover and pancake the guy but not before he forced the QB to leave the pocket. He has great feet, has power and tenacity, I really like him, but he doesn’t look fluid on the outside. He really has to labor to protect the edge, I really want to see him against a top speed rush guy to see if he can do it then. I don’t think it would be any better at RT, my suspicion is that he moves inside to OG where he should be dynamite. If that happens, could be one of the first OGs off the board.

          TCU (2018): Playing LT. Good feet, has a nice broad base and good leverage lean in his pass sets. Nice job hunkering down on a delayed bull rush. Beaten by Collier around the arc on a speed rush, had to yoke him in a choke hold to slow him down. Nice job slapping down the DEs arms on a bull rush and shoving him into the ground. Showing some decent power, he’s throwing Collier around at times. Consistently struggles with quickness around the edge, specifically on any type of secondary move or delayed burst to the outside. He’s very slow to react to those secondary moves. Nice pull around the OC on an inside run, smashed the LB and drove him out of the hole, kind of let up on the block a little too soon though. Beaten on sudden inside move after an outside shimmy for a QB pressure. That was just a really quick move by Collier. Looks good when asked to hunker down and block the DTs inside. Looks strong and plays with good leverage. Beaten inside by Collier for another pressure, just seemed like he guessed he’d be going outside and was wrong. Looks good as a run blocker, people mover, good enough athleticism to get to the second level easily. Also is excellent with his positional blocking, he’s very difficult to beat in the run game. Drove the DT backwards a good ten yards on an off tackle run. Certain teams and schemes are going to love him. Another nice and dominant pull around the OC on an inside run. Probably the best run blocking OT I’ve seen so far. Has a high floor because with his power and leverage, would be able to be a dynamite OG as well. Sat out the last half of the 4th quarter. Absolutely dominant when asked to attack and drive block, both in the pass and run game. Struggles when sitting back in pass pro against speed around the arc and secondary moves. Excellent against the bull rush.

          Oklahoma State (2018): Playing LT. Smoked by Brailford around the arc for a QB pressure. Nice pancake on Brailford on inside bull rush. Owens embarrassed him on an outside deke then sliced inside which led to a QB sack. The run blocking and people moving continues to be solid. Has some heavy hands, second game now I’ve seen chop the DEs arms and then shove him in the dirt. Key block on long off tackle TD where he got out at the second level and just walled off the LB. Nice job getting out wide on Brailford on a straight speed rush around the arc, he didn’t even try to pass set or kickslide though, he just turned and stepped to push him wide. Would have been helpless if he cut back inside, but it worked this time. Has been solid against spin move attempts, seems to just catch the DE and throw them down, happened several times now. Continues to be a boss in the run game, moves people at will. Very effective when asked to pull around the OC or even RG. Has good feet, solid athlete. Solid job picking up safety blitz and pancaking him.

          Run oriented teams are going to love him, can probably stay at OT, might be better on the right side. I like his potential as a plug and play Pro Bowl caliber OG though. He has everything you could want in an OG between the raw power and leverage run blocking, combined with the feet and athleticism to pull. His weakness is quickness off the edge and secondary moves, he will struggle against NFL caliber speed rushers. Someone like Von Miller, he has no chance stopping without TE help. He’s great if he can square you up and stay in front of you, never saw him overpowered. OTs are at a premium so he probably gets drafted as one due to the demand, but I’d play him at LG and expect ten years of All Pro production starting Day 1.

          Note/Explanation: Rank is for him as an OG. Similar to Dalton Risner, I'm not overly impressed with either at OT, but see All-Pro potential as interior OL.


          • Nice selection Old Dude! Reminds me a lot of Eric Decker.


            • If nothing else, he has pretty good genes (both parents were pro basketball players in Europe). I'll do a writeup later.


              • With the 58th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                the DALLAS COWBOYS select;

                DT GERALD WILLIS, MIAMI

                Gerald Willis is the #257 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board

                DT GERALD WILLIS MIAMI

                LSU (2018); Playing LDT in a 43 defense, NT in 34 looks. Very active, both with hand fighting and with chasing plays. Driven off the line by RT, able to roll off the block and hurry back to get in on the tackle though. That’s kind of the player he seems to be, super active, scrappy, big time hustle guy. Big bull rush on the RG, almost bent him in half backwards, that looks painful and makes me think Willis might have some upper body power to him. Has a club move he uses to get penetration, just swats the OL to the opposite site he’s rushing. Beat the RG with an inside swim for a QB sack. OC tried to down block him, he did his club swat thing and knocked the OC past him, then just stuffed the RB in the hole. I don’t think he actually moved his feet. This was great, double team by the OC and LG at the NT spot, he did an outside swim move that went over both blockers, came around the LG and destroyed the QB with a big hit. That might be the best swim move I’ve seen to date. Stunt inside, shoved away the OC, tackled the RB for minimal gain. Beat the OC up right A gap for a QB pressure, collided with his own teammate and fell down. Inside swim to beat the LG for instant penetration on 4th and 1, not able to make diving tackle on off tackle run though. This guy is insanely disruptive as a penetrating type DT, he’s quick and relentless. Left him unblocked on off tackle run, charged in and crushed the RB for a five yard loss, somebody blew their blocking assignment. Good luck blocking him with any type of angle or down block, he just squeezes through gaps effortlessly. Blocking on a slant only plays into his strengths. Outside swim on RT who tried to downblock inside, Willis stuffed the run for a five yard loss. This guy is a wrecking ball. Destroyed the RG with an outside swim for an instant QB pressure. He definitely has one of the best swim moves in this draft, it’s extremely fast and explosive, and he uses it while shooting the gap so it becomes a way to push off the O-lineman as he’s going by him. LT tried to down block him, that didn’t work. Downblocked with the RG, asked the RT to reach block Willis, good luck, charged in and stuffed the off tackle run the other way. Beat the LG and OC double team, swam over the LG, stacked up the OC, stuffed the inside run, all in about two seconds. Tried quick slant at the goal line, Willis literally jumped at the line and volley ball spiked the ball down. Inside swim on LT, crushed the QB. Does a great job on redirect, on the rare times his pass rush moves get stoned, he immediately shifts direction and either chases the RB or tries to get around the opposite side of the O-lineman. Effective double team by LG and LT that shoved him out of the hole on nice off tackle run. Stack and shed on LG to stuff RB at the line. His stats for this game must be nuts. Probably the most dominating player on the field for either team. He is a penetrating force. Looks like a perfect 3 tech to me.

                FSU (2018): Playing LDT in a 43 defense, nT in 34 looks. Generally does a good job of getting his hands up to try and swat passes when his rush isn’t getting home. WR screen, chases the play down the field, puts a big hit on the WR. Getting the double team treatment from the RG and OC. Screen play, got left him unblocked, probably didn’t expect him to get to the QB so fast and tackle him. Swim move on RG for penetration, but unable to get to the RB on off tackle run the other direction. Bullrushed the RT back right into the RB, rest of team was asleep at the wheel and let the RB bounce it back outside. Moved off the line by the LG and OC on a double team. FSU is doing some layered blocking where the LG will try and drive him off the line, when he gets by him or the LG misses, the OC is waiting to pick Willis up. Different style of double team I guess. Huge bull rush on the LG, shoved him ten yards into the backfield. Not seeing the elite quickness I saw against LSU, but I am seeing more raw power on his rushes. Outside spin on LG for a pressure, spin was ok, needs to be quicker and he needs to come out of it at full speed. Swim move over the lunging LT, stacked up the pulling LG, tackle on RB on sweep for five yard gain. The fact he has to beat two lineman, one with quickness off the snap, the other with strength while flowing down the field, and then made the tackle is exactly the type of high effort player he is that shows both quickness and strength. Split the LT and LG double team for a QB pressure. Think it was a designed QB sweep, we’ll never know because Willis blew up the play and crushed the QB within a second. They pulled the LG, wanted to block Willis by pulling the RG. That equation does not compute. You give him a space, he shoots it in a nanosecond. Outside swim over the OC and then the RG double team came over to shut down that pass rush. Beat OC with outside swim for a QB hit. Bull rush on RG, shoved him out of the way, tackled the RB on off tackle run for a five yard loss. Great tape once again, dealt with double teams almost the entire game and beat them a number of times. Flashed more power than I thought he had in this game, still showed off the gap shooting quickness at times as well. This guy is a game wrecker from inside.

                Boston College (2018); Playing LDT in a 43 defense. Able to slice inside the RG for a minor pressure. Rip move on the LG to disengage and get by him. Outside swim on RT who was down blocking to get past him. Nice job blowing up the RB screen, just smashed the OG and got into the passing lane, forced the QB to go elsewhere. Beat the RT around the edge, miscommunication somewhere there, but Willis and teammate tripped over each other and QB was able to scramble the other way. Inside spin on LG, didn’t really work, guy mirrored him perfectly. Struggling a little bit with the plus sized OC in this game, he’s been able to slow Willis down and wall him off. Lots of double teams again, BC also plays extremely tight, very difficult to shoot gaps on this team, they aren’t spaced like a normal OL. Outside spin on RG, marginally effective, got him some space but unable to do anything with it. He needs to work on these spin moves, maybe that’s what he’s doing. Moved off the ball by the OC and RG double team. The RG Lindstrom has played pretty well against him most of this game. Probably handled him as well as any O-lineman I’ve seen so far, but that’s not saying much. Has some plays that he looks completely gassed on, one in particular he had a chance to tackle the RB down the field a bit and the effort was less than ideal. Solid job stacking up the entire right end of the line near the goal line. Nice job swatting down a pass at the line, he’s generally good about playing passing lanes if his rush stalls. Blindside block by the LT laid him out as he was trying to chase down a screen. Beat the RG and TE double team for a QB pressure. Didn’t seem to block him, able to slice inside the RG for a QB hit. RG and RT double team drove him off the line. Beat the RT when he tried to downblock, just avoided and went around him but the TE was right there to pick him up. He has been doubled non-stop this game and it looks like it has worn him out. Beat the TE inside to tackle the RB for short gain. Thought he got worked over the majority of this game, clearly big, strong O-linemen, especially on double teams can overpower him. The fact they played so tight and refused to let him shoot gaps really limited his impact as well. I think this tape solidifies that he’s a 3 technique disruptive style tackle.

                He has good strength and in the earlier tapes he looked hulkish strong, but that might have just been throwing around some scrubs. Thought it was interesting as well that in each successive game, he got double teamed more and more. He generally held up to the double teams, though in the BC game with two big bodies on him, he was pushed off the line a fair amount. Overall though, I thought he had two stellar games showing good quickness and power, and one game where the style of power running scheme and the larger OL just were bad fits for his style of play. In the pass happy NFL, he should mostly thrive. Kind of a one year guy with a potential injury history to investigate, otherwise looks like a disruptive force at DT.

                Note/Explanation: Obviously, I loved his tape. Had a 2nd Round tape grade. I moved him to outside draftable range for off field and medical issues. I have in my notes that he quit on his team and walked away from the program before getting a second chance as a changed man. I'm not sure what any of that means, but I don't want to deal with it. Also, has a little bit of an injury history, torn MCL, something with his hand. This is the first of roughly ten prospects that I loved the tape on that are off my draft board. When that happens I rank them immediately outside draftable range on my Top 300 board. This is just about risk tolerance and medicals. This player was awesome.


                • Damn this pace is crazy! Hold on I'll need some time to catch up here.


                  • With the 59th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                    the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS finally decide to participate, trading up to select;

                    WR J.J. ARCEGA-WHITESIDE, STANFORD

                    J.J. Arcega-Whiteside is the #93 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


                    Oregon (2018): Playing outside WR. Oddly enough, struggling to get off the jam early in this game, to be fair, CB Lenoir is a bit of a badass. This isn’t the first WR I’ve done that has struggled against his physicality. JJAW keeps trying to beat press by just running through it or trying to juke the CB, he needs to use his hands and chop those arms down. RWR, press man, did his wiggle thing to beat the jam, worked and got a clean inside release on a Go route, QB put the ball right on him in stride for a nice chunk gain. Speed looks pretty good for a thick WR. LWR, off man, fade in end zone, QB pretty much just threw a 50/50 ball, JJAW posted up the DB like in basketball and went up for the rebound, nice job high pointing the ball for the 15 yard TD. Looks solid blocking in the run game, just uses his size to wall off DBs. LWR, press man, absolutely shook the CB with a stab step inside faking the slant and then running a fade route instead. CB not able to recover and easy 15 yard TD reception. LWR, press man, dig route, CB able to knock ball away. LWR, zone, dig route, able to pivot and reverse direct after catch, that move made the CB whiff on his tackle attempt, JJAW then got some YAC up the sideline, running threw another tackle attempt in the process. Solid initial tape. Thick WR with good leaping ability and solid hands. Better than expected speed and athleticism, though I really didn’t get to see him in the open field turning it loose. He’s a little thick and muscular, but didn’t look stiff, routes were fluid, and he’s a load to tackle after the catch at times. Definitely intrigued.

                    Notre Dame (2018): Playing outside WR. RWR, zone, dig route and settled in between four defenders, tight throw right on the money and JJAW bobbled and dropped the ball. I’m sure he thought he was going to get shellacked by one of the LBs, but he has to catch that. RWR, press man, did his normal juke thing to try and avoid the jam, I mean, they showed it pretty clearly on the replay, he definitely has some quickness and the move was smooth, froze the CB at least. Free inside release into a slant, nice contested diving hands catch, 10 yard gain. I liked all of that, I just hope he doesn’t try and juke the CB every time when he’s worried about the jam. He did that against Oregon and it drove me nuts. He’s a huge guy, chop those arms off you. Well, RB Love is way faster than he is, Love is way faster than most people though. JJAW continues to give good effort run blocking, still not completely sold that he’s good at it. RWR, press man, comeback route with a beautiful diving hands catch. Ignoring the one chicken **** drop earlier, JJAW has Velcro for hands. I’d feel good about my chances as a QB if I just get the ball in his area code. LWR, zone, corner fade, CB just completely tackled him before the ball was even thrown. Easy PI call in the end zone. That CB was not about to let JJAW post him up. However, a different CB, this time CB Love, a few plays later was willing. LWR, press man, JJAW literally did post up the CB, he turned sideways, stuck his butt in the DBs abdomen, and went up for the rebound where only he could snag it for the 5 yard TD. Strong hands catch again as well. Appears to have some of the best hands in the draft. LWR, dig route, short gain. LWR, press man, stop route, CB Love got some revenge and swatted the ball away. LWR, zone, short dig route, pointless on 3rd and long. Mostly excellent tape. Looks like a stud possession guy and deep rebound type WR ala Alvin Harper or what Courtland Sutton flashed in training camp. Big concern is going to be athleticism. He flashes quickness at times, so I feel like he’ll be most decent there, but the long speed is a legit concern. It doesn’t really impact his game on the field, he wins due to positioning, excellent hands, and leaping skills, but the slower he is, the farther he probably drops in the draft. Hopefully he does something in the open field on the last tape.

                    Washington State (2018): Playing outside WR. RWR, zone, dig route, 5 yard gain. RWR, off man, back shoulder fade, JJAW with the drop. LWR, zone, short crossing route, five yard gain. RWR, off man, corner route, nice contested catch, drew the PI as well. On replay, he did make the catch after the CB bear hugged and tackled him, but he was touching out of bounds when he did so, so nice concentration and hands, but not technically a great play. LWR, off man, fade route to end zone, ran right to the CB, posted him up and jumped in front for the 20 yard TD reception. JJAW is a total pro at knowing how to use his body to shield DBs while going up and high pointing the football. Every game he posts up like a basketball player and makes big catches down the field. LWR, zone, diving catch on inside slant for 5 yards. Key block on DB on off tackle run to spring RB down the sideline for huge gain. LWR, press man, corner fade route in end zone, 50/50 ball thrown up as usual, CB decided to tackle JJAW in the end zone, also something that is fairly usual. He gets a lot of PI calls. They aren’t cheapies either, the DBs do not want him posting them up. RWR, zone, diving catch on quick slant route for five yards. RWR, zone coverage, Go route, deep throw to end zone, CB tackled JJAW again and called for PI again. LWR, zone big cushion, stop route, made first CB miss by slicing inside, sliced inside further to make second DB miss, safety able to get him from the inside coming across and tackled him at the one yard line. I thought he was going to work his way in for the score. LWR, zone coverage, Go route up sideline, CB decided to just grab him and shove him out of bounds, yet another PI call. LWR, press man, sliding catch on inside slant on 3rd and 1 for five yards and a first down. LWR, zone coverage, Go route, 50/50 ball, posted up on the CB, had ball in his hands but CB able to chop it away. RWR, zone, beat the initial jam, got left all alone on the sideline, able to waltz into the endzone for the 20 yard TD reception. LWR, off man, inside slant, tackled immediately. LWR, zone coverage, post route, ball thrown really low, tried a sliding catch but unable to snag it off the turf. Lots of catches in this game, still not really getting to see his open field speed, or maybe I am, which would be scary because that would mean he’s really slow.

                    He’s a fun guy, legit deep ball threat just because of his ability to go up and get a 50/50 ball. Thick, squatty build, Courtland Sutton type WR, but not sure he has that athleticism or vertical route ability. Does a great job posting up and coming down with jump balls, one of many similar WRs in this draft with that trait, but looks to potentially have more route running prowess that might let him stick on the outside. Combine is going to be key to figure out draft value. I like his hands and blocking, I think he flashes quickness and route running ability, but it all comes back to vertical speed in the end.

                    Did not run at Combine, Stanford has not yet held pro day, can move up or down based on his athletic testing. Main thing is figuring out if he has the speed and athleticism to stick outside or if he has to move to the slot.
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                    • Originally posted by -Rod- View Post

                      Not only am I doing that [and the Jaguars have been waiting since pick #19 until LikeABoss5828 makes our pick at #69] but I'm also reviewing MUGDaniels notes about the players drafted. Unless I made a mistake, it looks like MUGDaniels #21, #23, #24 and #25 overall prospects are still available, pending the results for Elgton Jenkins, Juan Thornhill and Mack Wilson.
                      I see what you are putting down.


                      • Checking in and what I'm really impressed with is some of you....are taking players your team would actually take. Even Willis to DAL right there makes sense. That's a player they would take and then Ol'Jer would get him a babysitter. All these recent picks fit their teams respectively.
                        Kinda cool.


                        • Originally posted by BowlenBall View Post

                          Does he? DOES HE!!!?
                          Umm, that seems a little personal BB. I thought we was cool...


                          • After what happened with David Irving I have no idea how the Cowboys make that pick. I also don't know how McGary is a second-rounder. I don't think he sticks at tackle. Wasn't impressive to me. Combine that with his heart issues and I think he is more or less a Day 3 guy.


                            • MUG keep your honest analysis coming. It's fantastic.

                              I know when you hate my pick I just scream, then cry, then sulk, and then break things around the house.

                              And then I'm cool.



                              • With the 60th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                                the LOS ANGELES CHARGERS select;

                                QB DANIEL JONES, DUKE

                                Daniel Jones is the #110 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board

                                QB DANIEL JONES DUKE

                                Miami (2018): Playing shotgun only. Tall and skinny, though not overly so. Good athlete. Tucking and running a lot early in this game, has happy feet, looks nervous. Missed a wide open five yard out route high and wide. Clearly nerves. Goes through progressions, missed WR up the seam, looked like WR stopped on the route though. Has a little bit of a wind up delivery, doesn’t get the ball out that quickly on RPOs. Arm strength looks average so far, the DBs are driving on his passes. Checking down everything so far through the 1st quarter. Flawless pooch punt down to the one yard line. Monsoon time in second quarter, but he was throwing poorly before the rain came. Decent juice on an intermediate crossing route that the WR dropped. Solid back shoulder throw down sideline the WR dropped. The arm looks solid when he can step into his throws, think he gets all his strength from his hips. Facing pretty constant pressure, the Duke OL sucks. Rain gone after half time. Nice improv throw off back foot up the seam for a chunk gain. Missing high on quite a few throws, kind of looks a little rattled and hurried. Has WRs open, just keeps missing them. And when he does put it on them, they drop it. Another great pooch punt, apparently this is a thing he does. They do a fair bit of running him up the middle off RPOs, Miami keeps shutting that down, he doesn’t really break tackles, goes down pretty easy. Should have been picked off near Miami goal line, didn’t see MLB in zone. Runs like a long-legged giraffe, everything about him is extremely similar to Brock Osweiler, and that is scary. Arm strength is good when he can set up and let it rip, arm strength is average at best when he can’t. He needs to do more curls. Solid back shoulder throw for a near TD, but a tad too low and wide. Bad overthrow on open sluggo route deep. He has missed high all game. Has only been remotely effective on the dink and dunks. INT into tight coverage to TE on crossing route, should have been caught, was a good throw, ref kind of got in the way. Should have been picked off by LB on seam route to TE, guy was blanketed. Outside of that throw, has largely made good decisions and throws to the open guy before he’s actually open, you can tell he understands coverages. But between missing throws, having WRs drop everything, and the OL sucking, none of this looks impressive outside his back shoulder throws which were largely on point.

                                North Carolina (2018): Playing shotgun only. Go route down right sideline, should have been picked but CB dropped it, just underthrew the ball. Medicine ball on slant route, but nice strong throw. Intermediate out route for a long TD, really stepped into throw, was accurate, WR broke tackle and did the rest up the sideline. Huge chunk gain on intermediate slant route where the WR had a ton of YAC, but he hit him right in stride. TD to TE on seam route, was left uncovered. Starting to see some of his appeal, UNC has no pass rush, if this guy can sit in the pocket and step into his throws, he’s extremely accurate with good velocity. Looks completely different than against Miami’s non-stop pressure. Solid throw on the run to TE on curl. Nothing doing on the RPO keepers early, he’s a good athlete, but he’s not fast or quick, kind of has the long stride build up speed so struggling to get outside the DE into the clear. Long bomb to WR up sideline for a TD, blown coverage, was wide open, throw badly underthrown, but good enough. Missing high and wide on some wide open throws again. Long chunk gain off short crossing route where the WR got a ton of YAC, once again though, ball put right on him. He’s very accurate in between the numbers. Two yard TD on wide open play action out route near goal line. Continues to struggle pretty badly with his deep ball, is missing short, long, wide, pretty much just missing every time. Continues to look good on the short and intermediate range throws, especially down the middle. Chunk gain on scramble around the edge, he’s a threat if he gets some open space to build up speed. Some tough running up the middle on an RPO, broke a few tackles. Designed QB sweep for chunk gain. Should have thrown a pick six but the LB dropped it, just a lazy throw to the RB on a short outlet route. Long TD run seconds before half on a QB draw, I’m not sure what UNC was doing, he went like 70 yards up the gut untouched. Has really struggled with accuracy the few times he’s been pressured, he really rushes his throws and they don’t come close to the WR. Nice back shoulder throw on seam route to let his WR get down and avoid a big hit. Missed a wide open WR on a Go route in end zone, no excuses there, just a crappy overthrow. Seems like a pretty tough guy, has taken some big hits hanging in the pocket in this game. Finally threw a good deep ball and the WR lets it clang off his hands, still that’s like 1 for 10 on deep throws. He really shines in the dink and dunk spread attack, shows good accuracy on some really tight throws, but all of these are within ten yards, most within five yards. Held ball too long, didn’t see blind side blitz, strip sack. And another 70 yard run up the middle untouched for a long TD. Same draw from before half and UNC has nobody in the entire middle of the field. Jones has too much build up speed to let him get in the open like they are doing. A second nice touch deep ball that the WR dropped. And a third nice deep ball that the WR just dropped. This is ridiculous. He still struggles throwing deep consistently, but I guess it doesn’t matter because they aren’t going to catch it. INT on forced throw into double coverage, no reason for that. Continues to look like the second coming of Brock Osweiler, especially in terms of body type and athleticism. Arm isn’t as good as Brock’s, but he likes to check down when possible and excels at dink and dunk. Accuracy in short to intermediate range is probably a bit better.

                                Clemson (2018): Playing shotgun only. He’s fearless when running with the ball, designed roll out sweep and he just dove right into the DL to pick up a first down. Does a good job going through his reads, he’s pretty quick with scanning the entire field. Can tell he’s a cerebral type. Effective on boots and rolling the pocket, accurate with good arm as long as he’s running at his target, if he has to throw off his back foot, his actual arm is a noodle. When he can put his weight and torque his hips, he has a borderline rifle. Nice job hitting TE up the seam in soft spot of zone for chunk gain. Continues to look great at scanning the field and making a good decision. Does a nice job on playaction fakes. Threw a Peyton Manning style wounded duck off his back foot under heavy pressure to the RB on a wheel route, ugly but perfect accuracy, RB dropped it. Lots of dink and dunk along with moving the pocket early in the first half to try and negate pass rush, has been working. Nice anticipation throw on intermediate sluggo route, WR dropped it. Fake pooch punt and hit a short dig route to convert a 4th down, Clemson totally bit on that. Has had a few solid scrambles. Has had a lot of passes swatted down at the line so far in the first half, at least four. He has a little bit of a 3 quarters sidearm release, it’s not right over the top, so that might be part of it. Awful fluttering deep ball thrown right into the back of the CB, he’s starting to get a little gunshy with all the pressure. Starting to miss high on many of his throws, this looks very similar to the Miami game where he was also under a good amount of pressure. So, once he gets rattled, the coach just starts calling a ton of super short dink and dunk throws to get him settled and back in a rhythm. More batted passes, he’s going to hit double digits soon. Didn’t like the play calling late in this game, once Duke got down by multiple scores, they seemed to be more interested in protecting the QB than trying to get TDs. Seemed like they weren’t even trying to get first downs any more. Would have liked to see Jones try and make some plays. And then they just sat him the last seven minutes. This was not impressive tape at all.

                                He completely sucked against the two best defenses he faced in Miami and Clemson, he just kind of becomes the check down dink and dunk king when he’s under pressure. This is mostly a system style spread QB that has to throw on rhythm to be successful. He has a good arm, though he has a bit of a windup, and he’s pretty accurate on the short and intermediate stuff until he gets flustered from being hit. Best trait is his intelligence and ability to scan the field, he knows where to go with the ball, though he doesn’t always get it there. Has plus athleticism for the position, but it’s mostly long stride build up speed, he’s not quick and elusive in the pocket. I don’t get the hype for this prospect at all. He’s Brock Osweiler to me.

                                Note/Explanation: The actual tape breakdown work on the QBs I think was good work and unbiased. My Top 300 rankings of the QBs are just not representative of what is going to happen in the RL draft at all. Now, do I feel bad about my QB rankings? Not really, I don't like some of them and worry about busts. Did I go a little overboard with where I have some of them ranked? Yes, I did, probably by a lot. There is zero doubt that in terms of RL draft value, my QB rankings are entire rounds off, they are very accurate for where I personally would draft them though, so I guess I provide a counterview to the main stream view on these guys. The QBs the media loves, I don't like, the QBs the media hates or ignores, I like. And then there is Drew Lock, we all like him. I wonder what that means.