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  • With the 46th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,



    Greg Little is my #62 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


    Alabama (2018): Playing LT. Chops feet pretty well, nice wide base, shuffles to mirror DE fairly fluidly. Pulled him around OC, he’s a big, somewhat heavy guy, but looks to have the athleticism to pull that off. Strong punch, quick, keeps his hands active and tries to chop the DE’s arms off of him. Pulled him all the way around the RT on a sweep, he got tripped up a bit by the OCs leg, but this guy is a good athlete for his size. Davis tried to get low and bull rush him, he squatted down and sumo pancaked him. Pretty quick when asked to get out on the LBs at second level. He struggles a little with quick twitch type movements, it takes him a second to pivot and change directions. Nice job handling a stunt. Has been very stout so far on any type of bull rush. Beaten on an inside swim move by Jennings for a sack, looked like he thought he might have help. Bullrushed into the QB and onto his butt by Buggs, he just got under him, the main thing was he tripped over the hback though. Kickslide could be better, he shuffles well but he doesn’t get great depth which pinches the QB, and when the rusher cuts back inside, he’s literally already in the pocket. Not as strong as you’d like, he generally plays with good leverage, but the Alabama DL is tossing him around a little too often. Beaten inside on a slap and redirect move by Ray for a pressure. Alabama has some good DL coming up. Nice seal block on DE outside on off tackle run. Mississippi does not run much, at least not in this game. Overall, seems like a very good athlete for his size. Worried a little about his strength, but he’s very smooth with his technique. Biggest issue is that he didn’t really show a good kickslide and his edge protection suffered. Can get low and plays with good leverage, very in control, mirrors extremely well. Has the athleticism and feet to stick at LT, needs to work on kickslide.

    Auburn (2018): Playing LT. This guy is a harder evaluation than you’d think. He’s big, long, and pretty athletic for his size. He’s not overly athletic for a true LT, but he’s more athletic than say a Cam Robinson. The issue is that he doesn’t seem very polished in any one aspect. He seems good, not great. Had a nice pull all the way around the RT early in this game to pick up a block, but the play was misdirection. It sounds athletic, but it takes him a bit to get around there. In the run game, he’s doing a lot of just leaning on people, and he struggles with a quick redirect to get around him at times. Coe just ragdolled him with a club move, throwing him to the ground. I don’t feel like that should happen to a top prospect. Kickslide looks a little better than it did against Alabama, he’s still struggling to guard the edge against a speed rush though. His length and mass help him recover when the DE gets a step on him, and that’s part of his game, but he definitely can improve his technique. When he oversets and just goes straight to pass pro protecting the edge, he can cover it, he has some initial quickness and good feet off the snap. It’s when he has to stop or shift directions to react is when he struggles some. For being 330 lbs, he gets walked back and overpowered way more than you’d like. Coe is 280lbs and giving him fits with his bull rush. Tried to drive block on inside run, DT Brown just rip moved him to the ground and stuffed the RB. People are talking about this guy as a Top 10 pick, I’m not seeing it. Gave up another pressure to Coe, just did an arc bullrush and powered through him. He’s just playing too high this game when they ask him to drive block, Auburn DL is continually getting underneath him. On the plus side, his mobility is still solid, he’s getting out on the LBs at the second level easily and he is versatile with his pulling ability. Two false starts so far. Coe roasted him on an edge rush for a sack, just went right around him. Really nice job mirroring the OLB Bryant on multiple spins and reverse moves. Has had some trouble with the inside spin multiple times though. Getting run over with bull rushes late. This is pretty rough tape. He’s kind of a giant finesse tackle that is getting manhandled by this defense. Alabama and Auburn are two of the best defensive fronts in college, so the challenge is really high, but yikes.

    Mississippi State (2018): Playing LT. Solid kickout block on DE, he can wall people off with the best of them, this offense doesn’t run a lot so not much run blocking analysis. Not looking great on reach or cut blocks so far. So, first half in the books, literally nothing to write about, which is good for an OT. On running plays, they’ve generally had him get to the second level and leave blocking the DE to the TE or someone else. So, lots of zone thus far. On passing downs, he’s mostly been matched up with Rivers and he has handled him easily. Hoping to see him go against Sweat at some point. Regardless, this has mostly been zone blocking in both run and pass and that wasn’t the case against Alabama and Auburn, so that’s interesting. Key pancake block on LB at second level to spring inside run for chunk gain, just got out there quickly and shoved the guy down. Sweat beat him on an outside in move for a pressure. Bullrushed by DE Adams for a pressure, just got jacked up and walked back. Had a pull around the RT where he got out there fine, but looked lost trying to block someone in space. Sat out the last half of the 4th quarter in this blowout loss. So, mostly a rock solid game, but he wasn’t left on the island much and was utilized with interior and second level blocking much more than normal. Went against Sweat once and lost.

    He has some traits, especially for his size that you look for. The athleticism is good enough to stay at LT. He just needs some refinement and work. The biggest disappointment is that he gets overpowered really easily and essentially plays like a finesse guy at 330+ lbs. Curious to see his bench results to see if he’s been hitting the weights or being lazy. He plays high at times and usually gets destroyed when he does. That’s technique. Being lazy and not working out is something else entirely. A good OL coach is going to believe he can mold this guy into a good LT. Right now he is all hype and projection. His Auburn tape in particular was shockingly bad. But again, three game tapes against NFL caliber D-Line talent. He’s going to get a weighted score compared to the OTs that don’t have that level of tape.


    • Starting to get into the fun portion of the draft where opinions can greatly diverge. I didn't particularly like the tape for any of the last three selections, but all are good players with some enticing traits and production, and I think the mainstream consensus is they are all 1st round picks. So, more likely than not, I'm too low on them.


      • With the 47th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

        the CAROLINA PANTHERS select;


        Jachai Polite is my #29 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


        LSU (2018): Playing DE. Starting the game at LDE in a 43 defense. Lots of contain early with the play going away from him. put the LT on his back on one of the run plays. Beat the LG around the outside for a strip sack. Nothing overly special on that except he showed good speed, the LT kicked out on blitz pickup, LG unable to reach block him, Polite basically just ran past him and hit the QB. Runs a little too far up the field on pass rush to try and get around the LT. Nice inside spin move, quick and sudden. Beat LT on speed rush around arc, could quite flatten enough to get the sack and ended up over running the QB. Unblocked, a little hesitant while chasing in backside pursuit, most of the other DEs go full speed, he looked like he was tiptoeing. Decent bull rush on the LT, moved him back a little bit. Completely wiped out on cut block, needs to work on how to avoid getting his knees taken out. Effort overall is lackluster, he could have made several more tackles if he actually chased plays and ran hard. Seems like a finesse guy that if he doesn’t win immediately, he just kind of gives up and waits for the next play. Beat RT on speed rush, had to hold him to prevent sack, got the flag. Has a good first step, good open field speed, looks like a fluid athlete. Spending most of his time rushing from the edge in a two point stance. Nice job running through the TE’s block on RB screen to string it out and blow up the play. Has done a good job with contain, he doesn’t crash down recklessly and he’ll peel off a potential tackle to make sure the QB doesn’t keep the ball and get outside. Also shows serious make up speed if he were to make a mistake, QB tried a naked bootleg, Polite read it and he just flies to the sideline to force him to throw it away. Flawless inside spin on LT for a huge QB hit forcing an incompletion, was almost a strip sack. Coverage sack where he was blocked on arc rush by LT and RB, QB had nowhere to throw so started to scramble, Polite just cut underneath the blockers and made the tackle for a loss, might have even been given credit for a sack on that. This looks like Dee Ford’s Auburn tape. Fast guy, runs around blocks, doesn’t like contact, effort is spotty, but so athletic that he consistently makes impact plays. Legit weapon as a pass rusher, seems very uninterested in drilling down in the running game. That being said, he played his contain assignments well.

        South Carolina(2018): Playing DE. Did not start for Florida, but came into the game at LDE in a 43 defense. First play he jumped offsides, perhaps a little too amped up. Getting driven out of the lane by the RT in the running game. Dropped him into shallow zone. Has good speed, but unable to catch up to the RB on a sprint down the sideline, seemed to tucker out half way through. Having some trouble getting off the TE’s blocks in pass pro. LT drove him ten yards off the line on outside sweep. Still early, but looking like a major liability against the run. Gift coverage sack, QB had nowhere to go with the ball, Polite just looped back around the RG from outside after initial rush was stopped, QB was still sitting there with the ball in his hands, free sack. Superb bull rush on the RT for a strip sack, just took him straight to the QB, reached over and hit the QBs arm. Ruled it an incomplete pass, still an impressive play regardless. Driven well off the line by the TE. Is mostly just a spectator in the run game the OTs are walling him off and he seems content to just lean on them and let his teammates clean up the run. Had the one splash play that was almost a game changer, but outside of that the OTs largely controlled him in a near dominant fashion. He seems like he has some strength to him, but he does not have any stoutness. He was routinely getting moved off the line. Needs to work on redirect and getting off blocks, the TE in particular blocked him on one play for ten seconds or so. At no point should a scrub TE be able to block an NFL caliber prospect for that long and that complete. I don’t think it hurts him that much that he’s a liability in the run game, it doesn’t help either though. But, an NFL team is going to draft him as a pass rush specialist. He’ll come in on subpackages and try and use his excellent first step and speed to burst into the backfield and get some sacks. Maybe over time he develops into a complete player, but he has a long way to go.

        FSU (2018): Playing DE. Starting the game at LDE in a 43 defense. Stressed the RT immediately on outside speed rush for a pressure. FSU has a terrible OL, so this should be a feeding frenzy. Nice job sliding off the block by the pulling RG, able to stuff the RB for a loss, nice play. Sliced inside the LT for a pressure, able to double back and help take the QB down for a sack. Not really trying very hard to chase down inside running plays or plays to the far side of the field. If the QB scrambles, he’ll chase after him though. Definitely has some juice coming off the edge, has gotten close a few times, but the RT has been able to just push him wide each time. I feel like it’s coming though. He has an insanely quick out in move, just instantly shifts his weight from outside and cuts inside the OT. That’s almost unstoppable, he needs to do that more. Anyway, put that move on the RT and helped stuff the run. Left him unblocked off the edge on quick flat pass. The play worked, but the QB took a big shot as Polite gets there in less than two seconds. Continues to play an excellent contain role, especially against the read option which he honors and plays with perfect technique every single time so far. This is the kind of space athlete at DE or LB that teams crave because his athleticism allows him to beat some of the college concepts that are now in the league. Flashed that elite inside spin move on the RT, no impact on that particular play, but that’s a really nice move for him. Strip sack, RT didn’t even do a bad job, QB held it a little too long and could have stepped up in the pocket, but Polite’s ability to contort and reach over and swat the ball out as the QB was bringing it back, all while running full speed the other way with the OT pushing his back was very impressive. Pure speed rush off the edge just smoked the LT this time for a sack, he was off the ball and around the LT hitting the QB in 1.5 seconds. Insanely fast.

        Every game he makes a splash play or two that usually involve strip sacks. He shows no ability to dip and bend like Von Miller, but his speed off the snap is similar. Dee Ford really is a good comparison. He’s not an elite pass rusher, but he’s not far off. His spin move and his jump cut thing he does are both elite. The only thing holding him back is that e doesn’t dip and bend, he’s mostly a straight line speed guy, so he’ll over run sacks frequently, have to break down and turn to come back toward the QB unless he can reach out a paw and knocked the ball out as he runs by, as he did in the FSU game. Once the blue chip complete players go in the Top 10, you have to start considering making a selection on imperfect players with potentially elite traits that you can develop. He’s in that category. One of the true potentially elite speed sack guys in this draft. He’s a negative in the run game, but all that does is keep him out of the Top 10-15 picks most likely. He only played DE for Florida, but he should be able to play a rush LB role in a 34 defense, he could play in any defense as a subpackage pass rush specialist, and I think that’s what he’s going to be for the early part of his career while he works on being a more complete player.


        • Hey bpc, you suck.


          • The 2 players I wanted to select weren’t available. JCM and BPC made very nice selections. I hate you both!


            • Finally polite goes!! Some team will get this guy and be able to get him functioning like a normal person and he will do good things.


              • Just pissing all in my corn flakes with the last 2 picks.


                • Polite reminds me of a poor man’s Von Miller. Not the same freak athlete, but still very good. I think the interview stuff is over blown. Charles Haley used to flop his cock out on meeting room desks. A few bad interviews won’t mean much.

                  i like Ferguson too. He makes a lot of plays similar to Demarcus Ware. Great strong hands and length. A little tight in the hips otherwise I would have gone that route. Think he has big upside.


                  • With the 48th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                    the MIAMI DOLPHINS select;


                    Sack Daddy is my #92 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board


                    LSU (2018); Playing DE. Starting at RDE, has a good first step and burst, kind of looks like he slingshots himself forward off of blocks on redirect. Long-legged, high cut guy. Effort a little light, has had some runs going the other way that he probably could have ran down if he actually hustled, but the ball goes the other way, he starts jogging or walking. Don’t like to see that. Has been absolutely destroyed by TE Moreau’s blocking so far in this game, that’s a good blocking TE, but you have to do better than this. Came off the line hard right at the RT on a bull rush and powered right through him for a QB pressure, he had decided he was going full bull rush prior to the snap. Followed that up with a power edge rush where he got the angle on the RT and just kind of powered through his back shoulder for another pressure. Delayed edge rush from two point stance at DE, RB Brosette easily shut down his rush. This RT is really struggling to defend his arc rush, those long legs and quick first step get him the angle, and from there he just flattens and powers through the RT’s desperate attempt to shove him wide, this time got a strip sack out of it. Has looked superb against the RT, against everyone else including the TE, he was mostly shut down. He’s not a bad athlete, has a solid first step and his long legs allow him to cover ground on an edge rush, but the power looks very lacking, and he wasn’t much of a factor in the run game. Effort when the play wasn’t coming directly at him was pretty shoddy as well. Overall, some good, some bad, coming away from this tape not impressed though.

                    Florida Atlantic (2018): Playing DE. Scrub team, should dominate. Snooze fest through the 1st quarter, mostly just staying home in contain, made one tackle at the line in the running game. Had one pass rush where he tried to beat the LT around the arc with speed, but the guy was able to push him wide. Continues to jog, walk, and lollygag when the pay isn’t going to his side, you watch a guy like Bosa play DE with his hair on fire, and he’s chasing all these plays down all game long. Ferguson’s effort is crap. Tried to pull the TE over to block him from hback, he was too quick for that off the line, though the guy did get enough of a block to keep him from the sack. Has beat the LT with speed outside a couple times, but they are having the TE chip him and knock him off the arc rush. Has had a few runs go right by him where he could have stuck out an arm to try and tackle the guy but did nothing. I get the feeling he only likes to try and sack the QB. Did get a nice sack where he beat the LT clean with his burst off the line, got the angle, did a little bit of a dip and bend around the arc and finished with the sack. Probably his best rep. He has the athleticism, burst, and length to be an effective edge rushing DE. Against this level of talent though, he should be beating these guys far more often. Nice awareness to jump on a fumble. Solid job on contain, stack and shed on RT, forced RB back inside. Solid contain on the other side, stack and shed on LT to stuff the run for a loss. When they run right at him, he’s good. When he’s asked to do a speed rush off the edge and try for a sack, he’s good. The rest of the time, he just kind of lulls around. Nice stuff on RB in the backfield, he got off the ball so quickly, he was almost able to get the handoff, the LT never knew what blew by him. Would have had a sack late in the 4th, but the LT held him and threw him down, somehow no flag. My biggest concern is that he has zero pass rush moves, everything is a straight speed rush around the edge. That works against scrubs, it won’t work in the NFL, he has to develop counters. And he never slices back inside to mix it up. Every now and then he’ll try a bull rush, but even that is rare. He’s not strictly a finesse DE, but I think he definitely prefers when he can play as one. Showed well in this game, I wanted more, but he dominated enough probably.

                    Mississippi State (2018); Playing DE. Did absolutely nothing the entire 1st quarter except get blocked easily by the LT time and again. He’s tried his speed rush, he hasn’t come close to getting by them yet, they seem to be rotating the LT as well. Faring a little bit better against the RT, able to swat down his hands and get a pressure on the QB on an arc rush. Boy, they have some mammoth OTs, all of them are like 350 lbs, but can move ok. Ferguson is getting thrown around at times by them. Best play so far was reading screen and dropping off to tackle the RB for a loss. QB held the ball for an hour, was able to work his way around the RT for a sack, gave him like four different dekes to disengage and scoot around him. He definitely has plus athleticism and a little bit of quickness and burst to him. Showing a little bit more in terms of pass rush moves in this game, has had his best success stressing the arc rush against the RT, once the RT commits, Ferguson dekes back like he’s cutting inside, the RT reacts and shifts to stop that and then Ferguson just pops around him on the outside. I mean, it’s not refined moves, but it’s something. Beat the RT for a sack, this time he stressed the RT on an arc rush and when the RT fully committed to that, Ferguson actually did cut back underneath and the RT wasn’t even close to responding in time to that double move. Stunt inside, first one of those I’ve seen them call, and MSU wasn’t prepared at all, had a free lane to the QB for another sack. Tried it again on the next play, MSU handled it for the most part but still able to get some interior pressure on the QB. Now the RT has no idea what to do so Ferguson blew by him on a straight speed rush for a pressure. I liked the fact that since the LTs completely shut him down in the 1st quarter, he just switched sides the rest of the game and beat up on the RT. That’s what you do with your best rush guy, put him in position to succeed. I don’t view that as waving the white flag or a negative. Started out rough, but solid tape by the end, especially in terms of pass rush ability.

                    Overall, there’s a lot to NOT like about his game, his effort is poor, no way around that, he only seems to play hard when he’s trying for sacks or the play comes right at him. Even then, I don’t trust him in the run game at all. He doesn’t have any refined pass rush moves, no swim, spin, or rip, and in only one of these games did he start to set up the OT with different styles of rush. Despite those negatives, he has length, explosion, the ability to dip and bend the arc to a small degree, and he’s a legit sack threat off the edge. Maybe he’s just a pass rush specialist in the NFL, maybe he can become an actual complete DE, time will tell. Started off unimpressed, finished up a little bit impressed. He’s a little bit intriguing, I think his athletic testing and length measurements will dictate how high his ceiling is as well as how high in the draft he might go. (**Barred from Combine due to domestic issue in past, Pro Day was underwhelming**).


                    • Wanted to trade back, as I think Thompson may have made it to the end of the 2nd or early 3rd, but decided to just pick him, as I like him as a player.


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                        • With the 49th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                          the CLEVELAND BROWNS select;

                          S DEIONTE THOMPSON, ALABAMA

                          Deionte Thompson is my #121 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board

                          S DEIONTE THOMPSON ALABAMA

                          Mississippi (2018): Playing mostly single high, but used at various depths in other zone drops. Single high, Go route up sideline, did not seem remotely ready to deal with a bomb on the first play of the game, was never going to get all the way to the sideline and impact the play anyway with the low trajectory Ta’amu used. Bailed out from Cover two look to single high on snap, another bomb attempt up the sideline, Thompson able to drift over around the numbers, luckily pass a little off target. Range on that looked pretty good. Came charging up from single high zone, speed looked good, diving and completely whiffing on the RB on off tackle run did not. Single high, Go route up the sideline, QB arm hit as he threw, ball underthrown, Thompson was able to get to the numbers again. That seems to be his range, which is rock solid. QB draw up the middle, Thompson charged up from deep safety and absolutely smashed into the QB at full speed causing a fumble. Walked up to LB depth on the snap, read inside run, able to wrap up RB for short gain. Single high, WR with an out route and able to get around the CB for some YAC, Thompson able to come up and chop him down to limit the big play. Single high, TE in the slot on a deep slant, QB rolled out and tried to hit him on the sideline, Thompson able to fly up and knock the ball down, looked like he should have had the INT though. Single high, Go route up far sideline, Ta’amu with a 50/50 jump ball, Thompson easily able to drift over but other DBs able to knock it down. Lined up over slot and stayed in shallow zone, TE ran a dig route that Thompson tried to pick up, TE beat him clean but dropped the pass. Single high, cheated a little towards the side with two WRs, QB saw that and went with a Go route up the other side to the single WR, ball overthrown. Thompson not even close to being able to get over on that pass as he got caught drifting the other way. Missed tackle on QB in open field on scramble. Charged up from safety spot on the snap, read outside run, had a clear shot at the RB for a potential safety and just bounced off his thigh on the tackle attempt. Didn’t play in the 4th quarter of this blow out win. Appears to be a solid coverage FS prospect, range is good, not great. Will run up and deliver the big hit, but not a great fundamental wrap up tackler in the run game. Athleticism looks pretty good, wasn’t used in man in this game, but should have some ability in that type of coverage. Pretty dependable in zone, though will cheat and gamble at times.

                          Georgia (2018): Playing various forms of zone, some cover two, but mostly just zone drops at various depths in the middle of the field. Cover two, read inside draw, charged up and chopped down the RB in the hole after decent gain. Not much for wrap up or fundamental tackling, but he will drive his shoulder right into the RB’s legs. Cover two, solid over the top position on intermediate corner route. Single high, able to come up and make tackle on slot WR on inside slant. Charged up quickly on jet sweep, able to chop down WR for minimal gain. He’s pretty good diving right through the legs. Missed tackle on TE in the open field, tried to arm tackle him, that wasn’t going to work. TD saving tackle on RB running clear up the sideline, able to cut him off from deep safety spot. Once again, no wrap up tackle, just shoulder through the legs. Came charging up on inside run, RB able to spin off his shoulder tackle attempt this time. Cover two, read outside sweep, able to run up and help tackle RB for a loss. Wrapped up his feet that time. Shallow zone coverage, TE ran a slant right across his face, Thompson appeared to be peeking into the backfield too intently, tried to chase after the TE but QB put ball right on him for a monster gain, Thompson tried to grab his jersey at one point, that didn’t work at all. It’s possible the Georgia TE is really fast, more likely Thompson might not be as good an athlete as I thought. He could not catch up to the TE for like 40 yards. Solid job coming all the way across the field to help tackle RB on the sideline on off tackle run. He’s loafed on a few of those at times, where he assumes his teammates will make the tackle, nice to see him go full speed there the entire play. Played a lot of zone in this game, almost the entire time. Alabama chose to leave the CBs on an island, probably to have Thompson help out more in the running game, which he did. He’s not a good tackler, no form or technique, but he’s an effective tackler because he puts his entire body leading with his shoulder right into the quads of the ball carrier and chops them down. Not sure that’s sustainable as an effective tackling technique, but it does show some toughness and willingness to put his body on the line to slow down RBs. This tape was mostly about him in the run game, had the one big mistake against the TE, and really did not have to defend much in the passing game here. Biggest concern is now his speed or potential lack thereof.

                          Oklahoma (2018): Playing mostly cover two and three in this game, some single high. Blitz off the edge, picked up by the pulling LG, QB cut under his rush and scrambled for decent gain. Mix of cover two and cover three early in this game. Cover two, quick throw to TE on seam route, had to dive to make catch, Thompson was in position deep to make the tackle if he kept his balance. Shallow zone in middle of field, QB unable to complete pass on crossing route, not sure Thompson had much to do with it but he sure celebrated like he did. Just looked like a bad low throw. Single high, able to run to the sideline and make a solo tackle on the FB chugging up the field, this is a big guy, and Thompson did his normal thing where he just dives right through the legs leading with his shoulder. Cover two, solid job driving up on inside slant, bad pass or else he was in position to put a big hit on the WR. Missed tackle on QB on scramble, just spun off his shoulder block thing and was unable to reach out and grab his feet as he went by. Charged up on outside run, had to contort to dive at RB and was able to grab his feet and drag him down. Cover two, drifted behind the FB on a slant that he turned up field on a scramble drill, made sure to stay deep, QB overthrew the ball, Thompson dropped an easy INT in the end zone. That’s two drops now on balls he should have picked off on these tapes. Only had two picks all year. Safe to say he has questionable hands. Crosscheck that at the Combine. Cover two, inside slant, came charging up and delivered big hit with his shoulder. Always the right shoulder no matter where on the field. That thing is going to get arthritis early. Cover two, started to flow with his WR on crossing route, saw QB go deep for WR up seam on other side, tried to get back to help on that but not able. Thompson was not beat on that play, that was not single high coverage, the other safety got roasted up the seam in his zone. Cover two, inside slant came charging up to deliver big hit but CB had swatted ball away. Single high, go route up sideline, Thompson’s range does seem to be to the numbers, if even that far. That’s solid, not great. Ball incomplete, thrown too far out of bounds. Able to charge up and tackle QB scrambling around the edge for no gain. That was a nice play, it was just he and Murray in space.

                          Overall, solid tape.He’s a good player against the run and pass, has legit zone coverage skills, though his hands are in question.Not much of a wrap up tackler, likes to give up his body and dive through legs leading with his right shoulder every time.A little worried about injury and if that will work in the NFL, but he was super consistent tackling everyone he went up against that way on these tapes.Did wrap up at times when he just wasn’t in position to throw his shoulder, so I know he can do it, but his wrap up tackles are mostly just grabbing a foot and not letting go.I like him as a fairly big hitter, shows restraint and pulls up when he should. Think he’s rock solid as a cover two safety, do have some questions about his speed if used in a cover one role.His range appeared to be less than numbers to numbers, so that would not be ideal.Would probably make a great special teams player day one on kick coverage.

                          Note/Explanation For Ranking: Had to have wrist surgery and missed the Combine, may not work out prior to the draft. That never works out well in terms of draft value. The Georgia TE that he chased and could not catch was Nauta. Nauta ran a 4.9 at the Combine, before running a 4.8 at his Pro Day and being happy about that time. That guy out ran Thompson for 40 yards. With Thompson potentially not running prior to the draft, that terrifies me about his speed. He's too small to play as a box safety, he wasn't used as nor does he appear quick enough to play as a coverage slot, and I already had doubts about him being a single high due to range at the NFL level. That leaves cover 2 or smaller range zone safety, which greatly diminishes value. If at any point Thompson can run and show he's a 4.5 or 4.6 guy, I would move him up, possibly significantly depending on athleticism and speed shown, though I still have some issues with his play and his potential for injury. He is a rock solid player on tape, but that gets you nowhere without the athleticism to match. So, could be a good pick, could be a bad pick, kind of depends on if he can workout and the numbers he can post. There was definitely cause to worry about his speed on the tape.


                          • With the 50th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                            the MINNESOTA VIKINGS select;

                            S TAYLOR RAPP, WASHINGTON

                            Taylor Rapp is the #76 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board

                            S TAYLOR RAPP WASHINGTON

                            Auburn (2018): Playing mostly single high, zone at LB depth, cover two, and some man coverage in the slot. Charged up from single high to clean up tackle on WR screen after big gain. Same thing to the other side of the field, big hit on the WR on that tackle. Playing Cover two with Auburn in the red zone. Blitz up middle from deep safety, speed looked average, might have been coming up at least than full speed looking for a running play. Does a good job wrapping up on all these clean up tackles, hasn’t missed yet. Lined up at LB depth, blitz looping around the outside, quick pass to slot WR for long gain up sideline. Nothing looked very fast, not the blitz nor the chase of the WR. Didn’t look slow, but roughly in the average to above average range. Picket up the TE out of the backfield in the flat, blanketed him. Up at LB depth, read off tackle run, came up and wrapped up RB for minimal gain. Solid press man coverage on slot WR running intermediate slant route. Blitz off edge, unable to get to RB in backside pursuit on inside run. So, mixture of Auburn’s offense and how Rapp was deployed are the reason for few notes. When he’s in single high, he’s way back and just not involved in any plays unless somebody misses a tackle, Rapp did a perfect job of cleaning up those plays. Once it became clear that Auburn couldn’t block well enough to throw deep, Rapp was used more at LB depth playing a shallow zone against all the quick swing and screen passes. Thought he showed a well-rounded game, was effective in the box at times against the run, flashed tight man coverage in the slot, and played a rock solid tackling safety role. Wasn’t tested deep, so no good grasp on his lateral range yet. Biggest question was his apparent lack of elite speed, it really did look average. Combine can answer that.

                            Oregon (2018): Playing mostly a shallow zone at LB depth in this game, some single high and cover two and three as well. Up at LB depth, read inside run, good lateral chase and wrap up tackle of RB to limit the big play. Plays on kick coverage on special teams, able to strip the return guy on the tackle. Creeping up from safety depth, read inside draw, nice form tackle on the RB for short gain. Excellent job on run blitz off the snap, good speed and burst, able to come around the end of the line and trip up the RB on backside pursuit for a short gain, might have saved a TD run on that play. Press man on TE in the slot, short drag route, solid coverage until Rapp tripped and fell down, QB unable to complete pass though. Had an INT on a deflected ball that Rapp skied up in the air for, but teammate McIntosh tackled him and knocked it away. Rapp let Jojo know he wasn’t happy about that after the play. Moved him up to ILB on 3rd and 7 to spy the QB. Continues to be a very steady force in the running game, very sure wrap up tackler, and good instincts to find his way to the RB and avoid blocks. Up at LB depth, playaction, bit inside a little bit, quick pass to slot TE, Rapp able to chase him down after decent gain. Spent the vast majority of this game at LB depth playing the run. He was solid in that role. Oregon seemed to run the ball noticeably better any time Rapp was back at his normal safety location, which is common sense since one less guy in the box, but Rapp is always really consistent and solid in the run game. A little surprised with how much Oregon pounded the rock, but apparently Washington was ready for it. Thought Rapp separated himself as a plus run defender on this tape.

                            Washington State (2018): Playing cover two. At Cover two depth, outside WR with an intermediate slant route, Rapp charged up jumping the route and should have had a pick six but dropped the INT, rain probably didn’t help. Came up from deep cover two on swing pass to RB in the flat, RB able to give him a little wiggle shake and jet up the sideline for some more YAC. Now it’s snowing pretty heavy in the second quarter. Rapp with a blitz off edge, picked up easily by the RT. On kick coverage team, speed continues to look fairly average. Not sure about Rapp as any type of excellent athlete. Nice job flying up from way deep in Cover two to make the tackle and stop an outside run on 3rd down. Decent job in lateral chase reading inside run and flashing across the field to stop the RB just short of the goal line on ten yard run. Limited notes because against a pass oriented team, Rapp played a deep Cover Two almost the entire game exclusively. The snow, even though the second half cleared up nicely, probably limited WSU from taking many deep shots. This was a dink and dunk game by WSU, and the Washington front 7 largely dominated. Not a lot learned from this tape unfortunately.

                            Overall, Rapp looks pretty versatile. Against a run heavy team like Oregon he was in the box most of the game, and against a pass heavy team like WSU, he was deep at his Cover two safety position. I feel good about his instincts and tackling ability in the run game. Does a good job playing half field at safety, I’m not sure he has more range that that, but the Combine can answer that question. That will impact his draft value, if he’s more than just a Cover two type safety, he’s very enticing due to his well-rounded game. Probably similar to Jessie Bates from last draft, just extremely solid and well rounded. If he tests around what Bates did, I could see him going in a similar area in the draft.

                            Note/Explanation:Did not run the 40 at the Combine, which is unfortunate as I had concerns about his speed on tape. Thought his playstyle was very similar to Jessie Bates who went 54th overall last year. With the testing Rapp did do, the agility was very similar, but he had far less explosion, and likely speed (since that has a correlation to explosion testing). Still, Rapp is a stud against the run, so if his speed does not check out, he should be perfectly fine as a Strong Safety, though the draft value for such players can be a little fuzzy. If his speed does check out, this is the exact range I would move him to. Right now, I'm just projecting him as a good strong safety with solid size and below average speed that will be limited to zone coverage, thus the mid-3rd round ranking. If he can show he is faster than I think he is, he'll be moved up into the 2nd round for sure.


                            • Are we going to have our first guy miss his pick? For shame 24


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                                Are we going to have our first guy miss his pick? For shame 24
                                No. I’ll make the selection in 20 minutes.