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  • Thanks MUG.....yes as i mentioned in my write-up my plan is ultimately for him to be a FS for us.

    MUG has liked both my picks so far....nice!


    • Yeah, who are you and what have you done with SoCal?


      • Originally posted by SoCalBronco View Post
        Thanks MUG.....yes as i mentioned in my write-up my plan is ultimately for him to be a FS for us.

        MUG has liked both my picks so far....nice!
        To be fair he also thought roderick johnson was a 1st round tackle.


        • Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
          Yeah, who are you and what have you done with SoCal?
          LMAO.....I've got Scribe on the run now.


          • Yes, Med, oft injured Houston is the answer for the colts 14 days into free agency. Doubtful he changes their plans


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              Come on Shanny!


              • Nope this is great, Shananahan has an old lady to take care of. She needs his attention, his pick will be in tomorrow. Lets give him his space.


                • Damn it Shananahan! Slow down your picks. What is wrong with you this year.


                  • At this rate, the draft will be over by the time I get on a cruiseship on April 6th.


                    • Yeah yeah yeah. I've been working.

                      Really wish I'd taken Ford or Risner at 29 now, as it sorta seems Butler might have fallen to me here. Those two and Gardner-Johnson were my hopeful targets for 37. I feel like after the combine, there's a decent chance Oruwariye slips into the first and you can never have enough cornerback talent. I really wanted to take someone else at this spot, but it just really wasn't a team need at this point in the draft. Highly doubt he makes it to the bottom of the round, but here's hoping.


                      • I was wondering when Marquise Brown was going to be selected. He was sticking out like a sore thumb. I wasn't expecting the Titans to go with a WR, but it could easily be a BPA case. He might still go in the 1st despite the foot surgery.


                        • With the 37th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                          the NEW YORK GIANTS select;

                          CB AMANI ORUWARIYE, PENN STATE

                          Amani Oruwariye is my #50 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board.

                          CB AMANI ORUWARIYE PENN STATE

                          Pittsburgh (2018): Playing RCB. Off man, short crossing route, had some issues following the WR through the middle of the field, QB had to scramble around before finally throwing to the wide open WR, ball was well behind him and Oruwariye almost had a gift INT on a play he was beaten incredibly badly. Blitz from boundary CB, picked up by RT. Walled off by WR on off tackle run. Oruwariye is listed as a bigger CB, he better not be passive and unable to get off WR blocks in the run game. Blitz off boundary corner, pressure on QB, picked up by RB. Off man, big cushion, stop and go route, not fooled, good coverage and inside position, QB threw a wounded duck, Oruwariye did a nice job boxing out the WR and securing the INT. Big hit on the RB charging up on off tackle run, squared him up and chopped him down, that’s a nice physical play. Off man, curl route, nice transition and drive to swat away the ball at catch point. Off man, big cushion, out route for 10 yards, big hit to smash the WR out of bounds. Swing pass to RB in flat, charged up sideline, Oruwariye came flying up from deep, massive collision, Oruwariye mostly got trucked but was able to knock the RB Hall out of bounds at the point of contact. Not concerned about him being afraid of contact or reluctant in the run game, he comes up to lay the wood for sure. Just needs to work on getting off WR blocks a little better. Played mostly off man in this game with a decent cushion. Largely rained the entire game so wonder if that impacted how he was deployed. Not much passing due to the weather, flashed a few times in coverage.

                          Ohio State (2018): Playing RCB and LCB. Ball did not come his way at all the entire first quarter, mostly playing his normal off man with large cushion along with zone coverage. Off man, intermediate comeback route, perfect coverage, ball incomplete at sideline. Charged up from zone on RB screen, had a shot to make the tackle but unable to do so, looked like he may have been getting blocked when he went to dive for the tackle. That screen resulted in a 25 yard TD. Off man, big cushion, stop route, 5 yard gain. WR screen, very hesitant to charge up through blockers and try to make a tackle, just sort of sat back and watched the WR work up the field. Blitz off boundary CB for pressure and QB hit. Off man, intermediate crossing route. Oruwariye followed the WR across the entire field, had a couple steps and made the grab ten yards deep. Oruwariye and another DB collided, WR got loose and wove through the rest of the defense for a 50 yard TD. That was Oruwariye’s man, he did have to cover him across the entire field and for a fairly long time, but he was beaten for a long TD on the play by four or five steps on the replay. RB screen, came flying up and blew up the lead blocker, teammates did not clean up the tackle on the RB. Press man, Go route up sideline, nice tight coverage, QB went elsewhere. Seemed like the OSU QB wanted no part of challenging Oruwariye and instead mainly focused on the other half of the field. He was able to hit some big plays against him the few times he tried though. Mostly lackluster tape, mainly stayed in off man coverage with a big cushion. Understandable against the burners on OSU. Definitely have some concerns about athleticism and speed though, he got worked on that one crossing route for a long TD. Appears to be primarily a zone CB.

                          Iowa (2018); Playing RCB. Press man, intermediate slant, QB wanted to throw to his man but had to pull it down and toss it out of bounds instead. Solid coverage. Zone coverage, able to drift over and clean up tackle on TE after long gain, was dragged about five extra yards though. Press man, nice coverage on corner fade route, ball went elsewhere. Press man, inside slant on 3rd and goal from the three, tight coverage, made QB hold onto the ball a little longer than he wanted and was hit just as he was about to throw causing incompletion. Oruwariye’s tight coverage there forced a FG and saved a TD. Press man, corner fade, good coverage, QB rolled out, WR tried a comeback route to the pylon, Oruwariye good mirror and right there to force incompletion. Charged up on RB sweep, FB able to pancake him, teammates cleaned up tackle for minimal gain though once the lead blocker was removed. Blitz off edge, chopped down by RB. Off tackle run, Oruwariye able to fight through WR block and help tackle RB after a 10 yard gain. Zone coverage, came flying up on curl route by slot receiver, able to swat ball away and force a punt. Inside draw, Oruwariye able to help clean up tackle again 10 yards down the field. Off tackle run, wrap up tackle on the RB after 10 yards for the third time. Oruwariye is mostly dropping into zone or playing a deep off man coverage, so even when he comes up from his coverage depth, the RB is still well down the field. Press man, Go route up sideline, tight coverage, ball over thrown. Would have been better if he had looked back for the ball instead of just playing the WR. Off man, comeback route for 10 yards and a first down on 3rd and long. Just gave up way too much cushion, seemed oblivious to first down marker. Off man, big cushion, 5 yard curl route, tackle on reception. Zone drop, 10 yard out by inline TE, a little late getting over but pushed him out bounds after the catch. Chopped down by TE on RB sweep for 40 yards, his getting blocked was the key play that sprung the huge gain. Swing pass to RB, big hit by Oruwariye down the sideline to make the tackle after big gain. Off man, corner fade, WR had a step but ball overthrown out of end zone. Zone, came charging up on stop route and able to blast the WR at catch point and force an incompletion. Press man, 15 yard comeback route to the sideline, WR just beat him clean on the play. Oruwariye doesn’t appear to have much in terms of quick twitch change of direction and reaction ability. Tape was mostly decent, I felt like Iowa was going after him play after play at times.

                          Is average in the run game, sometimes makes a nice play, but all too often is walled off, even by WRs. In coverage, he’s mostly a zone CB with some physicality. Doesn’t appear to possess the speed or agility to match up well in press man. Will have to see what happens at the Combine. For the most part, I view him as a league average CB prospect with plus size. That in itself has good value. Comparison would be Carlton Davis from last draft who went late in Round 2. (Tested well, very similar testing to Davis, a little more agile, potential to be more than just a zone corner).


                          • With the 38th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                            the TENNESSEE TITANS select;

                            WR MARQUISE BROWN, OKLAHOMA

                            Marquise Brown is my #31 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board.

                            WR MARQUISE BROWN OKLAHOMA

                            Iowa State (2018); Playing outside and in the slot. Swing pass from the slot, good speed, quick, able to cut up field and move the chains before being tackled on first contact. Intermediate curl route from the slot, able to juke the first tackler and race across the field and up the far sideline, good angle by the safety only thing that kept him from housing that, still was a 50 yard gain. Doing some work on 3rd downs, another conversion on 3rd and 5, same as that last big play, and same route, curl from the slot. This time tackled immediately after the reception. Did a nice job avoiding the jam on his route. Seam route from the slot for an 80 yard TD, had off coverage and Brown just ran by the CB and then the safety, nobody on this defense seems capable of handling his raw speed. Nice over the shoulder catch. Quick out route from outside WR, five yard gain, knocked out of bounds immediately. Comeback route from outside WR spot, 15 yard gain, nice quickness after the catch to juke the DBs and get some YAC up the sideline. 15 yard gain on a double move slant corner route, only able to get one foot down on the sideline which is fine for college but he has to drag that other leg in the NFL. Hands looked good on every throw his way, speed looks lethal, very agile and quick. Looks more Tyreek Hill than John Ross, but that’s the type of rare speed we’re probably talking about.

                            Oklahoma State (2018); Playing outside and slot WR. Not much use blocking in the run game or for other WRs up the sideline. He is absolutely electric off the snap, not jamming him so far, explodes into his route, for whatever reason Murray not looking his way. That last route, Brown was wide open for a gimmie TD on a slant corner route with nobody near him. Struggles much more against the jam, especially on vertical routes. Sometimes he can slice or hop around the CB and then it’s over, but if the CB gets hands on him, Brown is stopped cold. 3rd and 4, lined up outside, ran short drag route across the entire field caught ball and tackled short of the first down. Off coverage, vertical route, scramble drill, QB looked like he was throwing it away and Brown flies up and catches it on the sideline for short gain. Short drag route on 3rd down, this time able to pick up the first on a 10 yard gain before running out of bounds to avoid contact. They keep running him on these little drag routes, not using Brown deep at all in the first half, not a big fan of this scheming. Off man coverage in the slot, deep post route, 50 yard TD, just ate up a massive cushion and then roasted the CB for the score just before halftime. Off man, inside slant, saw the S barreling at him and dropped the ball. Not lose concentration and fail to secure the catch, but literally intentionally dropping the pass so he didn’t get lit up. Out route from the slot for five yards, really nice hands catch on a ball thrown too high and hard. Short drag route for 30 yards, caught it clear and then sliced inside a would be tackler and able to get up the sideline and out of bounds without taking a hit. These Oklahoma guys, they don’t play around on offense about not taking hits, Murray and Brown get out of bounds, fall down, slide, drop balls, whatever it takes to avoid getting hit almost every game. Some is smart, some is just excessive. Off man, deep post, badly underthrown floater that Brown caught between two defenders for a 40 yard gain. Regardless of anything else, the guy is dynamite on deep balls and shows good hands. The intentional drop seconds before half time to avoid a hit bothers me. Brown has Velcro hands so pretty obvious what he did, even the announcers were a little bit stunned. Still, he’s a home run weapon with elite speed and great hands. There’s not a lot of those. John Ross is a home run weapon with elite speed and bricks for hands. He went early in the 1st round. Brown is certainly a better WR. Route tree a little limited, mostly ran short crossing stuff the entire game, then they’d pop him deep here and there, which was almost like an instant “I Win” button. Only question really is size and durability because he is tiny. If he can come in around 5’10 and 180, which is TY Hilton, DeSean Jackson, and Tyreek Hill territory, I think a team takes a chance on him high.

                            West Virginia (2018): Playing slot and outside WR. Quick screen, minimal yards, tackled almost immediately. Brown did not go down though, he was trying to fight through the tackle. 3rd and 7, press man, outside WR, took a jab step at the CB and then immediately raced down inside to avoid the jam, caught crossing route at the line and then turned up field to race for the first down yardage before CB was able to dive and tackle him. Off man, huge cushion, comeback route on the sideline for 15 yards, like taking candy from a baby. Decent block on the CB on off tackle run, you know that CB had no interest in trying to get off that block. Zone coverage, outside WR, post route, gave a stutter like he was about to do a curl, safety took a couple false steps and then Brown raced past him to catch the ball in the end zone for the score. His speed is lethal, can’t make any mistakes. Any time there is any type of scramble drill, especially if Murray went on a vertical route, he just runs back down the sideline and Murray heaves it over his way for the come back catch. Seemingly always an option. Crossing route from outside, ran a pick play on CB that did not get called, able to make reception and get up sideline for 30 yards. Off man, huge cushion, deep post route, Brown able to burn right past the CB and catch the long bomb before getting caught by that CB at the one yard line. That CB is really fast too. That makes me a little curious about his speed, I was thinking an elite 4.2 guy, now I’m thinking 4.3. Out wide, off man big cushion, stop route, easy catch and run for 10 yard gain. Has been able to beat the jam at times in this game, CB trying to hit him with two hands, Brown just jumping around it inside and getting into his route. Lined up in slot, swim move to get around jam, corner fade, awesome job of slowing down, walling off the CB with his tiny body, and making a nice over the shoulder basket catch for a 30 yard gain. Followed that up with a short drag route, caught the ball about two yards down the field, able to out race and avoid his CBs tackle attempt, turned up field, got a couple key blocks along the sideline, joysticked and jitterbugged around a few more tackle attempts, sliced back inside and race into the end zone for a 45 yard TD. It just looks like Tyreek Hill to me. Slot, zone coverage, curl route, easy 10 yard gain. Good job walling off CB on key QB scramble to pick up a first down and ice the game. Good tape, thought he played like a man in this game, not scared and rarely went down easy. All you can ask.

                            Overall, Brown is a tiny WR that is absolutely explosive due to speed and quickness, a legit threat to score any time he touches the ball which makes him extremely valuable. I’m thinking more 4.35 type speed, which is great, but not otherworldly, but his quickness and receiving ability is what makes it all stand out as a unique package. Brown has Velcro for hands, can make difficult catches routinely, knows how to use his body to shield CBs, and does good work in tight spaces on the sideline. Was very effective as a chain mover on 3rddown, similarly effective as a home run TD maker on vertical routes. Only question is size and durability. Got hurt at the end of the season, foot, so medical as well.


                            • Originally posted by -Rod- View Post
                              I was wondering when Marquise Brown was going to be selected. He was sticking out like a sore thumb. I wasn't expecting the Titans to go with a WR, but it could easily be a BPA case. He might still go in the 1st despite the foot surgery.
                              He was considered at 19 and couldn’t pick fast enough to get him at 38.

                              I thought several times he was gone to the Raiders, Patriots, 49ers, Giants. We had another guy we liked and would’ve been good with that.

                              I think Brown complements Corey Davis on the opposite side of the field very well. Gives Mariota another, much needed weapon that is dynamic.


                              • SoCalBronco Great pick with Chauncey Gardner-Johnson.