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  • I'd be pretty pissed if we took Risner at 10. At least trade down for the guy. I'd rather have Jonah Williams at 10. Wouldn't be thrilled with Dexter Lawrence at 10 but it would be solid.


    • Originally posted by Carmelo15 View Post

      I can't I will have two infants by then but I will be in Nashville next month. We went last year in Arlington it was awesome!
      Living the dream!

      edit: So we just don't have emojis anymore eh? I want to high five people dammit.


      • Originally posted by BowlenBall View Post
        If Denver took either Dexter Lawrence or Dalton Risner at #10 overall, I wouldn't be overly upset. Sure, that would be a reach, but still... both will play 10+ years in the NFL.
        I'm with you on Lawrence at least, he's not a reach at #10 at all, he's better than Vea and Shelton, he's going in that range. The guy is probably going to test more athletic than most 290 lb DTs, he's a freak athlete. I thought there was no way he was more than 315lbs with how well he moved and occasionally shot gaps. He's 350lbs, lol. It's Haloti Ngata like.

        Risner can't play OT without a TE covering him up. Doesn't kickslide, can't protect the edge. Sweat absolutely dog-walked him. #10 overall on an OG, or in my opinion, an OC, is a pretty steep price. I like Risner a lot as an interior mauler type in the run game, but I don't think he's anywhere near Quentin Nelson's level. I could see a direct comparison to Frank Ragnow, but I thought he was overdrafted a bit last year. I think his love for Denver, a little bit of SB overhype, and our apparent need for inside help has him really juiced up on these forums. I mean, I'm not going to lie, I kind of want him on Denver with that second round selection as well, he's good enough to go in that range and he loves the team. All you can ask for.


        • Have 15 minutes to finish a trade or I’ll pick here. Thanks!


          • Risner did just fine against Sweat in their game. He allowed one pressure is all.


            • Originally posted by ludo21 View Post
              Risner did just fine against Sweat in their game. He allowed one pressure is all.


              Mississippi State (2018): Playing RT. Solid athleticism, does a great job getting to the second level to wall of LBs. Made a mistake with his protection and let Sweat run in free for a smash on the QB to kill a drive. Doing a nice job in the run game, grapples, turns the DE, moves him a little, and keeps him completely walled off from the lane. Not showing much of a kickslide so far, just kind of shuffles to protect the edge and that’s not going to cut it. Sweat just destroyed him on a run play, jacked him up and pancaked him back into the RB to blow up the play. He doesn’t kick slide, what is this nonsense. Just got shoved back into the QB for a sack. Solid job pulling around the OC on an inside run. Sweat smoked him around the arc for a QB hit. This guy can’t play OT, his technique looks like he never has played OT before. He grapples well and can be an asset while run blocking, but he’s awful in pass pro on the edge. Did some quick research, he has earned high accolades at RT for the last three years. I have no idea how. His freshman year and during HS he was a standout at OC. I think he fits much better inside than at OT. This might be a situation like the Michigan guy from last year where he plays out of position to help the team, but will get drafted to play his original position. We’ll see. He’s showing good toughness and scrappiness, has no problem blocking through the whistle. Has a pretty strong punch if he can square up the DE. Sweat with a sack, but the QB pretty much ran into that one. Looks good blocking straight ahead, good combo block and then he’s up on the LB or Safety at the second level. He has solid feet and athleticism . Tried to pull him around the RT, that didn’t work. He’s generally looked good when he squares up his guy and just hunkers down against the rush. Rock solid as a run blocker. He just can’t play outside at the next level. Pretty interesting as an OG or OC. I think comparing him to Mason Cole makes sense.


              • This draft is loaded with talent. So many good players left here but Smith is a guy that really fits Buffalo here and despite this being a crazy good te class, I think he is head and shoulders over the remaining options at the position.


                • Originally posted by BroncosfanGuy View Post
                  This draft is loaded with talent. So many good players left here but Smith is a guy that really fits Buffalo here and despite this being a crazy good te class, I think he is head and shoulders over the remaining options at the position.
                  Everyone fits Buffalo cos they're so ****, look how many Free Agents they signed. Smith is an excellent pick though.


                  • Originally posted by eddie mac View Post

                    Everyone fits Buffalo cos they're so ****, look how many Free Agents they signed.
                    Well that's true too


                    • With the 34th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                      the BUFFALO BILLS trade up and snag their target;

                      TE IRV SMITH, ALABAMA

                      Irv Smith is my #100 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board.

                      TE IRV SMITH ALABAMA

                      LSU (2018): Playing slot, hback, inline. Nice job down blocking on the DE from hback, then he picked up the safety crashing down and walled him off as well. That looked nice. Corner route from inline position, had the ball go right through his hands for a drop, ran a nice route and had a step on the safety. Arrow route from inline position for about 10 yards. Total whiff on a block on DT from hback, doesn’t seem to be overly interested in being a blocker. Struggling with separating from S Harris, is blanketing him on most routes from the slot. Curl route against zone coverage from the slot for 10 yards. Corner route for a 30 yard TD from the slot, absolutely jigged S Delpit out of his jock with a fake dig route and then raced to the pylon to make a nice catch for the TD. Athleticism and route running chops look legit, which is good, because he’s mostly just a big slot WR. Probably only played around half the snaps in the first half of the game. He’s rarely asked to block inline, Hentges is the primary TE on running downs. TE screen for 20 yards, he can really motor, as in he looks legitimately fast. Decent job leading a WR screen and walling off the safety. That’s the type of blocking he does well. Wham block on the DE from hback, maybe the softest wham block I’ve ever seen, he wants no part of smashing into somebody. This guy is a finesse player all the way. Solid kickout block from hback on the OLB on off tackle run, that was effective. The only blocking you really get from him is down blocking on the DE or some decent blocking in space on the LB or S. Receiving TE all the way. Thought he looked good in this game, had the one drop, but he has some serious athleticism and speed.

                      Georgia (2018): Playing hback, slot, inline. Perfect lead block from hback on inside run, he actually smashed into the LB and did his job. If he keeps doing that, now we are talking. Seam route, wide open deep down the field, turned to catch the bomb and just dropped it. One of the worst drops you’ll see. He had a bad drop on a deep throw in the LSU game as well, this might be a recurring problem. Flat route for short gain, not able to make first guy miss. Decent lead block from hback on 15 yard run, mostly just stood in front of the S and walled him off, but it worked. Lead block on the 1 yard TD plunge from hback, picked off the LB in the end zone. Solid block on the DB out leading a WR screen, pushed his guy wide. Great lead block on OLB at second level as lead block on inside draw. He’s looking good in the hback role. 10 yard curl route from inline against zone, just sat down in the soft spot for the easy completion. He played the vast majority of snaps in the first half, but once they had to play catch up in the second half, he barely played, they mostly went with three and four WRs. Tried to hit him on short out route, bad throw, out of bounds. Huge key completion on a 15 yard dig route to convert a 3rd down and set them up to win the game, he fumbled at the end of it but was able to recover. Nice route, tight man coverage by the safety, still made a nice catch on the ball. Once they got back within a score, he was back on field for most of the snaps again. I thought this was better tape than the LSU game, he had some legitimate nice run blocks in this game, all from hback, where he played the vast majority of his snaps. Had the one awful drop, but he made up for it with that catch late to help win the game. Maybe not as big of a finesse guy as I thought. Still limited as a blocker, but he put in some work this game.

                      Clemson (2018): Playing inline, hback, slot. Started the game off with a solid positional block on DE Bryant and then followed that up with another solid block on Ferrell. Solid block on S from the slot on off tackle run. This is looking good so far. Flat route for no gain, wasn’t able to make the CB miss. Smoked the S Wallace on an intermediate crossing route from the slot, just went right around him and made a nice break for a 20 yard gain. Nice job shoving down the OLB on a blitz from hback on 4th and 1, that block made the play successful. Actually getting some reps as an inline blocker in this game, doing fine on Bryant, he’s mostly just playing contain but Smith will wall him off from the play if needed. Nice little slant in, slant out route, was left open in the flat, made some people miss with some nice moves and picked up 15 yards. Has good athleticism, good feet and quickness. This is a good player. Solid job in pass pro on Ferrell from hback, had inside help, but he rode him wide of the QB. One of the only pass pro reps he’s done. Great lead block from hback on run down to the goal line, met LB Lamar in the hole and sealed him off. That was flawlessly done. Did it again on the next play though the RB was stopped short. I’m going to change my toon on him based on these last two games, he can block and he’s willing to block. He’s not much of an inline guy, but this tape was really similar to George Kittle who I thought was excellent as an hback at Iowa.

                      Smith primarily played hback these last two games and he was dynamite. When he was put in the slot, he was a mismatch on the safeties and usually produced. He’s rarely used inline, maybe 2-3 times per game, though he had a nice rep there in this game. Can’t punish the player for the scheme, he might be capable of playing more of an inline role, he has the toughness, he showed that in these last two games slamming into the LBs over and over. Really strong run blocking. Athleticism and speed look very good, I expect he’ll test well. Hands are a little hit or miss, but mostly solid. I think he’s an offensive weapon with some blocking development upside.

                      Note/Explanation: Smith measured in way smaller than originally listed at 6'2, 240lbs at the Combine, essentially cementing the fact he's a slot weapon or hback. That would normally be fine because that's what he was on tape. However, I expected him to test well, he tested way below what I was expecting. So, much shorter and much less athletic. I was already a little iffy with him due to his hands being a little hit or miss. I still think his usage can be similar to George Kittle, but Kittle is 6'4, 250. I dropped Smith a full round after the Combine measurements. I thought maybe he could develop into an inline blocker originally, but not at that size. As a slot weapon and hback on tape, I thought he was fun to watch and a legitimate weapon. At his size though, you try and compare him to other TE/slot weapons that have come out at his measurables. Last year no TE his height or weight was drafted. The smallest guy was Akins at 6'3, 250 in the late 3rd. So, we go to the 2017 draft. Evan Engram checks in at 6'3, 235, but he ran a 4.4 and came with a ton of experience as a slot weapon, he went early. Gerald Everett is a decent comparison at 6'3, 240, the speed is similar, but Everett had stellar lower body explosion with his jumps, Smith did not, and he was used as a slot in college as well, he went 44th overall. In 2016, Thomas Duarte was drafted at TE, 6'2, 230, but that was in the 7th round. Smith is just a unique body size, and he wasn't really used as a TE either inline or in the slot as much as he was an hback. He might very well go here or higher, but I wanted to give an explanation for why I have him where I do. I tried to mesh measurements, with on field usage and production, with draft history, and in the end I was not comfortable taking him earlier than the 3rd round due to the possibility he drops due to those strange measurables for the position. As you can tell from the tape notes, I liked his actual tape and play on the field. He plays faster than he tests, the problem is at 6'2, 240, he's never going to be an inline TE. And I'm not sure he's fast enough or athletic enough to play slot WR full time. That leaves hback, a position that is very useful, but not all teams use it and none tend to draft it high. Anyway, just my thoughts and reasoning.


                      • ahhh chase winovich, my man crush. Love that dude so much.


                        • Finally Johnson goes. Great pick Socal! Best safety in this class imo


                          • With the 35th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                            the OAKLAND RAIDERS select;

                            DE CHASE WINOVICH, MICHIGAN

                            Chase Winovich is my #81 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board.

                            DE CHASE WINOVICH MICHIGAN

                            Notre Dame (2018): Playing DE. Starting at RDE in a 43 defense, but switches sides frequently. Beat the LT off the snap by slicing inside for a QB hit. Left him unblocked to set up a screen, he got to the QB so quickly that the QB almost couldn’t even get the ball out. Shows some rush ability on redirect after initial attempt is stalled, has good feet and gets up to speed quickly, also flashes a decent inside spin move to help disengage. Lost contain on read option, went after the RB inside instead. He didn’t cheat and crash inside, just seemed to get confused on who had the ball. Strong rip move to disengage from blockers, uses it often and to good effect. Great effort, chases everything all over the field. Arc rush on LT for a pressure, decent athleticism, not sure he can change direction well at the top of his rush, he didn’t in this case. Good enough athleticism and relentless play style makes him a monster on backside pursuit plays, he’ll track that RB down behind the line before he can cut up the far sideline. Beat LT on arc rush, he’s a little stiff in the hips though, has to throttle down to change direction and pivot towards the QB. Elite pass rushers don’t do that. Is struggling at times with the read option, he does tend to go after the RB almost every time. Would say he’s not holding contain as well as you’d like, misjudged the RBs speed and the guy just out raced him to the edge. Hard QB hit on redirect off block from RT, got stood up on initial bull rush, just effortlessly bounces off and redirects around the outside of the LT before he can shift over. That seems to be one of his best traits, he’s a quick starter. Solid job reading screen, tried to get back and disrupt lane, ended up having to chase the RB down and make the tackles 20 yards down field. Sack against the LT, same thing as before, stopped on initial rush attempt, keeps his feet moving and just kind of ping pongs off that initial block and redirects around the OT before he can react. He’s a ping pong ball that never stops moving forward. QB hit, just powered around the RT on a straight speed rush around the arc, doesn’t have the elite speed to eat him clean, but got the angle and muscled through. Bull rush on RT for a pressure, good jump off the snap, RT panicked and tried to pop out to defend the arc as quick as he could and Winovich just trucked him. Bull rush on RT for another pressure, tried to go low like he was going to chop block but Winovich got on him so quick off the snap he pretty much just ducked into his knee and got trucked again. Stack and shed on LT to stuff a run, good stoutness on that play. Sliced inside the LT for a QB hit, just beat him off the snap across his face. This is a monster game for Winovich, neither ND OT can slow him down. He’s a good athlete for sure, but nothing here is elite or even excellent. This is kind of your classic overachiever that just outworks and outefforts the opposing side. Very disruptive in the run game, shoots gaps, which is why he gets beat on contain at times, but also is fearless about taking on pulling OGs, tends to get under them and stand them up, clogging the hole. Bull rush on pulling RG, shoved him right back into the RB and stuffed the play for a loss. Overall, a lot to like here. High effort player, though sometimes undisciplined with contain. Makes a lot of plays in the backfield, seems to have plus athleticism and plus strength. More of a straight line speed and power guy than someone that is twitchy and changes directions, something he actually struggles with a bit at full speed.

                            Ohio State (2018): Playing DE. Beat the LT on an arc rush for a pressure, showed some ability to flatten out once he got to the top of his arc rush. Was curious if he could do that, he’s pretty stiff hipped. Arc rush against the LT, got pushed wide of the QB, tried to plant his feet and cut back but fell down. That’s going to be the problem with him, he has very little change of direction ability at full speed. He’s running around like his hair is on fire, effort is excellent, but he is just not beating these OTs in the first half, the RT and RG keep double teaming him, and when he gets the RT 1v1, the dude is just smothering him. Having his best, maybe only success, so far when he can do an arc rush 1v1 against the LT, he generally can get around him eventually, but only for pressures so far. Nice job reading run and working down the line before tackling the RB in the hole. Beat RT Prince inside with an outside in move plus swatting down his hands, put a good lick on the QB. Has been very strong against the run in this game, he has good straight line speed, runs down RBs from the back side frequently, especially since they aren’t blocking him. Continues to beat the LT around the arc, the ball is coming out so quick, it doesn’t matter and it’s probably scheme related due to the quick hitting nature of the passing attack, but he gets around the guy fairly easily. They’ll kick him inside at times, that doesn’t work so well, he gets buried by the OGs. Solid stack and shed on LT on outside run to string the play out. OSU is killing Michigan, but it’s mostly inside runs and big plays away from Winovich’s side. Still, this has been a tough game for him, the RT has beaten him up most of the game, the LT Winovich has gotten the better of, but he blocks him just long enough that the ball comes out. There’s been some near misses for Winovich, but this is a far cry and kind of the polar opposite of the ND game where nobody could stop him from just running by both OTs. These OTs largely have stopped him. Played with high effort as always, but I think some of his physical limitations might have slowed him here. When you mostly win with speed and power, but go against OTs that cut off the speed and have even more power, that’s some tough sledding.

                            Florida (2018); Playing DE. Relentless effort on display first play, the LT put a strong drive block on him, he eventually slipped the block and redirected to hit the QB and force an incompletion. Solid job slicing inside the LT to help stuff run. Continues to show that he is not a guy you can leave unblocked on backside on running plays, he will chase them down. Double and triple teaming him at times, usually an OT and TE plus the occasional RB. Continues to not be great with contain, he almost always takes the inside option and they get around the edge for decent gains. Has happened every game. I can’t imagine he’s taught to do that. This is the same thing as the OSU game, he’s getting smothered and erased by the RT in their matchups, he can generally beat the LT around the arc, but by the time he works around him the ball is out or the QB is scrambling. Nice quick inside slant off the snap to beat the RT Taylor and stuff the RB for a loss. That might have been the quickest I’ve seen him look, that was a really nice move, timed the snap perfect. Continue to not block him on the back side, he continues to chase down the RB for a loss. He has very good straight line speed. If you don’t at least bump him and alter his course, he’s going to wreck the play. Tried to dip around the RT on arc rush, doesn’t usually do that, the RT just shoved him into the dirt though for his efforts. Sliced inside the LT for a pressure, he’s showing a little more suddenness and quickness than in the previous games. Beat the RG around the arc for a QB sack, RT had to kickout on the blitzer, Winovich with too much speed for the RG to reach block. Pretty easy sack. Generally played strong run defense in this game, has the occasional gaffe with contain, but the counter to that is he just a superb job on working down the line on inside runs and makes his fair share of impact tackles. Flashed a little bit more quickness and athleticism in this game on his pass rushes, but still mostly struggled with the size and power of the UF OTs.

                            He’s mostly a straight line speed guy that plays with a non-stop motor. Definitely an overachiever type, effort alone gets him a lot of his production. The biggest issue is that he’s not great with beating his man straight up often enough. Does a good job on redirect after initially losing his primary rush, he can win at times with that, but too often he just gets engulfed by the OTs and erased. Probably will fare better against quicker OL where he can overpower them. Kind of reminds me of Jordan Willis from KSU a few years ago, better against the run, but decent on the pass rush, mostly wins with just effort. Solid athlete, but stiff in the hips and doesn’t pivot and change direction well. Concerns are going to be change of direction numbers at the Combine and length. Not worried about his straight line speed at all. Not used off the ball at all, probably is a 43 DE only in the NFL. I hope he has the length for it. If he doesn’t, it might explain why he gets engulfed by the OTs so often and also why he loses his initial rush attempt so often. (Note: Agility drills came back fine, Length came back not so fine).


                            • With the 36th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                              the SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS select;

                              S CHAUNCEY GARDNER-JOHNSON, FLORIDA

                              Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is my #20 overall prospect on my Top 300 Big Board.

                              S CHAUNCEY GARNDER-JOHNSON FLORIDA

                              LSU (2018): Playing mostly slot CB, lined up a few times at LB depth. Blitz off the edge, easily able to tackle RB for a loss in back side pursuit. Off man coverage on slot WR on quick out route, looked fine. Zone coverage at LB depth, not tested. He’s lining up all over and doing different things, just making quick notes. Blitz off edge, walled off by TE on inside run for short TD. Lined up in off man over slot WR, WR screen, CGJ zipped around his guy’s block attempt and was able to wrap up the WR with the ball for a loss. Press man on slot WR running inside slant, solid jam and tight coverage, peeled off his guy to help tackle outside WR after short catch. Decent job getting off his WR’s block down the field and chopping down the RB on a long inside run. Continues to do a nice job of getting involved in the running game and cleaning up tackles down the field. Off man coverage on slot WR, quick slant, easy catch and short gain. Solid job falling off WR block in the slot and chasing down the QB on a scramble. Was going to be a long run if CGJ didn’t get him. Off man coverage in the slot, roasted by the WR on a corner route, just ran right by him and got several steps, QB overthrew the pass. Not sure what CGJ was doing, appeared to be preparing to jump a quick inside slant, wasn’t expecting a vertical route. Shows good agility and strength to either dance around or fight through blocks by the WRs. Has elite transition ability, when from back peddling in off man in the slot to reading RB screen and immediately charging forward at top speed in a nano second. Just a super smooth athlete. Off man on slot WR, quick inside slant, immediate tackle for short gain, almost able to swat ball away. Off man on slot WR, intermediate curl, right there on the break point, bad pass probably saved an INT. CBJ’s transition on any type of stop or comeback route are excellent, he seems to sit on those routes and cheat a little bit though. Curious to see if he gets beat often on double moves. Off man on slot WR, deep slant on 3rd and forever, WR able to get inside position and QB made a nice throw to convert, CGJ tackled him immediately. Alright, so not really used as a safety here at all, this was slot CB usage very similar to how Alabama deployed Fitzpatrick last year. Thought he did a fine job in both the run and passing games, even with a few mistakes scattered throughout. Athleticism looks pretty special, he’s extremely fluid, and if he’s as big as he’s listed, that’s going to be really enticing to a lot of teams.

                              Georgia (2018): Playing mostly in the slot in a mix of man and press coverages, some reps as a safety in zone drops at various levels. On the kick coverage team, which he should be amazing at. Lined up in press man in the slot, WR bubble screen, his WR able to throw him to the ground. Probably should have been a hold on that play. Lined up at LB depth in the slot, read inside run, saw RB spin and burst back outside the other way, good athleticism by CGJ to take a proper angle and cut off the big run at the sideline. Lined up as a safety at LB depth, dropping back in zone on snap, read inside draw, able to flow back inside and tackle RB charging up the middle to prevent a TD on 3rd down. Really solid play. Nice job coming up from LB depth in the slot on 3rd and 3 on off tackle run, helped stuff the RB and force a punt. Press man out wide, bubble screen, powered through his WR’s block and made tackle on ball carrier for short gain. Apparently he’s on all the special teams units, he’s out there blocking on punt returns. Bailed out from the slot into a middle zone, ball went to other side of the field, CGJ able to run over and make the tackle on that WR to limit the gain. Made the tackle on kick coverage to start the second half. Off man in the slot, able to chase down the RB on an inside run after a big gain and help on the tackle to avoid a TD. Press man in the slot, off tackle run, appeared to have a shot to tackle the RB but did not do so, then tried to chase after him, but RB Swift is faster than he is. Appeared to only play about 50-60% of the snaps in this game. Might be related to the heavy run usage and Georgia getting up big late. Continues to primarily play in the slot more as a CB than a safety. Does play safety at times dropping into deep zone and playing at LB depth. Seems to be very effective and makes plays when he’s in the game. Not all world against the run, but he saves some TDs by chasing plays down. Georgia did not test him very much, if at all, when lined up in the slot. I can’t think of one time they threw at him. Generally subbed out on obvious running downs, he’s definitely the nickel back which is the base defense. Nothing really popped on this tape, just rock solid play for the most part.

                              Michigan (2018): Playing mostly off man coverage in the slot, some deep and medium zone drops at safety. Off man in the slot, long QB scramble up the opposite sideline, CGJ with elite speed racing down the field to cut it off. The QB ended up going out of bounds before he got there, but the speed to get all the way over was impressive. Off man in the slot on the TE, TE actually gave him some wiggle and had a step on inside slant but QB overthrew the play. Lined up in the slot, dropped in short zone, quick pass to WR in the flat, CGJ charged up and tackled him for no gain. Again, his transition from stopped or even going backwards to flying forwards at top speed is nuts. Blitz from LB depth in the slot, came through line untouched but RB stoned him cold. Missed tackle on RB on off tackle run, just kind of ran by him. Off man in the slot, read swing pass to RB in the flat, charged up and stacked up his WR, stringing the RB out to the sideline where he helped push him out after short gain. Off man in the slot, WR tried to deke him with a slow out route before flying up the sideline on a vertical route, CGJ ran right with him the entire time and QB’s throw went wide out of bounds. Off man in the slot, WR able to get short gain on comeback route, tackled him immediately. Pre-snap confusion, CBJ wasn’t sure what to do, off man in slot and started to run with WR on a post route until he realized his teammates were playing zone and picked him up. Rather than triple covering that guy, CBJ peeked inside at the QB, saw him staring behind him, looped back to the center of the field just as the QB let go on a post route down the middle of the field. That resulted in a nice high point INT for CBJ, all on a busted coverage play. He brought the ball back 80 yards on a return, didn’t even look like he was trying to run hard, he has serious speed. Off man in the slot, pass to RB in the flat and he was able to turn up the sideline clean, CGJ came up and knocked him out of bounds, probably saved a TD. Great awareness and hands catch on deflected pass, snagged it just off the ground and took it back for the pick six from 25 yards. Again, his speed is blazing fast. Both interceptions largely came with him essentially in a ball hawking safety type position, neither were really intentional, but you can see how it could translate if he was playing back deep at FS just playing the ball.

                              He’s a legit option as a slot CB that matches up with anybody, has elite athleticism, agility, and speed. Pretty average, maybe a tick above in the run game, his value there comes from being able to chase down plays and prevent long TDs on missed tackles. Doesn’t matter though, teams will draft him for his coverage ability. Not as well-rounded and physical as Fitzpatrick from last draft, but he’s a better athlete and better in coverage, which arguably makes him more valuable. Fitzpatrick was drafted #11 overall. CGJ has a legit chance to be the top DB drafted this year, his hands are elite, his speed is elite, and his agility is elite. His coverage is excellent, in both man and zone. And he’s solid in the run game overall. And he can play CB or FS interchangeably.


                              • And the Colts finally sign Justin Houston.....That is why the draft needs to start a week plus out of FA people. They just signed their biggest need and now BPA feels much better not having that huge hole to fill.