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  • I'm confused.

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    • Alright, with the Bears missing their pick, the Bengals and Lions have rushed to the podium. The Bills are currently up. SoDak can pick at any time. If he hasn't shown up after six selections have gone by (through Broncosfanguy's second pick, #228), we will pause the draft and bring Archer in to pinch draft that selection.


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        • With the 224th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

          the DETROIT LIONS select:


          Devine Ozigbo is #192 on my Top 300 Big Board


          Colorado (2018): Playing shotgun scheme. Big, thick lower body, tank like thighs. Nice lead cut block on off tackle run. Decent fluidity for a bigger back, can cut and has some moves. Calling card is raw power and drive in those massive legs, he’s a pile mover. Looks lost in pass pro, going to need some development there. Speed looks pretty poor, or at a minimum he’s a very slow starter. Off tackle run for a short TD, had a massive hole and was barely touched. Stuffed on a short yardage run where he was strung out too laterally. Needs to get his shoulders square and charge up the field asap to be effective. Mostly just used as the short yardage and goal line back. Swing pass for short loss, bobbled the throw, was a little high. He does have good feet for a big guy, has an effective jump cut and can slice up the field when he’s not just trying to run over people. He’s a bulldozer inside and a good decoy near the goal line. Swing pass for a chunk gain, changed his running speed up and made a nice cut, still had trouble with the initial catch though. Hands are suspect. Lacks the speed to bounce the run outside, fumbled when he tried. Runs a little too hesitant for a power back, he likes to slash and avoid contact to try and pop a big run. In short yardage, he looks pretty good pushing the pile. Not sure there’s enough speed here to be considered at RB. Has a chance as a FB, but needs work in pass pro and receiving.

          Northwestern (2018): Playing shotgun only scheme. Bounced an inside run around the edge and got a huge gain out of it. He does have more fluidity than most big RBs, he can cut and wave through the field. His balance isn’t great, he looks like he might fall over when he weaves around, but this was an effective run. The speed looked ok, 4.65 ish, which might get him a look at his size. Great short yardage run where he did a jump cut to avoid immediate penetration, got square to the line, and just bull dozed his way for the first down. Don’t like his hands, looks very awkward catching pitches. His jump cut is for real, he’s making these guys look like idiots at the line. Outlet pass for short gain, takes him a bit to change direction from lateral to vertical. Definitely has some build up speed, runaway freight train if he gets about five steps. Outlet pass for short gain, nice adjustment to bad pass, body catch though. Outlet pass for chunk gain, showed a little wiggle getting it up the field. Draw up the middle untouched for a ten yard TD. Pretty sweet two yard gain where he did his jump cut to make initial penetration miss and then immediately planted and cut back to make a few more people miss. Really impressive run to get down to the goal line, did his jump cut yet again, same result, and then just sliced on a dime and made the LB whiff. His feet are legit. You don’t see big guys with this kind of agility very often. Followed it up with a one yard power run up the middle for a TD. Off tackle run where he burst through a big hole and wove his way down the field. He can’t do his jump cut and sharp cutting at max speed, he kind of just rumbles a little out of control. He does get up to max speed fairly quick though, might be a little faster than I thought. Run up the middle where he just trucked people and broke arm tackles. Lined up out wide, caught a stop route for short gain. Interesting guy, would say he runs like a slashing RB moreso than a power back, though he does have the power back ability in his pocket whenever he wants to just charge the line.

          Ohio State (2018): Playing shotgun only scheme. Quick cut in the hole and then a nice run up the middle for a chunk gain. Doesn’t seem to have breakaway speed, but has good cutting ability for his size. Two yard TD plunge where he just bowling ball’d the DL in his way. Showed some nice hands on a wheel route down the sideline, had to adjust to the pass and get his feet in bounds. I really wasn’t expecting to see that out of him. They have motioned him out wide several times now, never gets thrown the ball, but at least we know he’s a legitimate threat. His initial cut is sharp and he can mostly get up to top speed fairly quickly, showed off a nice hurdle. Off tackle run, definitely want him getting north south as soon as possible, not fast laterally. Generally seems like your traditional power back with a little more agility than normal. An absolute load on inside runs, solid initial burst, especially for his size. Has been almost impossible to stop on short yardage plays up the middle. Not used in pass pro very often, but has looked fine the few reps he has had. Dropped a slant from out wide, ball was an absolute bullet but he has to catch that. Keeps doing the same off tackle cut back run over and over and Ohio State can’t stop it. They did smash his head into the ground at the end of the 3rd quarter and he missed the rest of that series, but he was back in the 4th. Unable to catch another bullet on a wheel route, QB just led him too far, not his fault.

          A little on the fence after the first tape, he quickly convinced me he's a legit RB prospect. Ozigbo doesn’t look like a special RB, but he’s a load and is probably faster and quicker than expected. He also flashed ok hands. Might compare him to Royce Freeman, he’s a similar style RB in that he has power but also has good feet and cutting ability. Good player. Will have to see what he times (Timed better than I expected, though never saw the agility drill numbers, not too worried about those, he cuts fine).


          • Great value there. Had been hoping he fell to me.


            • Wraps up the draft selection portion of the game for the Bengals, eagerly awaiting UDFA, going to be torture to watch my current bid list shrink drastically as the 7th round unfolds.

              Bengals draft concludes with:

              1(11) DE Clelin Ferrell, Clemson
              2(42) OC Erik McCoy, Texas AM
              3(72) LB Vosean Joseph, Florida
              4(110) CB Kendall Sheffield, Ohio State
              5(149) QB Clayton Thorson, Northwestern
              6(183) S Sheldrick Redwine, Miami
              6(198) DT Dontavius Russell, Auburn
              6(210) RB Alex Barnes, Kansas State
              6(211) LB Cody Barton, Utah
              6(213) WR Dillon Mitchell, Oregon
              7(223) CB Iman Marshall, USC

              Promised myself I wouldn't trade up this year, tough to just sit pat and see who makes it to your next selection, but pretty happy with the results. Eleven total selections, lowest player drafted on my personal board was Cody Barton at #119 overall. Pretty excited about that. Now I'll have to see how big of a variance my board has from the real draft. Hoping to get a few more somewhat highly rated guys in UDFA.


              • Damn that's a lot of 6th rounders.


                • Originally posted by Carmelo15 View Post

                  If we take Daniel Jones at 10 Elway will be gone within 18 months.
                  That would be a monumentally stupid pick at #10 but so would taking Thorson in the 2nd or 3rd and riding with him as the QB of the future behind Flacco.

                  I could see Elway doing both.


                  • Originally posted by Agamemnon View Post
                    Damn that's a lot of 6th rounders.
                    At least 2 of them are high quality though. So he's got that going for him.


                    • 3 more picks before we bring in pinch-hitter.


                      • pick coming guys are fast..and the bears were asleep at the wheel


                        • Better hurry before Buffalo gets your guy!


                          • No pinch drafter needed now! Buffalo is on the clock.


                            • With the 225th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane Mock Draft,

                              the BUFFALO BILLS select:

                              CB TIM HARRIS, VIRGINIA

                              Tim Harris is #186 on my Top 300 Big Board

                              CB TIM HARRIS VIRGINIA

                              NC State (2018): Playing RCB. Did not play for most of the 1st quarter, came in around the 3:00 mark. Guess he’s just not a starter. Mix of man and zone coverage so far. Off man, quick hitch route, came charging up to make tackle for short gain. Came up from zone on off tackle run, threw a shoulder at the RB, he just kind of bounced off and kept on going. Outside zone, WR with curl route, came up and hammered him on reception, has some serious forward burst. Came flying up and made solid wrap up tackle on RB on off tackle run. Off man, Go route, did a good job getting physical with the WR and pinching him to the sideline, ball overthrown as a result. Is struggling a bit to get off the WR blocks, though these are some fairly big WRs. Took a bad angle on RB sweep, RB able to get around and down the sideline for chunk gain. Zone, out route, 10 yard gain. Shortly before half, just back playing zone. Not starting the second half either. Never even played in the second half. Virginia had the ball 90% of the second half after recovering onside kicks and just slowly going down the field, but when NC State had the ball, no Harris to be found.

                              Miami (2018); Playing RCB. Shows excellent speed and burst charging up on screen play, WR able to wall him off inside though. 4th and 2 play, QB tried to scramble up the middle for the first down, Harris came flying up and stopped him about a yard short to force the turnover on downs. This guys is really fast and explosive, it pops off the tape. Walled off and drive into the sideline by the TE on off tackle run. Off man, big cushion, Go route, solid coverage, QB went elsewhere. Virginia does a lot of disguising with their coverage, everything looks the same but then it’s either man or zone after the snap, either way, generally lining up ten yards off the ball. Charged up on bubble screen, shoved the blocking WR into the receiving WR and stuffed the play for a loss. Nice physical play there, came up like a missile. Blitz from boundary CB, picked up by RB, that looked slow and indecisive. Came up on off tackle run, just took a bad angle on the run fill, and resulted in a massive chunk gain. Same play again, this time Harris with a solid wrap up tackle for no gain. And after a solid first half, Harris did not play in the second half at all. I have no idea what kind of rotation UV has going on or if this is to limit him coming off his wrist injury, but this sucks for evaluation. Mostly played zone in this game, had a couple reps of off man coverage, looked fine, was never really tested. Was physical and aggressive charging up from his zone coverage though to make tackles on screens and in the run game.

                              South Carolina (2018): Playing RCB. Doing the normal mix of zone and off man with ten yard cushion early. They disguise which one it is until after the snap. Blitz on 4th and 1 play, shot out of a cannon, but quick pass other direction so no impact. Solid wrap up tackle on RB on off tackle run for short gain. Off man, out route, nice reaction and break on the route, superb coverage and helped cause incompletion. Zone, out route, QB under pressure and overthrew receiver. Virginia had one drive that lasted the entire second quarter just about. Harris actually started this game and is starting the second half, that’s a minor miracle. Botched his zone coverage, kind of got googly eyes on the slot WR on a curl, outside guy with a double move up the sideline and got well behind him, QB threw ball wide and out of bounds. Harris celebrated the incompletion like he did something to cause it. That was a bad rep. Zone, 4th and goal play, WR ran a dig, had position on Harris, QB threw an incredibly inaccurate pass behind him for an incompletion. Harris celebrating like he wasn’t beaten for a TD on that play. He’s kind of annoying me with these animated celebrations on plays that he screws up. I guess he’s celebrating that his screw up didn’t cost the team. Off man, Go route, really sweet hip pocket coverage complete with a leaping swat of the ball in the end zone to force an incompletion. That was a very nice rep. Press man, no jam, Go route, primary read, QB had to pull it down due to hip pocket coverage. This dude can play, has some speed and size, looks good in man and zone, doesn’t need to jam to lock down a WR. On the kick coverage team, he’s fast down the field. Zone, intermediate out route, nice break on the route, ball a little bit of a floater, solid hands on the INT. This was up and down tape, but Harris flashes big time.

                              Has legitimate coverage skills, can get caught staring into the backfield in zone, solid against the run and screen game. A lot to like here, blazing athlete on the field, blazing athlete at his Pro Day. This is probably one of the pre-draft climbers, has pretty much what you look for in a CB. Announcers talked about him being a six year senior and the two big injuries, one to his shoulder in 2016 and one to his wrist in 2017, neither of those are to his legs, which makes them not overly concerning.


                              • With the 226th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane Mock Draft,
                                the GREEN BAY PACKERS select:
                                LB CAMERON SMITH, USC

                                Cameron Smith is #145 on my Top 300 Big Board

                                LB CAMERON SMITH USC

                                Texas (2018): Playing SLB in 43 looks, stays on field in nickel. Mostly playing in the box early, runs up to the line, tries to read the play, will wrap up the RB if he’s close. Nothing dynamic so far. Lined up on the TE out wide in off man coverage, was not tested. Blitz up A gap, picked up by the LG. Solid job reading QB sweep, able to get up field and force him back inside for no gain. Blitz up middle, easily stopped by the OC. Biltz up middle, not block, ran over the RB in pass pro, pressure on QB. Smith is not very fast, so that wasn’t too difficult for the QB to roll away from the pressure and complete a pass down the field. Nice effort play where he chased a reverse pass back to the QB down the field and made the tackle. USC has Smith listed at 240lbs, he looks more like 225. Struggles with getting off blocks when playing near the line, he’s more of a dance around blockers type. If they get on him, he’s usually done for the play. Nice burst off backside DE unblocked, able to dive and trip up RB on inside run for minimal gain. Probably an average athlete for the position. Pancake by RG on blitz. Solid job reading off tackle run, charged forward through hole, wrap up tackle on RB for short gain. He prefers to wrap up tackle at the legs, never seems to go high or try for the big hit. Had a lot of zone drops in the two minute drill prior to halftime. Thought he looked capable, was not tested, had one man coverage rep on the TE, and ran with him fine across the field. He might be better dropping into coverage than blitzing, but they sure love to blitz him all the time. Solid job reading the read option, QB cut back inside so sharply that Smith fell down when trying to turn with him. Could be a sign of stiff hips, could have just slipped. Several reps now where he in man coverage on the TE up the seam and just runs in his hip pocket the entire way. I want to see the QB challenge his coverage. Charged up and took on the pulling RG on outside sweep, got completely driven out of the play, but showed no fear. Backside pursuit, dove and missed the tackle this time on the RB. Continues to always try and tackle the legs. Tape was fine, not bad, not great. Thought he showed promise in coverage. Didn’t like him as much in the box, generally runs around blocks or gets driven out of the play. SLB in a 43 defense might be about right. Definitely does not have sideline to sideline range.

                                UCLA (2018): Playing ILB in nickel base, playing 43 MLB in this game. Blitz up middle, stopped by OC, able to redirect around the LG and get some pressure on the QB. Charged up on off tackle run, stayed to the outside to keep RB from going wide, but was unable to make the tackle on the RB in the hole. That’s about right, he does his job, but doesn’t really make a lot of plays. Mostly solid, not very spectacular. Blitz up middle, unblocked, QB pressure. Continues to show no ability to disengage from blocks, the TE easily kept him occupied on outside sweep. Next play, TE dominated him and pinned him inside on long off tackle run. Solid job on read option getting outside, forcing the QB to cut back inside, and making the wrap up leg tackle. Too slow to spy QB from the five yard line, QB easily ran for the TD to the outside. I’m not convinced Wilson Speight is remotely fast either. Excellent read, react, run through the OC’s shoulder, and stuff the RB on inside run for a loss. One of his better plays so far. Enough speed to force the RB out of bounds and save a TD on outside run, Smith knew he was in trouble right away, took an extreme angle from his MLB spot and able to push him out after 20 yards. Helped immensely that he was on the near hash, if that was far hash no way he cuts off the RB. Decent stack on the TE on outside sweep, helped slow down RB and teammates cleaned it up for limited gain. Blitz up middle, OC confused in assignment, missed the block, big hit on the QB as he threw. Outside sweep again for the hundredth time, nice job avoiding down block by WR, able to wrap up RB for short gain. Nice read, react, stuff tackle on outside run, did a good job pushing off the RG as he came out to block him. Read, react, unblocked, stuffed RB on backside pursuit for a loss. Read off tackle run, problem was his DE got shoved backwards and when Smith went to chase outside, he ran into his own guy, meanwhile the RB went down the sideline for a 50 yard TD. Does a decent job jumping and trying to disrupt passing lanes near the line of scrimmage. Another average tape, he’s better than a JAG, but not by much. Played mostly ILB in this game, did a little better fighting through blocks as the game went along, not nearly as much coverage drops as UCLA ran it down their throats. I’m more intrigued with him in zone coverage than as a box LB.

                                Notre Dame (2018): Playing ILB in nickel and in 43 looks. Solid open field tackle from the side just as the RB burst into the clear on inside run. Continues to be a fundamentally sound wrap up tackler that always targets the legs. Blitz up the middle, handled easily by OC. Solid coverage on RB on wheel route. TD saving wrap up tackle down the field on RB screen, took a good angle and got him at the sideline after 20 yards. Man coverage on RB, quick screen pass on 3rd and short, Smith made the tackle but after the RB picked up the first down. Looks solid in zone, shifts and flows with the receivers behind him, impacts passing lanes. Read, react, wrap up leg tackle on inside draw for short gain. Excellent read and angle on outside sweep, came up and made tackle for no gain. Continues to look very good in zone coverage, even when he runs with the TE or RB in man, he still looks good. Had one play where ND had a WR pass set up to the TE on a trick play, Smith sniffed it out and blanketed the TE down the field, made the WR pull it down and run instead. Smith is uncanny at being able to make the final tackle at the last moment to avoid long TD runs. Picked by the ND WR while in coverage on the TE on a crossing route, able to recover and shove him out of bounds after a decent gain. Read, react, penetrate, stuff RB for loss on a toss sweep. .

                                He’s incredibly solid and trustworthy as a LB, good angles, wrap up tackles, generally makes the play any time he is close. The downside to him is that he is spectacularly unspectacular, he’s the lunch pail LB that doesn’t make big plays, just does his job and toils in anonymity. He might be something special in coverage, they never test him, probably because he always has good coverage. Athleticism appears to be very average, instincts are excellent though, and that makes up for a lot. USC blitzes him often, he’s not a great blitzer. I like him as a SLB in a 43 defense, I think he can be excellent in coverage on the TE, could fit a similar style role as an ILB in a 34 defense. Not a sideline to sideline LB, but is a very effective half field LB.