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  • Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
    I'm really bullish on Yiadom. That dude is a hammer as a tackling CB, thought his BC tape was Rod Woodson-ish. I think Fangio is going to LOVE him.
    i really liked his tape at BC and he's a good-sized CB. i thought he came on late last year.

    i too him for Buffalo last year and was stoked when Denver took him too.


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      draft hats this year look awesome.


      • Originally posted by Broncos23 View Post
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        draft hats this year look awesome.
        It looks like a evil orange eyed Mighty Duck with a Broncos logo on top.


        • With the 209th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

          the MINNESOTA VIKINGS select:


          DeMarcus Christmas is #242 on my Top 300 Big Board


          Virginia Tech (2018); Playing LDT in a 43 defense, NT in 34 looks. Not looking impressive early on, just kind of leans on his blocker and stays there. I guess he’s a read and react NT type, but he’s not really reacting to anything. Kind of able to beat the RT up the inside gap, didn’t accomplish anything, but I’m trying to give him some type of credit for showing up. Bull rush on the RG, moved him back a little bit. Ran through and around the LG for a QB pressure, almost had a sack on that play. They put him at NT when do a 34 front, so that kind of confirms what he is. LG tried to down block him, showed good stoutness in pretty much just ignoring the block which clogged up the running lane and led to the RB getting stuffed. He’s starting to be less of a joke, he can fire off the line and really provide a big punch to the OG, he stunned the LG hard on one such play. This is not a high effort guy, he doesn’t chase plays, he’s a walker. If the play is not directly to him, his role in that play is over in his mind. Unless that changes, he’s not going to be a guy I’ll consider on my personal board. I really dislike low effort players. I’ll give him another game though, Buggs looked like a slug in the first game I did and then he played hard the next two games. Christmas doesn’t get off blocks, like at all. He is more than happy to sit in his gap even on passing downs and just lean the OL. The lack of effort here is worrisome. Nice play on 4th and goal, nobody blocked him, which is nice, but he charged in and wrapped up the RB, holding him back as he tried to stretch for the goal line. All credit due, he stopped that TD on that particular play. Twist to the outside from NT, able to get a pressure running around the RT, I’m not sure the RT really knew what was going on. Stack and shed on OC, helped tackle RB on off tackle run. Maybe the reason he doesn’t chase plays is because he can’t actually run. He lumbers big time. This is not a good athlete, not even close. He’s clearly a NT, has no quickness or athleticism to be anything else. He seemed fairly stout, but he literally did not do much other than just sit there like a rock and take up space. Nothing about this looked like a draftable guy, and that’s not even taking into account his lack of effort.

          Clemson (2018): Playing LDT in a 43 defense. Stack and shed on RG, able to stick out one arm and snag the RB on an inside draw to tackle him for a short gain. That’s exactly what you want to see from your NT. Comes out on obvious passing downs. Appears to be alternating series as well. Kind of just strode over the RG’s cut block attempt and put some pressure on the QB. Flashed a little bit of athleticism and balance on that play. Shows a smidgen of quickness off the snap, tried to reach block him with the LG and he beat him up the outside gap for some quick pressure on the QB. Stacked up the RT stuck his arm out and slowed down the RB on inside run, couldn’t make the tackle, but teammates able to clean it up after short gain. Apparently he likes to stack the OL with one arm and then reach for the RB with the other, it’s a move he purposely tries to do. Able to fall off block by LG and tackle RB, but RB able to fall forward into end zone for short TD. Nice outside swim on LG, caught him lunging and he fell on his face, Christmas meanwhile tackled the RB for short gain. Stacked up left guard, worked down the line, helped tackle RB on inside run for short gain. Flashed an outside spin to get off the RG’s block on passing down, it was slow, but somewhat effective, no impact on play though. Stack and shed on LG and stuffed RB for a loss. Stacked up RG, RB ran into his back, teammates tackled for minimal gain. Tried to do a stunt and loop him around the outside, he ran into his own guy and it got all goofed up. I think Christmas is best with very simple instructions just to go forward and not let anyone pass. This was actually superb tape. Christmas only played about half the snaps, if that. There is a really heavy line rotation. However, on 90% of his snaps, he made an impact either making the play or making it possible for his teammates to make the play. He’s a two down NT, that’s what he is and it’s not a very valuable position in the modern NFL, but if you want a NT that can two gap, this guy just put some great tape out there. Completely the polar opposite of the Virginia Tech tape. I guess if you limit his snaps, he plays hard. This absolutely looked like a draftable NT.

          Florida (2018); Playing LDT. Tackle for loss on first play. Tried to down block him with the RT, Christmas kind of rushed inside through the gap created by the RG down blocking and just worked his way down the line and stuffed the RB on an inside run. He chased the QB to the sideline, QB able to get around him though. But at least he tried. He can’t really run that well, though once he worked his way up to full speed he was scooting a little bit. Continues to be a NT rock in the middle, getting some double teams, they aren’t really moving him. He’s not even trying to move them. Getting sub’d out a lot, missed an entire successful goal line stand. Guess he’s not viewed as a key cog to the defense, just a rotational piece. Stack and shed on RG, tackled RB on inside run for minimal gain. Textbook. And then…there are other runs that go right by him and he’s oblivious to them. Stack and shed on RG, stuffed run again, nice rip move to disengage.

          Ok, so he is a two gap read and react NT. He offers nothing in the pass rush department, he has very little athleticism at all. He’s basically an immovable rock that will snatch the RB most of the time if the RB runs near him. He is a two down player only which depresses his draft value as most schemes have phased out completely unathletic NTs. Typically in the past these guys generally go undrafted, that Clemson tape was pretty top notch though and shows the upside Christmas has. Effort was fine in the last two games with much more limited reps, but it’s clear he’s not going to run and chase plays very much, he’s a leaner and pretty much just digs his feet in and doesn’t move very much, forward or backward. Would compare him to Snacks Harrison (Christmas weighed in way smaller than expected at the Combine, probably to run faster, which he did, worst agility drill numbers of all the DTs verify the lack of movement on the tape though. Still intrigued by that Clemson game where he was really good).


          • With the 212th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

            the DETROIT LIONS select:


            Ashton Dulin is #236 on my Top 300 Big Board

            No tape work on Malone. I don't think Malone has ever had a player drafted, and I think this might be their last shot, pretty sure I saw a report that the school's football program was shutting down. Pretty cool if it goes out with a bang with Dulin potentially going anywhere on Day 3. Appears to check all the boxes in terms of size, athleticism, and production. Special teams return value as well. Very interesting guy. Look forward to the write up on the player by the Lions.


            • That was a timely pick of Barnes MUG, Bengals just released Walton.


              • Knew it was coming. I've been staring hard at Barnes for a really long time. Got pretty worried when jebures posted the Walton concerns and said Cincy might be in the market for a RB, but board fell how I hoped, at least for that position.


                • Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
                  Knew it was coming. I've been staring hard at Barnes for a really long time. Got pretty worried when jebures posted the Walton concerns and said Cincy might be in the market for a RB, but board fell how I hoped, at least for that position.
                  It was between him and Homer for my RB pick. Me being a Miami fan won out


                  • Damn, you guys were all over Hollman. Really like his skillset and think he is going to be a player at the next level. He gave up too many TD's for me to be picked much higher, but he can cover.


                    • We're into the 7th rd folks.


                      • Bucks just took the next Kyle Sloter. Pick in.


                        • He was on my short list for UDFA


                          • Just boarded the ship a little earlier.

                            Royal Princess has a great lunch buffet!


                            • Jets draft concluded:

                              1-3 DT Quinnen Williams 6'3 303 Alabama
                              3-68 LT Tytus Howard 6'5 322 Alabama St.
                              3-93 OLB Justin Hollins 6'5 248 Oregon
                              4-123 CB Isaiah Johnson 6'2 208 Houston
                              6-191 CB Michael Jackson 6'1 210 Miami
                              6-193 OLB Jordan Brailford 6'3 252 Oklahoma St.
                              6-196 RB Travis Homer 5'10 201 Miami
                              7-217 ILB Cole Holcomb 6'1 234 North Carolina


                              • With the 214th overall selection in the 2019 Orange Mane NFL Mock Draft,

                                the CLEVELAND BROWNS select:

                                LB TRE LAMAR, CLEMSON

                                Tre Lamar is not on my Top 300 Big Board

                                LB TRE LAMAR CLEMSON

                                Boston College (2018): Plays SLB and ILB, stays on field for nickel. Solid job reading play and flowing to the hole to tackle RB for short gain. Speed might be an issue, unable to run with WR on end around. Maybe the WR is really fast, something to keep an eye on. Solid job in zone against the TE in the flat. Does a nice job flowing laterally while reading the play, once he determines the hole, solid burst forward to make the tackle. Toss sweep to RB outside, Lamar definitely doesn’t have the athleticism to cut that play off. The BC RB is fairly fast, but not that fast. Lamar definitely an ILB, probably limited to a 34 defense to limit his sideline to sideline responsibilities. Solid power and leg drive to fight through the TE’s blocks. Swim move to disengage from OG, looked quick and natural. Nice form tackler, head up and wraps arms. Struggles with change of direction, has to throttle down just to pivot and change his own direction. Not going to be able to react to quickness in the open field. Continues to not be able to catch the RB on outside runs, either sweeps or when he bounces outside. Blitz, stonewalled by LG. Blitz up the A gap, RG blocked him down inside, Lamar did a nice job redirecting off that block and chasing down the QB on a scramble to limit his gain. RB chopped him down in pass pro. If I’m going to criticize him, it’s that he looks a little lost when dropping in zone coverage, he tends to just sit there, doesn’t have a feel for flowing with WRs behind him and trying to disrupt passing lanes. Also, seems to hesitate just a tad too long before charging up the field in the hole, would like to see him trust his instincts more and make some tackles for loss. He’s going to be a two down thumper, he needs to own the interior running lanes. Missed tackle on RB on sweep, he kind of hobbled over there, so he’s dinged up or something. Yeah, clearly twisted an ankle or something late in this game, can barely run effectively but toughing it out. Doesn’t really matter that much, he’s mostly a box defender, even on a good leg he wasn’t making plays outside the hashes.

                                Pittsburgh (2018): Playing mostly MLB, some SLB at times. Blitz off the edge unblocked, solid burst and pressure on the QB. Blitz up middle, stone walled by RG. Solid tackle in open space on swing pass to RB, tackled him almost immediately. Stacked up the LT and LG double team in the hole, RB nowhere to go and teammates tackled for a loss. Blitz up middle, completely erased by the OC. Jet sweep to the side he was lined up on, read it fine, but lacked the athleticism to get to the WR before he got the edge. Walled off by LG on off tackle run. Beat the RG charging up off the snap, able to trip up the RB for minimal gain. Swim move on RT at second level to help tackle RB on inside run. The counter moves to get off the OG blocks are second nature to him, I don’t think he actively thinks about it. Rip move to disengage from OG. Could be more aware about people on the ground or cut blocks, he gets tripped up or cut far too often. Blitz up the middle untouched for a QB pressure, should have been an easy sack, but Lamar at full speed can’t even remotely come close to altering his straight line trajectory or throttle down quickly and reverse course. Finally able to make a play on an outside run, this was an end around and WR had to keep pausing to wait for blocks, meanwhile Lamar just kept on chugging over and eventually tackled him at the sideline for minimal gain. Off tackle run where, once again, he reads the play but is just far too slow to get to the edge and tackle the RB, this time the RB went around him for a long gain down to the goal line. Destroyed on the goal line on multiple plays by the pulling RG on outside runs. On one hand, he took on the OG and removed him from the equation for his teammates, on the other hands, he removed himself as well. Raining now, has no prayer of reacting to the QB on a scramble in the open field, easily juked right around him. Solid job following the read option, saw the QB kept it, burst forward and tackled him for a loss. Blitz around the edge, perfect call that caught the RT downblocking inside, he was unable to react to Lamar who just came right in for the freebee sack. RG able to get on him and wall him off at second level. RT able to wall him off at second level. Lamar needs to mix this up, the OL knows where he is going to be and are erasing him. Blitz up the middle on 3rd and long, able to wrap up the RB on draw. Did not play the majority of the 4th quarter in this blowout. Not much to add, sometimes these prospect analysis are extremely easy. He’s a two down thumper that needs to play in the box, he’s a liability when asked to play vertically to the sideline. Does a good job defeating OGs probably about half the time, which is solid for an ILB. Has refined and pro ready counter moves to get off blocks, size and strength look good. Biggest issue is that two down thumpers are not viewed as premium positions to spend high draft capital on. I also think he is further limited to being inside in a 34 defense, does not look natural in space, does not look great in zone coverage. I only like him right up in the box playing between the hashes against a power running team. That’s pretty niche.

                                Alabama (2018); Playing ILB. Solid read on off tackle run, again with the slight delay though, instead of a tackle for loss, it’s a three yard gain. Trust yourself dude, charge that hole. Walled off by LT at second level. LT Williams apparently has been told to destroy Lamar on all inside running plays, he got him for a third time early in this game. Blitz up middle, stoned by the OC. Nice job charging through the A gap and disrupting an off tackle run, unable to make the tackle on the RB who cut back inside, but teammates cleaned it up. Nice disruptive and decisive play by Lamar. Solid job taking on the hback, blowing up the lead block, and clogging the inside lane to force a 4th down. Unable to stop the 4th down conversion that pretty much ran right through him. Great job reading the read option and exploding off the snap, he came right at the QB like a bullet and just blew up the entire play. Lack of speed reared its head on off tackle cut back run, he read it fine, but just way too slow to react to it other than chase down the field. Blitz up A gap, unable to make tackle on RB on sweep, I’m not sure he knew the QB handed the ball off. Not in game in obvious passing two minute drill defense before half. I agree with that, he’s a liability in the passing game. Tipped off his blitz up the middle too early, RG easily shut it down. TE Smith, who is pretty athletic, making him look silly on tackle attempt in open space. Went in coverage on the RB in the flat, RB turned up field on wheel route, Lamar had no chance of defending that. At least he was able to push him out of bounds after the catch and chunk gain. Dropped him in zone on the next play, failed to flow with the slot WR who ran a crossing route a foot behind him and was wide open for a TD but the QB missed the throw. Lamar is clueless in coverage. Lacks instincts and ability. Tua twisted him like a pretzel on inside scramble on 4th and 4, had Lamar turning every which way but Lamar did slow him down enough that teammates were able to come from behind and stop him short of the sticks. Didn’t play much in 4th quarter of blow out. Nothing new on this tape.

                                LBs are the easiest evaluation, you can probably take one game tape, cross check your notes with the Combine times to confirm athleticism, and know what the LB does well and is potentially capable of. Lamar is a two down plugger, needs to play within the hashes, you don’t want him in coverage. Solid tackler, thought could react a tad faster more consistently to his read. I only like him right up in the box playing between the hashes against a power running team. That’s pretty niche.
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