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Req is battling severe kidney issues, please help one of our own if you can

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  • Req is battling severe kidney issues, please help one of our own if you can

    Hi all,

    Many of you probably know that Req has had some kidney problems the last few years. His condition is becoming more problematic and he is in need of more medical treatment to help possibly prevent renal failure down the road.

    I know these are tough times, but if you can spare some money please read his story and situation linked below at his gofundme site where you can also make a donation. As always, these things are totally voluntary and up to each individual, but I thought the community should know of the plight of one of our own. I'm sure Req would appreciate anything you can provide.

    This is a message from Req that he wanted me to share with you guys:

    Fellow Maners,

    Thank you for taking the time to read about my battle with kidney disease. I know that some of you have been sending me messages and asking how I have been doing over the past couple of months in my absence and I have been doing my best to reply. Over the past few weeks, I've been having a lot of issues and complications with my kidney disease, which has impacted be negatively a great deal. It is something I have been dealing with for over six years now, but it still is hard each and every time complications arise.

    It makes me feel bad having to ask for help or posting this GoFundMe platform on the Mane (I've done it on Facebook and elsewhere), but I am in need of some assistance at this time. I am close to a few of you on this forum and have become to view this site as a surrogate family in the near ten years I have been here. I am thankful for the friendships I have made in my time here. It has been a fun ride.

    As stated in the message on the GoFundMe, it is humbling to ask for help. Even good vibes and well wishes go a long way. That would mean just as much to me as anything.

    If you have any personal questions or want to talk in private about this as well, please don't hesitate to. I would prefer this passage to be my open dialogue about the situation and let the rest be conducted in private.

    Thank you all in advance for everything. You don't know how much it means.

    -- Chris (Requiem)
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    Be well Chris


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      Heal up!


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            One of my favorite posters over the years!!!


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              nothing can take Req down. He only becomes stronger. Prayers for ya!


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                Did what I could for you, Chris!


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                  Get better soon, dude.


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                    Ray Finkle and Crawdad make an appearance!!


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                      Done! Get better man!


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                        Hang in there Req, being sick sucks.

                        I will find some rap to play for you in your honor but I am not getting on a skate board at the 7 eleven.

                        Heal up quick!


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                          The support from the OM Family is absolutely unreal. The messages, donations and well wishes from this community has been absolutely astonishing. All I can do is say thanks and fight stronger now with your care and support. I have had a lot of happy tears of released emotion because of your incredible gifts and prayers.

                          Thank you. I have another set of full labs tomorrow and a specialist visit Thursday. I finally was able to go to the bathroom and walk around the house for 45 minutes the past two days which is major progress, considering I have been stuck in bed for two weeks.

                          Stronger each day. This is my version of Elway's "The Drive" . . . overcoming great adversity. I hope it is soon, but will be as patient as I can and continue to follow doc and nephrologist orders.

                          Thank you all again.


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                              Keep Fighting Chris!