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  • So What Would You Do?

    Here's the situation. In one of my espn leagues, after a hard-fought two-week semi-final match, I'm up by one (1) point. My opponent is played out. I still have David Akers set to play tonight.

    Any missed FG counts as -1 point in this league. So, theoretically, I could still lose this match ... unless I just drop him from my roster. I'm not required to field a kicker.

    I can still pick up a kicker on waivers on Wednesday morning for the championship round.

    I'm not sure exactly when point adjustments are made in this league, but I'm not aware of any controversial plays.

    Dropping Akers at this point might be seen as akin to simply running out the clock at the end of a game, instead of kicking a meaningless FG.

    Or would that be bad sportsmanship?

    Or, since the likelihood of Akers scoring negative points tonight is very low, should I go ahead and play him against the off-chance of a point adjustment somewhere else?

    What would you do?

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    Do you get fractional points? Bonuses? etc?

    You could lose that point somewhere. Akers is like, guaranteed to score 1+.


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      Nope, no fractional points or bonuses in this league. (I had two ties in the regular season!)

      The only possible controversy I can see is that I had Antonio Brown awarded 6 points for a punt return even though I have him as a receiver rather than as a D/ST. But that seems to be the way the scoring in this league works.

      And, if it makes any difference, I guess I'm technically up by two points since, if the playoff match does end in a tie, my bench substantially outscored his.


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        start your kicker. he will not only score more than -2 it saves you from looking majorly bush league


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          Well, the game is indoors, so I guess I'll let it roll.

          I'm going to get creamed next week anyway.


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            And you avoid getting bitten in the ass by any stat corrections that may come out on Tuesday.


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              Too bad I didn't have Tucker!

              Ah well, all's well that ends well. Surprisingly, I'm only a 1-point underdog for the championship game (10 team league). Not bad for a team that's stuck with Andre Brown and Trent Richardson as the starting RBs.

              My first 6 picks in the draft were Doug Martin*, Trent Richardson**, Dave Wilson*, Demaryius Thomas, Reggie Wayne* and Daryl Richardson**.

              * Injured Reserve
              ** Bust