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    Old traditions die out and new traditions start every year it seems.....

    There are now 3 games on Thanksgiving.
    Thursday night games.
    Opening weekend is completely different.
    The flip flop between no weeks off and one week off between the Championship Games and the SB.

    Like the article says....if their games are already getting blacked out locally because the locals don't care to see them, why subject everyone to it?


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      holiday/thursday games suck...the lions should be forced to play more of them


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        I hate Thanksgiving games, and Thursday games in general.

        Only teams coming off byes should have to play Thursday games, as there just isn't enough time to get ready. First we had One thanksgiving game, then two, then three. And Thursday games for the last half of the season.

        The preponderance of night games (Sunday night, Monday night, and now Thursday night games ) increases revenue to the league, but makes calling them showcase games rediculous. Add in a saturday night game and we'll have football 4 days a week.

        Maybe I'm an old fart....but I don't like the changes....
        Unless the Broncos are playing I never watch them anymore.


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          Originally posted by bronco militia View Post
          holiday/thursday games suck...the lions should be forced to play more of them

          The Lions are the perfect Thanksgiving eat a bunch of food and then you don't mind falling asleep in the chair because it's the Lions.

          When the Broncos play on the holidays I get all worked up and pissed off. With the Lions, you eat, laugh at them, and fall asleep by the middle of the 3rd quarter.


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            JETS SIGN TY LAW

            Posted by Michael David Smith on November 10, 2008, 6:07 p.m.

            Just in time for Thursday night’s Jets-Patriots clash, a player familiar to both teams has returned to the NFL.

            Adam Schefter of NFL Network is reporting that free-agent cornerback Ty Law reached agreement on a one-year contract with the Jets today and is expected to play Thursday night against the Patriots.

            “This is going to be different playing Thursday night against the Patriots, matching up against my former team and the players I’m used to practicing against,” Law told Schefter. “I know they’re going to throw at me, but I welcome the challenge – bring it. I got the tricks for you.”

            Per Schefter, Law will play some cornerback and some safety. Having played for Jets coach Eric Mangini before, it shouldn’t take him long to get acclimated.

            Law played for the Patriots from 1995 to 2004. He then spent 2005 with the Jets, and 2006 and 2007 with the Chiefs. Although he started every game from 2005 to 2007, he has been out of the NFL since the end of the 2007 season.


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              I'm rooting for the cardinals, amazing they have won only two playoff games in their 88 years of existence.


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                Originally posted by uplink View Post
                I'm rooting for the cardinals, amazing they have won only two playoff games in their 88 years of existence.
                Wow....I did not realize that.


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                  Vernon Davis should tell Singletary and Martz to get off the field after those last few play calls.

                  I can't believe they ran the ball twice from the 2 at the end of the game.


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                    Seriously. They were at the 2 with 40 seconds, 1st and goal. That gives them time to call a pass play, and then still have at least 20 seconds left to run three more attempts if they don't score.

                    Instead, they just let the clock go down to 20 seconds for god knows why. Then they run it. Twice. From the three. They were lucky to get two plays at all. They almost lost the entire clock on the first run. Unbelievable. I'm all for establishing a running attitude, but not when it lowers your odds of winning. Just plain stupid. I would be pissed if I was a 49ers fan right now.


                    • That looked like Marty Ball at it's finest.


                      • Singletary looks crushed in the post game press conference.


                        • Originally posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
                          Wow....I did not realize that.
                          Since 1947 the cardinals have only been in the playoffs 5 times and have one playoff game win (with Plummer beat Dallas).


                          • Originally posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
                            I think that the Lions should still host a Thanksgiving game every year.

                            Tradition is tradition.
                            i aggree it aint turkey day with out the lions and cowboys



                              Posted by Mike Florio on November 11, 2008, 9:15 p.m. EST

                              A day after one of the more bizarre finishes to a Monday night game that we’ve ever seen, with the Niners attempting to win the game via a dive from beyond the two yard line, coach Mike Singletary and offensive coordinator Mike Martz are blaming the outcome on the quality of the information they received from game officials before the last play of the game was called.

                              Said Singletary on Tuesday: “It was very difficult getting the information that we needed. I was on the field constantly talking to a couple of the officials about where the ball would be spotted [and] how much time we needed to get back on the clock. I thought we needed 12 seconds to be back on the clock. They gave us four and then the ball was moved as I left those two guys going back to the sideline. They moved the ball back to the two-and-a-half yard-line, or something like that.

                              “Meanwhile, Mike Martz gets the information that the ball will be — the clock will start on the whistle, rather than the snap because, to me that is the rule. It should be that the ball – the clock starts on the snap of the ball and not on the whistle. It was – what I was trying to do was just get the information, which we were not getting clearly, and if we were, it was not the correct information. That was the most frustrating thing about the last minute.”

                              The biggest problem with the information, or lack thereof? Martz thought that the Niners were getting the ball on the half-yard line, which prompted him to call for an inside run by backup running back Michael Robinson.

                              Said Martz, who insisted that the ball was placed a yard farther from the goal line than it actually was: “We did not know the ball was going to be on the three-and-a-half [yard line], obviously, or we would have never called that play. We thought that we were going to be given back time on the clock. We thought the ball was going to be somewhere around the one-yard line. The play made two yards, so it’s a moot point whether it was on the one [yard line] or the one-half [yard line]. It doesn’t matter. He would have scored. If it’s on the three-and-a-half, obviously, we don’t do that play. . . .

                              “I still didn’t know until this morning,” Martz added. “I left the stadium thinking we didn’t make it because we were from the one-and-a-half or the one-yard line. I left the stadium thinking that the ball was still, we just – I couldn’t believe that we couldn’t punch it in from the one-yard line. I was upset with that. I didn’t know it was on the three – I couldn’t see from where I was. It happened so fast, half the guys up here didn’t know. We didn’t know. You look at the tape and it’s on the three-and-a-half [yard line] or three-yard line, wherever it is.”

                              Martz said that former Niners coach Mike Nolan even called on Tuesday to chine in regarding the situation. “He said, ‘Hey, you got victimized by the replay,’ which is basically what happened,” Martz said. “I guess there’s really nobody to blame other than, it was just a real lack of communication there that probably wasn’t very good.”

                              So what does Singletary intend to do to make his displeasure known to the league? Well, nothing.“

                              I’ve been told that I should probably go ahead and call the league, but it’s the last thing I want to do right now,” Singletary said. “I don’t need to hear that, ‘Well that’s on us.’ I don’t really need to hear that. In my mind, because they’re not going to change anything, the game’s still gone. So in my mind, I’m going to let it go.”

                              Still, the obvious thing to do with four ticks on the clock would have been to spike the ball and then regroup for the next play. If there was any doubt (and apparently there was plenty) about where the ball would be spotted or what the next/last play should be, the solution was simple.Kill the clock.

                              So we don’t want to hear pissing and moaning about information or the lack thereof. The big scoreboard in the stadium shows :04. The clock starts on the referee’s signal. And so Hill calls for the snap at that moment and takes a step back and slams the ball into the ground.

                              Four seconds is more time than you think. Count out four seconds right now. It’s enough time for a professional athlete to recognize that the referree has called for the clock to start, to then call for the ball to be snapped, and to then spike the ball into the ground.

                              As to the notion that Martz didn’t know the ball was going to be placed outside the one yard line, what the hell was he doing while the prior play was being reviewed? Surely, one or more of the cast of thousands whom the team’s front office employs was in position to let Martz know that the ball was beyond the two when Frank Gore’s knee had struck the ground.

                              So the message from Singletary and Martz is simple: “We’re just going to let it go. After we blame the whole thing on someone else.”

                              Frankly, if the 49ers keep these guys around after the 2008 season, they deserve to continue to suck.


                              • CHIEFS SIGN BABIN

                                Posted by Mike Florio on November 12, 2008, 1:52 p.m. EST

                                The Kansas City Chiefs have announced the acquisition of defensive end Jason Babin.

                                He was a first-round pick of the Texans in 2004. After starting every game as a rookie, he fell out of favor in Houston, and he was gone after his third season.

                                He played two games with the Seahawks in 2007, and two more in 2008.