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    Originally posted by KCStud View Post
    I wouldn't be bragging about beating KC last season.
    I was talking about the game where we pathetically failed to score in the first half. You beat us. Nothing for me to brag about in that game.


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      Chargers 12-4
      Denver 9 -7
      Faiders 6-10
      Chiefs 5-11

      I want to swing Denver to 10 and 6 but too early for me to tell. KC had what it looks like a good draft but losing all those games in a row last season cannot improve that much. Faiders have players to be a 7 to 8 win team but come on, we are talking about the faiders.


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        Originally posted by topscribe View Post
        Haunting the environs again, KMart?

        You going to defend your Chiefs all the way through another 4 -12 season?

        Never said we were going to be a good team. But Kaylore is a complete tool who believes we have absolutely no talent. I find it hysterical when he bashes our safeties and kicker particularly. , have you seen your own situation at those positions? I wouldn't brag about them.


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          Originally posted by Kaylore View Post
          Albert doesn't have the measurables to play left tackle. He isn't quick enough. You're talking about a guy who played guard in college and you want to put him on the blind side of your QB to completely re-learn a position? I hope you guys try that against us. If they really want to play him at tackle, I suspect they try him at RT first and see how he does outside. Even if Clady works out, that still leaves one side of your line that isn't any good and a hole filled interior.

          That won't last long. He'll play have some marginal success and then be out football in a couple of years. He's following the same process every other power back has that goes over 400 carries. First they go 400 carries, then they get hurt the following year. Then they come back for one marginal year. Then they are benched and out of football. I watched LJ run last year and even before his injury he wasn't the same player and you know it.
          Basically Charles has to break out because you have one average guy. Are you really expecting your undrafted free agent to contribute? You're not the Broncos. While on paper your depth looks good, no one there scares me.

          So a guy with limited playing time coming of a torn up knee is the answer?

          Will Franklin isn't very smart. He also doesn't have great hands. He's also kind of raw. You are telling me that you honestly believe that he's going win the the number two receiver spot on your team?

          Yes it is deep. However the quality of that depth isn't very good. Wesley was better than Pollard. A rookie corner on the other side isn't going to help a now very aged Pat Surtain.

          They also have just as many holes. It will take another draft like this one before you guys can start being competitive again.

          Dorsey will help your interior, but you lost Allen which will show. Hali isn't going to do well. He already had a major threat on the other side and even with more one-on-one situations he only managed 7 sacks. Now he's the guy and it will be very easy to shut him down.

          As for your line, it is now a bunch of unproven's and unknowns. Albert is a great prospect - at RT or Guard. That has more to do with running the ball than getting a new RB. It's a good thing Croyle is mobile, but it's not good that he's so injury prone.

          And what about your special teams? Your kicker is and return game is terrible.

          I just don't see it. You guys would have to have everyone you brought in work out for your team to get 8 wins. For a pretty unlucky franchise that's expecting a lot. If I were a Chiefs fan I would just trust the plan. Expect a bad season on paper next year with the understanding that we were building toward something better in the long term and in two or three years we could be a good team.
          The Chiefs drafted him to play tackle. Albert is already lining up at left tackle in OTA's. But I suppose some armchair quarterback knows more than our coaches and front office.

          Go ahead, keep doubting LJ. It's getting old. The "400+ carry then a runningback is trash theory" is trash itself. It doesn't take into account runningbacks who have run in the playoffs and put up over 400 carries. Emmitt Smith put up 400+ carries when you count the playoffs 3 or 4 times in his career and he came close several other times. Don't worry though. LJ will be back to running all over your defense this year.

          Yes, Rudy Niswanger is the answer. And he has already been cleared to practice. Thanks for asking though.

          I'll still take our safeties over the old trash you have on your roster. And no, Wesley was not better than Pollard.

          Hali will be very easy to shutdown? I really hope you believe that. Hali has played injured these past two years and he still put up more sacks in 2006 than the wonderful Jared Allen. It's amazing how guys like Aaron Kampman and Kyle Vanden Bosch can put up 3 or 4 sacks over their first 3 or 4 years in the NFL combined and then all of a sudden become pro bowlers but you already know after two fairly productive years that Tamba Hali has reached his peak. Sure thing buddy. I suppose he won't benefit at all by switching to the quarterbacks blind side and by not having to go up against the tight end as well as the right tackle. Go ahead and keep telling yourself that.

          Nope, again, Branden Albert is a left tackle. He has all of the attributes you want out of a left tackle except for the experience. The only reason he didn't play left tackle in college was because D'Brickashaw Ferguson was there early on and then one of the nations top recruits was brought in, Eugene Monroe. Instead of making 2 players learn 2 new positions they left Albert at guard and put Monroe at left tackle.

          Our special teams suck? Have you looked at your kicker and punter, or lackthereof? Our punter blows whatever trash you have out of the water and our kicker situation isn't any worse off than yours is. And our return game sucked? Yes, it did. So that is why we signed B.J. Sams as a free agent and drafted WR Kevin Robinson, a player who had 8 returns for touchdowns in college. Jamaal Charles and his 4.38 speed can also return kicks as well.

          Go ahead and assume Ryan Clady is going to be a good tackle. In has last 2 games ever in college Clady gave up 3 sacks against the likes of Hawaii and East Carolina, not exactly supremely talented teams. Can't wait to go against him. And what a wonderful pick that career special teamer Eddie Royal was. Will never be productive as a wide receiver. He sure as hell wasn't in college.


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            Originally posted by Rausch 2.0 View Post
            I don't think he sucks but he's clearly not worth the 1st round pick.

            He's played with about 3rd round talent so far. Average starter, nothing special...
            Neither is Jarvis Moss. At least Hali can stay on the field.


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              Originally posted by kmartin575 View Post
              Never said we were going to be a good team. But Kaylore is a complete tool who believes we have absolutely no talent. I find it hysterical when he bashes our safeties and kicker particularly. , have you seen your own situation at those positions? I wouldn't brag about them.

              Well yes, we are pretty deep at safety, actually. One of them went to the Pro
              Bowl. McCree comes over from the Chargers, and their defensive numbers
              actually improved when he assumed the starting role there. Manuel also has
              has starting experience, as has Abdullah. And even though Josh Barrett was a
              7th round draft choice, Jay Goldberg had him rated as the top strong safety in
              the draft.

              Regarding kicker, from all I have read about Matt Prater, we may have scored
              a Bingo with him. He has a leg that consistently produces touchbacks on
              kickoffs, and he has been working his butt off this offseason on accuracy.

              Although many around here seem worried about punter, we have Danny
              , whom I saw go through college right here in Tucson, where he had
              a 47.5 yard average on his punts. His jaw-dropping moonshots were routine
              here. He was stymied in the pros by a leg injury, but he seems back 100%

              There's a rundown on our kicking and safety situations. Not quite what you
              thought, were they?

              Regarding your team, I see so many holes that trying to win will be like trying
              to hold water in a colander. I know you have added quite a few people, but
              we have, too, and where you have added in many of the positions, we already
              were stocked.

              But hang in there. I'm sure your team will again go to the playoffs before you
              are on Medicare.



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                Originally posted by kmartin575 View Post
                BLAH BLAH BLAH I'm a giant mangina
                How is saying we don't have a punter or kicker either make it ok that you don't? The different is we will have an offense. And contrary to your insisting otherwise, Albert is not a LT and moving him out of position into the pros and having him start is about the stupidest thing ever. But if bagging the Broncos problems makes it feel like your problems is ok, it only proves that Chief fans are obsessed with the Broncos and only care about their team in the context of how they compare to us.


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                  Originally posted by 400HZ View Post
                  Sure Kaylore. I'll bet a one month sig that Denver wins 8 games or less this year.
                  Popsicle! I'll take that bet. I still think it's funny that you would "put money on 6 to 10" and then when I'm betting you nothing real you start back-peddling up to 8. Ok then. Denver wins 9 games and I win. They don't, and you win.
                  Last edited by Kaylore; 06-22-2008, 06:56 PM.


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                    Originally posted by Kaylore View Post
                    I'll take that bet. I still think it's funny that you would "put money on 6 to 10" and then when I'm betting you nothing real you start back-peddling up to 8. Ok then. Denver wins 9 games and I win. They don't, and you win.
                    Hey, if you're predicting 11 wins then taking 9+ should be easy for you. My initial guess was 8, so your estimate is padded alot better than mine is.


                    • Originally posted by broncocalijohn View Post
                      Chargers 12-4
                      Denver 9 -7
                      Faiders 6-10
                      Chiefs 5-11

                      Faiders have players to be a 7 to 8 win team but come on, we are talking about the faiders.
                      A terrible team that damn near swept the Broncos last season.


                      • Originally posted by Ugly Duck View Post
                        A terrible team that damn near swept the Broncos last season.
                        It took a damn near 2nd half collapse to make the first game that close. If's and but's are fun but facts are better!


                        • I think its hilarious we have a couple Chief fans trying to turn a turn into a salisbury steak. Face it, your team has high question marks and you guys are banking on some young players to turn into solid players. Can't you guys just maybe think that Albert can't play LT?


                          • SD 11-5 I still have no faith in Norv. This team should win the SB...but for its coaching (I'll even admit the quality despite my poor opinion of Rivers).

                            Denver 10-6 A lot of things have to go Denver's way, but I think this yr they do. Easier schedule, better offence, better defence, and better ST. Some like to point out Denver could have lost another 3 last yr...well, they could have just as easily won another 3. That would have made them 10-6 with a lousy team and difficult schedule. This yr it is better all around. Denver kool-aid, I'll have a glass. At least 10 wins.

                            Raiders 5-11. This team is going to regress. The FO is a shambles. The O will actually get worse despite all the dreaming going on in Faiderland (you have a rookie QB that in the best of times would give you a losing season, forget with this team and its lousy D [their good D was two seasons ago, that is why they fired the D coordinator]).

                            KC 4-12. Far too many wholes in this team. And to suggest just because a team wants to move a guard to LT it makes him good is LUDICROUS!. He was not good enough to be a LT in college, but in his first yr in the NFL he is going to be at least avg? He will stink at LT in his first yr, the question is if there is good enough talent to become a decent one (NOT A GREAT ONE), and not having ever done it at COLLEGE would indicate this is a long term project. Your D just got worse short term (but it may get better in a couple of yrs because of the trade, the jury is still out). You have absolutely no offence because you can't protect a QB that has some talent, but has yet to prove he can do anything long term but get hurt. ST, well, lets just say you have done little to try an improve it, and although Denver has many questions, it has a FAR BETTER offence and it made many moves to improve its STs.


                            • I see at least 10 wins. We had the worst luck last year. Top WR out, 2 starting OL out, 1 OT whose skills were not up to par. Starting RB in and out, 2nd string RB in and out, injuries on the DL, guys playing out of position at LB, a defensive system that didn't fit our personnel.

                              This lead to inconsistant play, we beat Pitt, Tenn last year, and gave GB all they could handle and should've one.


                              • Denver 9-7
                                San Diego 8-8
                                KC 7-9
                                Oakland 6-10