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  • Time for a new pool table

    it's over.

    the Manning era, the Fox era, the JDR Vanilla defense era.

    It was a fun ride, but it's beyond evident it's time to move on. Manning has looked done for a month or more. Fox was the guy to get the team back on track from a mess McDaniels made. JDR, well let's just say I look forward to facing that guy as Oakland's HC twice a year.

    Time to move on. I don't think Brock is the answer, but I do hope the team thinks hard about bringing a Bronco named Kubiak back into the fold. It's an incredibly talented roster. It's too talented to waste on doing the same thing for another year.

    The way Miller and Ware were wasted in that vanilla scheme. The way the o faltered first with the sieve-like OL and then with a QB who looked completely defeated. Time to move on.

    At least we have Elway.