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So Action, Fox is a great coach and all of us are just ignorant trogs right?

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    Come on guys don't turn on each other. We all know who we hate right now is either wearing Orange or coaching it.


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      Originally posted by TheReverend View Post
      It's funny to think that two of three seasons with Manning ended the same way they ended with Tebow: an embarrassing loss in the division round.


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        Mostly I just find it so embarassing to lose a home playoff game and to a subpar team to boot.

        For that reason alone, I'd clean house.


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          I was insulted all year for my disdain for Fox and my vehement insistence we needed to fire him after the Super Bowl abortion. This forum is full of a lot of really ****ing stupid people.


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            Originally posted by Action View Post
            He was the best option available. And let's be honest here he's done a great job these past 4 years. This past year we had the toughest schedule since he's been here... But I think the coaching took the biggest dip this season.

            We had absolutely no cohesiveness in anything we did on offense.

            As bad as we played Colts only put up 24.
            The last few years were due to a younger healthier Manning. When Manning isn't playing well Fox has no answer on what to do. No doubt in my mind Fox rode the coattails of a regular season guru. Fox couldn't get out of the division round in 3 of the 4 years.


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              Remember, Fox was the the coach of the worst team in the NFL the season before the Broncos hired him.

              Time for Fox to start playing golf year around. Five strokes on a par three, not too shabby.


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                Originally posted by Action View Post
                Because I was running around claiming Fox was the greatest coach ever?

                This started at the top with Elway trying to change the philosophy of this team. He built a team to pass the ball and put up points.

                Everyone is to blame.