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Game Day Thread: Week 9 Broncos @ Patriots

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  • Originally posted by pricejj View Post
    DT and Irving are the only players who showed up in the Superbowl.
    DT wan't DT in the super bowl. Garbage time maybe. Watch it again, hell I just seen a worse beatdown by an inferior team. DT gets small in the "clutch", kinda reggie wayneish. Oh well, at least the patriots didn't kick our ass worse than seabirds. PFM sucks


    • Originally posted by whoeey View Post
      Sometimes I question why PFM signed with Denver instead of Houston. I'm sure he will understand if Elway wants to release him for a better option.

      DT is soft in big games. Drop machine or just scared.
      I wonder if this is TJ trolling his own board for the fun of it?


      • Probably shouldn't pile on but he will never be known as a big game quarterback even if he wins the next Super Bowl he shrinks more times than not in the big games. Having said all that they are probably still the best team in the league but the Pats control home field now if both teams win out. Trust me you guys don't want Manning going to New England for the AFC Championship game.


        • For the love of God manning didn't play special teams, or corner today


          • Originally posted by Chrissy Rules View Post
            Hold on now..Lets not put all of this on Peyton..the O line sucked all the way across the board right along w/ the Defense and special teams.. If that's the way it turns out then so be it..he will deal w/ that when it comes..
            I didn't see all those sacks NE made.

            Yes Manning took some pressure...but he just threw some ducks on 4th downs...never under pressure on those. And the run game did suck....mainly because they didn't use it correctly.

            I suppose they'll say their plan was 2 TES...but when Virgil Green couldn't go the whole plan fell apart.


            • Originally posted by bombay View Post
              I realize that that Chrissy's posts are well reasoned and thoughtful, but honestly, they really make me think too much. Sometimes I wake up with that sort of free floating anxiety that keeps you up at 3 AM, pondering her insights.

              So, to save me from myself, will you guys please stop quoting her?

              Ask nicely, like I did.