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Do you think players read these forums?

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  • Thanks for reading the boards Mr. Elway, it was time for a new kicker.


    • Originally posted by Kevin8Nine View Post
      Broncos players?

      Coaching staff?

      Or do they not care?

      If I was a player I think I would, just too see what the fans really think of me.
      I'm sure they do. Some have Google Alerts set up on their name.


      • Originally posted by Maleficent View Post
        I'm sure they do. Some have Google Alerts set up on their name.
        Then Hillman must hate me.


        • Originally posted by baja View Post
          It's time I come out with this. I am really Tom Jaclson
          Who the hell is Tom Jaclson?


          • Originally posted by Armchair Bronco View Post
            Most chickenhawks players can't read, so with a few exceptions like the Broncos...No.


            • Originally posted by Blueflame View Post
              If you have an issue with any moderator, there's a spelled-out "correct" procedure for addressing it -- but a public call-out on the main forum isn't how it should be done.

              From the Forum Guidelines thread:

              "Appealing moderator action – The public forum is not the place to appeal moderator action. Such threads will be moved out of the main forum and closed at the acting mods discretion. Please observe the spam guideline and not spam complaints about mod action in the main forum. If you wish to appeal a banning, send an email to [email protected] or send a PM to the moderator directly, or to the administrator of this forum, Taco John. If you have been banned and do not hear back from us, consider the appeal denied.

              Moderators are volunteers who have demonstrated a love for the Denver Broncos, as well as the Orange Mane community at large. They are tasked with being the standard bearers of this community – though they are all fallible. The mods are just people who love the Broncos, love this discussion forum, and are trying to do the best they can with the tools they have. If you never have anything nice to say about a mod, then you probably shouldn’t say anything at all – and frankly, you might consider finding another community where you think the mods and guidelines are more to your liking. This forum is not going to tolerate the faithful servants of this forum being publically ridiculed for their service any more than it will tolerate the posters being punished arbitrarily. We strive for balance in everything we do – and most of the time, we succeed (nobody is perfect)."
              Oh, please. There is a big difference between calling out a moderator for moderating something, and calling them out for calling you a name.

              I'm guessing Archer got a whole lot less offended by the post you just quoted than you did.

              Personally, I think his ladyship has every right to defend himself from a moderator attack.


              • Originally posted by Cito Pelon View Post
                Alrighty then. I'm about tired of this garbage. Let's take a look at this guideline - Reporting posts. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

                Now - let's look at this series of posts from three moderators, SoCal, Blueflame, and Archer81.

                Blue, don't preach to me or anybody else about your guidelines and rules when you break the rules yourselves. I went the route of reporting SoCal's post and heard nothing back.

                I'm not going to bother Taco John, I can take care of my own problems and I'm doing so right now. Archer, SoCal, anybody can call me any name you choose to, insult me galore, call me Your Ladyship.

                But when I start calling SoCal "little girl" or Archer81 "pansy", I don't want to hear any complaints. Agreed?


                • Didn't the team see some negative posts about Bowlen and axe access to training camp? What moron was that again that did that?


                  • Originally posted by cutthemdown View Post
                    Didn't the team see some negative posts about Bowlen and axe access to training camp? What moron was that again that did that?
                    I made fun of Taco and others calling Pat Bowlen a gutless drunk by using it as a satirical caption in a photo.

                    If you are going to bring up the story and call someone a dumbass, at least know the story you stupid b****.

                    It's funny coming from you. The guy who would deliberately say pathetic nasty **** about Chris Kuper because you got off on the fact his dad posted here. You would deliberately trash him to get a rise out of a guy's dad.
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                    • Dear Players,
                      If you are reading this board, get your asses back to work. How do you have time to be in the asylum? Also pretty sure this place is NSFW, any work.

                      Dear Mr. Elway,
                      Thanks for Manning, please be right about this new kicker and can you tell the team (who should not be reading this because they need all the prep time they can get) that we appreciate their efforts, but could they please kick everyone's butt from here on out, including and especially NE if we play those assholes again. Now, I think you've spent enough time in here, go back to slapping Fox around to get him to coach a bit more effectively.

                      A Fan


                      • Pssssttt.... they are listening..


                        • the players would only read this to see what the stupid fans are saying and laugh about it