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    If this becomes a trend I will be worried. But overall, great game, and great ability to finish when it counted.

    - Roby
    - Julius Thomas (other than the fumble)
    - OL held up pretty well til the end.
    - Emmanuel Sanders looks like a glove
    - M. Ball finishing runs hard

    - Could not run out the clock with 3 min to play. I hope that comes with practice and more games
    - Could not sack Luck (albeit difficult, but still)
    - Peytons poor throws on that aforementioned 3 min drive


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      The secondary is the most improved unit on the team. The presence of Ward just solves so many problems. Every member of the secondary played well, I don't remember the last time our secondary forced that many incompletions by batting balls.

      The linebackers made some big plays, but on the whole was the weakest unit on the team. I think a healthy Trevathan and Miller getting in game shape will fix that problem though.

      The defensive line got a lot of pressure in the 1st half, but managed to mostly contain Luck in the 2nd half. I have the feeling that was a halftime adjustment and I think in hindsight it was a bad call.

      The offensive line wasn't as good as it should be. The Colts have very little pass rush without Mathis and that meant blitzes were going to be key and I don't think the line handled the blitzing as well as they could have. On the run plays, especially the stretch plays they did not get proper handoffs and people were able to get through and make tackles in the backfield.

      A few too many dropped balls on concentration drops and Manning was a bit off with a few of his throws in the 2nd half, overthrowing a few. DT needs to just get his head a bit more in the game, on that 3rd and 10 in the end of the fourth, that ball needs to go to DT. Caldwell for some reason did a full 360 looking for the ball instead of going for the corner where the ball was supposed to come.

      Ball ran with some power, but his one cut style was completely absent. He was slow getting to the seam and if not for some hard running after contact would have had a misserable game. CJ ran well against the pass defense unit and was able to exploit some smaller defenders, I am not sure that would translate well against a base defense set up to stop the run.

      Have to give man of the match to Rahim Moore, 2 picks in his first game back and just looked so much more natural at that centerfield position.