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No Super Bowl Hangover for the Broncos, Peyton Is All Business

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  • No Super Bowl Hangover for the Broncos, Peyton Is All Business

    A lot has been made in the media during the offseason about how no team that lost the Super Bowl has made it back in...about forever. To be honest, I think you have to go all the way back to the early 90's Buffalo Bills. They did it 4 times, but maybe because they knew no one after that was going to be able to and they wanted the record?

    The difference between those teams and the Broncos is a big one. For starters, the Broncos didn't get absolutely gutted during the offseason. They maintained a very strong core to their unit which will help carry them through. Also, they lost two key guys early last year, Clady and Miller, they're going to get them back. Those guys are huge additions to the team.

    And of course, last but not least, is Peyton himself. He's the type of player who holds everyone around him to a high standard. Anytime he steps on the field he gives his team a chance to win. Against anyone. I wrote a season preview article.

    Can The Denver Broncos Silence the Doubters?

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