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  • The Beer for Every NFL Team

    I didn't see this in a search or on the first page of the main forum, so if already posted, then I apologize to everyone, except, broncocalijohn who can eat a turd.

    Fun article on some local beers for all the NFL teams:

    Here are the AFC West Teams:

    Denver Broncos
    Their beer: Wit's End Brewing Company's Bitter Late Than Never
    Everyone remembers how the Broncos ended their season last year. But Broncos fans are a forgiving bunch -- they waited 10+ years for Elway to win his first Super Bowl with the team, and while Manning doesn't have the luxury of 15 more years in a uniform (though he might spend the next 15 years making Buick commercials), they'll stick with him until the end. Bitter Late Than Never is, according to the brewery, based on the "Premium Bitter" style -- a fleeting mindset of Broncos fans they'll likely jettison by kickoff. It would surprise no one to find them back in the Super Bowl again this year.
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Their beer: Boulevard Brewing Co.'s Dark Truth Stout
    The Chiefs outperformed expectations last year, but, like the beer that fits them, the Dark Truth will be coming to grips with the fact that Andy Reid has not shown himself capable of leading a team deep into the playoffs since the McNabb era in Philly. At least there's a 9.7% Imperial Stout to keep Chiefs fans warm through those cold winter months.
    San Diego Chargers
    Their beer: Green Flash Brewing Co's Road Warrior
    The Chargers were 4-4 on the road last year. Does that make them Road Warriors, deserving of an imperial rye IPA full of Mosaic hops? Well, answer me this: does Phillip Rivers ever look like he’s not really angry, for no apparent reason? Of course not. And that must stress the hell out of Danny Woodhead and the other guys on offense who don’t look like they just stumbled out of Pizza Port, and deserve to drink this delicious beer all the time just for being in his mercurial presence.
    Oakland Raiders
    Their beer: Linden Street Brewery's Town Lager
    No one gets it outside of Oakland. The beer, I mean. It’s only served in the city. But the same sort of thing could be said for the Raiders, and their terrifying fans’ habit of painting their entire bodies silver and black, wearing Mad Max style spikes, and beating up opposing fans because of seriously disrespectful stuff like cheering for the other team... and existing.