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  • bronco qb club: highlight film

    The Denver Broncos QB Club had its first meeting of the season last night. We saw the 2013 Bronco highlight film "From Denver to New York via Omaha". I enjoyed the on field player comments shown in the film the most. A couple I liked:

    A San Diego linebacker chiding his teammates in the defensive huddle, "when he says Omaha! they never snap the ball. Don't jump offsides!"

    Peyton Manning walking past JJ Watt after a play, "You got me good with that last hit JJ"

    JJ responds with concern, "are you ok"

    The QB Club shows the previous year's highlight film each summer (thanks to the Broncos we get a copy shortly after it is released). This year's highlight film was one of the better ones, I thought. There was absolutely ZERO footage of the Super Bowl, which was fine with me. They even had a short clip of the Baltimore hail mary pass from the playoff loss 2 years ago, but no Super Bowl lowlights.

    I think the highlight film has been on NFL network already and should be on again in the future - it's worth seeing.

    Bronco Planet blogger Kirk Davis also spoke to us about his training camp impressions. Kirk has been able to attend camp in person with his media credentials so it was interesting to hear his perspective. Kirk said when training camp is open to fans next year again the setup will be a little different. There's a hill that is not as wide as the previous setup, but the hill goes higher. There are no trees for shade. Sounds like it'll be tougher to get close to the field next year unless you show up real early. I always like to pay a visit to training camp each year and I missed going this year.

    The QB Club has plans for monthly meetings this Fall. $50 for a family membership is a good deal. Check it out here

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    Best kept secret among Denver fans.