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Montee a 1st rounder in FF?

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  • Montee a 1st rounder in FF?

    Got into it a bit with Cecil Lammey on Twitter a bit ago about Montee Ball being a first round pick in Fantasy Football. I disagree that he is because there are more 10 or 12 guys (depending on league size) that I would take before him.

    For Example

    Calvin Johnson
    Jimmy Graham

    The upside is that I'm drafting in leagues full of SeaHags fans so he'll likely be available in rounds 2 or 3 regardless.

    Am I cray?

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    No way...especially in PPR.
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      Picking Ball in the first is cray....nay, cray cray


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        Originally posted by NorthernistCaliforneeway7 View Post
        Picking Ball in the first is cray....nay, cray cray
        Rep for nay


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          I dont play anf frankly I dont like FF. That being said, "you out of your ****ing mind?"


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            I thought Cecil was just being a homer, but then he told me he's a Steelers fan.

            Then I checked the rankings on and they have him at 10



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              right now, he's going in the 1st round in ~35% of drafts. link


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                Originally posted by mwill07 View Post
                right now, he's going in the 1st round in ~35% of drafts. link
                Holy ****........and that's even injured.


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                  Some fool in my league took Ball #1 overall. Unreal.


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                    He's not in a league with a mix of normal football fans. If you have one or two homers for the Broncos in your league he probably will be gone early and that's fine.

                    Be careful because Broncobuster will be here to tell you should take him in the first even if he's not because just cuz.


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                      I would take him in the 2nd, but not the first.

                      Albeit, I think he could be Edgerrin James for this offense, which could be mean he is worth the 1st round pick.


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                        No way he's a first rounder.

                        1) Peyton Manning isn't a run-first guy.

                        2) Denver plays the NFCW and AFCE as their extradivisional opponents. They go from creampuffs last year to smash-mouth defenses this year. Running the ball will be something we want to do, but won't execute efficiently. Ball is NOT a 20 touches 120 yards, and 2 touchdowns guy. Those are the guys you draft in the first.

                        3) Juwann Thompson is our big-play guy, and he's not worthy of a first. He is worthy of a hand-cuff in the 11th round though.

                        4) Have you forgotten the number of times we were 5 wide at the 3 yard-line? It's easy to get 52 touchdown passes, when a large percentage of them are 3 yard passes.

                        5) Ball before late 2nd early 3rd is a huge reach. Also: If I took him early, I would try to trade him for their pick and their 5th or 6th. If people are going to over-value him.. they'll overvalue him hard.
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                          not that anyone cares, but I have Ball ranked as a 3rd rounder. I don't think he's worth a first.


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                            early to mid-second -end of story.


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                              Mathew Berry on Montee Ball:
                              "Peyton Manning's running backs get incredibly good looks. Last year, 80 percent of Knowshon Moreno's runs came with six or fewer guys in the box. That's an insane amount. And Manning teams -- he's basically calling the plays at this point (Omaha!) -- run when they are in close. In the two years since Manning came to Denver, only three teams have more runs or rushing touchdowns inside an opponent's 10-yard line than the Denver Broncos. And they've done it with talent that isn't close to what Ball (a touchdown machine in college) has. Montee will be ballin' so hard this year you'll ignore that terrible joke and thank me later."

                              He has him rated as a first rounder (9th overall)

                              I've said my piece on him already
                              Some love him this year, and apparently some don't