Scored some tickets on the 50 yard line in the nose bleeds for Saturdays game. We are huge broncos fans and just moved to this wonderful place in March. My son, Maddox, is six and this will be his first football game. I've been to broncos games in SD, AZ and Texas but never a home game. I want this to be a great experience for him.

Anyone have any tips for the game? Should I bring binoculars? We live in the Sloan's Lake neighborhood so I was just going to walk to the game. It's about a 5 minute walk. Should we get there early as to not miss anything going on in the stadium?

If anyone is attending, or tailgating, and open to hosting us, I'd love for him to experience that aspect as well.. We don't know anyone here so otherwise we'll just skip the tailgating portion.

Thanks in advance for the responses. GO BRONCOS!