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Preseason- SF VS DEN

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  • Saw this comment on 49ers forum in game day thread

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    Denver O-line > Brick wall


    • Originally posted by Action View Post
      Saw this comment on 49ers forum in game day thread

      I read that thread too. It was really funny the way the more experienced posters kept saying it was Denvers #1s against their #2s and 3s...even in the second half. So no worries at all about their team come the regular season.

      Sorry, but that was an ass kicking ( shutout is shutout) even for the Pre-season. And Our #1s left with Manning at the end of the 1st quarter, while we still had a lot of defensive team starters out also. It sucks when you play without them, whether SB or Pre-season. But late in the game it was not an acceptable excuse. It was 2s on 2s and 3s on 3s.

      SF has some really bad backup QBs. Harbaugh invested 2million in Gabbert...and should eat the money and get a different guy.

      One thing I have to hand Elway/Fox etc credit for...just because a guy has a contract or is a high draft pick doesn't mean he automatically makes the squad. Garbage is recognized as garbage and disposed of fairly quickly. High picks get more extensive looks, but eventually you perform or leave.